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Report of the 3rd Palestinian Intifada

La Marx International Manifesto

International Campaign for "Free 19"

Dossier: The Ukrainian Revolutionary War

This set of works develops the Marxist analysis of the Revolution in Ukraine. The Revolutionary War for National Liberation against the invasion of Putin's capitalist dictatorship is a central chapter of the world class struggle. The peoples of the world sympathize with the Ukrainian revolution, and the different works that include this work seek to strengthen the support for the Revolution of the workers and the people of Ukraine for its triumph.

The World Crisis of Capitalism

Set of articles that analyze the economic crisis that the world economy has been going through since 2000, the most important in the history of capitalism. Its most spectacular expression is bailouts, a massive fund injection operation. This operation carried out by capitalist governments to save Global Corporations from bankruptcy is of a colossal magnitude

The world political situation

A huge and profound revolutionary wave sweeps the world. A global wave of strikes and social protests is underway, rising in the 5 continents against capitalism, imperialism, and their governments. From Sri Lanka, in South-East Asia, through the general, railway, metallurgical and dockers' strikes in Europe, the revolutionary struggle of the people of Ukraine with arms in hand facing Putin's invasion, all this uprising of the masses of the world is placed at the center of the global political situation.

The Reagroupment of the Revolutionaries 

The international Reagroupment of the Revolutionaries is task number one. It is necessary to set an orientation to take concrete steps for that task that we have defined as number one, of a strategic and vital nature to fight the battle to resolve the crisis of revolutionary leadership. 

Woman: International Platform against Femicides and Disappearances is born 

Set of articles about the International Plattform Against Femicides and Disappearances, the woman fights, and Marxist Feminist answers to the worldwide woman rights

Theory: The Marxism

Set of political theoretical works of Marxism, class struggle, political economy, women, fundamental for understanding the situation of the world class struggle 

México: The fight for a revolutionary alternative in the most important hispanic country of the world

Peru: The permanent fight against capitalism

India: The fight against the capitalism

Julian Assange: Revolution for Civil Rights

The fight of Julian Assange against the war crimes of Pentagon, the dennounces of the activists of wikileaks that are making an investigation around the "Deep State"

Biden heads the "Front for Peace and Democracy" against the world revolution 

With the triumph of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party in the US elections, the policy of the "Front for Social Peace and Democracy" will make a comeback with full force . To confront the powerful global rise of the masses who travels the world, the Administration Biden Harris impelled a call to the "social peace", the "Covenants", the "Agreements" called the "Concertación", and respect for "Democracy and Human Rights". 

La Marx: A project of International Revolutionary Regrouping 

La Marx is a project of International Revolutionary Regrouping. A project for comrades of all proveniences, nationalities, sexual condition, generations, races, languages, and traditions around the world, to carry on the project of Marxism. These are the four reasons why we invite you to promote this International Regrouping project 

Afghanistan: Out with the Taliban!

Mobilizations broke out throughout Afghanistan against the Islamic group Taliban that is once again in power. A crowd moved to the central square of Jalalabad to lower the Taliban flag and raise the tricolor of the Republic of Afghanistan. In Khost, Kabul and other cities in the country, thousands of Afghans with black, green and red flags came out to challenge the repression of the Taliban. 

The Women's Revolution in Middle East 

Rojava is a land fighting against sexism, and the  racial opressions headed by braves guerrilla women of Rojava, that defeat to ISIS in Kobane

International Campaign for the Freedom of Political Prisoners in Chile

We are calling for an International Campaign for the freedom of political prisoners in Chile and we invite you to add supporters, in favor of the Chilean people. The revolutionary uprising of our people that began with the Piñera government continues with the capitalist government of Boric. Two months after this government, which he imposed the policy of the Progressive International, in defense of Imperialism and multinational corporations, with the aim of stopping the rise of the masses, and stopping the social explosion.

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