Biden heads the "Front for Peace and Democracy" against the world revolution

Joseph Biden, elect president of US
Joseph Biden, elect president of US

By the International Coordination of La Marx- December 2020

With the triumph of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party in the recent US elections, the policy of the "Front for Social Peace and Democracy" will make a comeback with full force . To confront the powerful global rise of the masses who travels the world, the Administration Biden Harris impelled a call to the "social peace", the "Covenants", the "Agreements" called the "Concertación", and respect for "Democracy and Human Rights". Contrary to how its predecessor, the government of Donald Trump, was positioned, the government of Joe Biden spoke of "respect for Rights"of the rights of African Americans, women, immigrants, and Latinos, the poor and most oppressed.

The policies of the Biden Administration will be a false, and perfidious attempt to deceive the masses of the world, with the aim that they stop fighting against the injustices and inequality to which imperialism and capitalism subject us. However, the Democrats will not have an easy task of sustaining the dominance of the 1% aristocracy throughout the world. This dominance is threatened by a revolutionary wave that has its epicenter in the United States itself, with the mobilizations of African Americans led by the Black Lives Matter movement, the workers' strikes, the uprisings in France of the yellow vests, or the growing mobilizations. in Germany, Belgium and Spain in the face of the cruel capitalist quarantines decreed by governments to confront the "second wave"of Covid-19.

The wave includes the uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East in Sudan, Algeria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, as well as the mass uprisings with the general strike in India and the mobilizations in Indonesia and Hong Kong. In Latin America The mobilizations in Peru, Chile, Costa Rica and Guatemala are part of this process that confronts capitalist governments and their plans in defense of the interests of Corporations and the ruling classes.

The politics of the "Carrot" and the "Garrote"

Imperialism and capitalist governments combine against the rise and revolutions of the masses, the policies of the "Cudgel" and the "Carrot". The "Garrote" is a counterrevolutionary policy based on the invasions of the armies and repression, seeking to crush insurrections and uprisings, such as the invasions of Vietnam in the 60's in the 20th century, or of Iraq and Afghanistan in 2003. When the world ascent defeats the policy of the "Cudgel", as happened in Vietnam or Iraq, imperialism implements another counterrevolutionary policy which is the policy of the "Carrot", that is, a policy of "agreements", "peace"seeking to deflect the insurrections of the masses to defeat the world revolution. This policy proposes " truces" where the exploited go to civil war against the exploiters; " agreements and social peace" where the working class resists unemployment and starvation wages with strikes; "democratic openings " where the peoples are about to overthrow a dictator. It proposes agreements and pacts of all kinds, so that capitalism continues, that the exploiters continue to exploit and that the exploited suffer "in peace." This Front denies the existence of a world revolution against capitalism, proposes to defend "democracy" of "and calls to defend the bourgeois elections, and the defense of the bourgeois democratic regime.

This front is made up of the Vatican and Pope Francis, sectors of imperialism such as the Democratic Party of the United States, a strip of the Republican Party itself, European imperialist governments such as the government of Spain of Pedro Sánchez Pérez-Castejón of the Socialist Party, and Pablo Iglesias de Podemos, or Antonio Costa of the Socialist Party of Portugal. Also part of the "Front for Social Peace and Democracy" are the capitalist governments of poor countries such as those of López Obrador of Mexico, or Alberto and Cristina Fernández of Argentina; the capitalist dictatorships of Xi- Jinping in China, of Putin in Russia, of Castroism in Cuba, and Maduro in Venezuela. Together with them, 99% of the groups and parties that call themselves "left-wing" will align addition to the Social Democrats, the union bureaucracies, the Stalinists, Maoists and self-styled "communists", as well as the ex-guerrilla commanders, and the groups coming from Trotskyism.

That the CP of China, that of Cuba, the Maduro government or organizations such as Syriza of Greece, Benie Sanders of the United States, Jeremy Corbyn of England or Melenchon of France integrate this front, does not make it better, but a thousand times more perfidious. and dangerous. We call to defeat the policy of the Biden Administration and the workers and poor of the world, the fighters and revolutionaries not to be fooled by the "Front for Social Peace and Democracy" , and to continue developing the struggle and mobilizations against the governments capitalists.

They try to launch the "Front for Peace and Democracy" from Bolivia

The "Front for Social Peace and Democracy" began to articulate with the signing of the agreement on November 8, 2020 in Bolivia in the assumption of the capitalist government of Arce and the MAS. There the imperialist government of Spain, Syriza of Greece, the Left Bloc of Portugal, France Insumisa de Melenchon, the Justicialist Party of Argentina, the PT of Brazil, Correa of ​​Ecuador, the MAS of Bolivia, Daniel Jadue of Chile, Gustavo Petro from Colombia, Verónica Mendoza from Peru, among others, signed the "Declaration of La Paz in Defense of Democracy" , in line with Biden's triumph in the US In this declaration there is not a single word about capitalism, just a vague definition of "dominant models".Not a mention of the Multinationals, or Corporations, or of hunger and poverty suffered by millions, for the "Declaration of La Paz" the main problem is not capitalism, but rather that "Democracy is threatened" by the "extreme right that is expands globally ". We reject this agreement of capitalist leaders and rulers, which seeks to deceive the masses of the world

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