The farmers movement in India 


Hundreds of farmers are holding a parallel 'Farmers Parliament' in India

Mexico: The popular consultation as a lifeboat for bourgeois democracy 

By La Marx México On August 1, 2021

A "popular consultation" will be held, where the following will be asked:

"Do you agree or not that the pertinent actions are carried out in accordance with the constitutional and legal framework, to undertake a process of clarification of the political decisions made in the past years by political actors, aimed at guaranteeing justice and the rights of potential victims?" 

Pedro Castillo: A capitalist coalition to stop the Peruvian revolution

Statement of La Marx International 6/10/21

The mass media and analysts describe Pedro Castillo as a "left" or "communist" leader, who won the ballot for the election of Peru's president by a few votes. It is thus defined by Keiko Fujimori, who heads the other capitalist coalition that competed in the elections, as well as the 99% of the world left that supports him. 

Can capitalism be Reset?

By Daniel Campos 5/1/21 Published in International SOCIALISMO Magazine 3

The Forum World Economic Davos in Switzerland, proposed a plan called "The Great Reset", to exit the tremendous economic, social, political crisis and environmental plaguing to humanity. According to this plan, when the COVID-19 pandemic ends, the world must "reset" or "restart", and restart based on a series of measures.

International Platform against Femicides and Disappearances is born 

International Platform against Femicides and Disappearances made up of several countries: Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, we present the following proposals:

1) Fight for JUSTICE for the victims. Do not stop until we achieve it, making use of all the means at our disposal, from the legal, to the social and political.

2) Legal, active, militant, affective, psychological and sororo support to all mothers and relatives who require it; as well as demanding protection measures for the complaining families.

India: AIDWA-DYFI-SFI celebrated Black Day across the country on May 26

By La Marx South Asia 27/5/21

The All India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA), Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) and Students' Federation of India (SFI) fully and actively support the Samyukta Kisan Morcha's (SKM) nationwide call to observe May 26 as Black Day.

Download and start the Course of Marxism with La Marx International


1- Infrastructure: The Economy

2- Structure: The Social Classes

3- Superstructure: Institutions and Ideologies

4- Class Struggle

5- The State and the Armed Forces

6- Bourgeois Democracy and Dictatorship

7- The Government

8- Reform and Revolution

9- Why we built La Marx

Long live the 3rd Palestinian Intifada! Long live the Palestinian Revolution! 

Statement of La Marx International 5/15/21

The threat of the Israeli army to evict a group of Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem has sparked an uprising and a mobilization organized by Palestinian youth, which spread to all Palestinian-populated cities within Israel. Cornered by the 3rd Intifada, the Israeli government has launched a brutal repression, but the revolutionary process is already taking place in the bowels of the Nazi Zionists

Jacobin as theoretical organ of reform 

By Jesús Valdez. La Marx Mexico 5/1/21

Jacobin Magazine is a magazine that functions as the theoretical organ of Democracy Socialist of America (DSA), a party that claims to be socialist and assumes itself as a left-wing current within the Democratic Party of the United States.

The Democratic Party is nothing less than the darling of Wall Street and the Pentagon, the body charged with deciding in which countries the United States starts a war.

Jacobin's function on the world left is to wash the face of the so-called "progressive" parties and governments around the world, as well as to play the role of intellectual unifier of both international social democracy and its left-wing advisers.

   Main trends in the  World Situation

Approved at the meeting of the International Coordination of La Marx

April 10, 2021

This document will identify the main trends and elements of the world situation

1) The collapse of capitalism worsens

The collapse that world capitalism is going through is evidenced in the Salvages, the COVID pandemic, the bankruptcy of Corporations and Investment Funds, bankruptcy of countries, climate change, among other facts. It is the greatest crisis in the history of capitalism, epochal, historical, and civilizational

Julian Assange: Revolution for Civil Rights

Free download the Dossier: Julian Assange: Revolution for Civil Rights (Spanish Version)

Read the Statement of Julian Assange International Committe ! Join the Committee!

The danger for American people are the Democrats and the Biden Administration 

We present two articles on the political crisis in the United States, "The danger to the American and world people is the Biden Administration" by comrade Alfonso Ramírez from La Marx United States, and the article "The world left joins the policy of the Democratic Party " by Daniel Campos. We make our contribution to the intense debate unleashed after the latest political events in the United States.  

Biden heads the "Front for Peace and Democracy" against the world revolution 

By the International Coordination of La Marx December 2020

With the triumph of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party in the recent US elections, the policy of the "Front for Social Peace and Democracy" will make a comeback with full force . To confront the powerful global rise of the masses who travels the world, the Administration Biden Harris impelled a call to the "social peace", the "Covenants", the "Agreements" called the "Concertación", and respect for "Democracy and Human Rights". 

Long Live the Revolution in United States !

American people is in the streets to face the repressor, racist, and oligarquical capitalist imperialist state. The movilizations developed by the murder of George Floyd, are of a never seen magnitude, overcoming the repressive sizes, policial behavior, and the Site status. The irruption of american people is part of a deepest revolutionary process that started 14 years ago and shock the world

"Defund the Police" A demand that attacks the heart of capitalist American system

Support the "Redneck Revolt"

Read the book "The XXI Century American Revolution" (Spanish Version)

La Marx: A Project of World Revolutionary Regrouping  

La Marx is a project of International Revolutionary Regrouping. A project for comrades of all proveniences, nationalities, sexual condition, generations, races, languages, and traditions around the world, to carry on the project of Marxism. These are the four reasons why we invite you to promote this International Regrouping project 


Introduce un CALL FOR A GLOBAL COORDINATION- November 3 2019


From Hong-Kong to Chile, from Catalonia to Irak, through France, Lebanon, Ecuador, Honduras and from Rojava in northern Syria to Haiti, millions have mobilized flooding the streets in revolutionary processes that face political parties and capitalist governments, clashing with the armed forces with civil war methods. This mass uprising is shaking the world and is placed in the very center of the world political situation.


Share this statement of La Marx about Cuba. 4 July 2019


An International Academical Event about Leon Trotsky was held in Cuba organized by the Instituto Cubano de Investigación Cultural (ICIC) - in English Cuban Institute of Cultural Research -, under the Ministry of Culture of the Cuban Government. It was a historical novelty since like all Stalinist regimes over the world, the Cuban one eliminated Trotsky from the history of both the Russian and the world revolution for decades. It was surprising then that such an event as a homage to Trotsky was held at "Benito Juárez de La Habana" House from May 6 up to May 8. The event tackled a wide variety of topics related to Trotsky, his childhood, his youth, his relationships with other revolutionaries, his role in revolutions, in political struggle, in art and literature, in the Opposition from Left, the foundation of the Fourth International.

México: Justice for Fátima 

Enough og femicides in México, and the world !

Join to the Campaign against the femicides, based in the demand of "Justicia para Fátima Varinia Quintana Gutiérrez"

Send your accession, sign, note, or join as activist, send us your mail or whatsUpp

The Crisis of Capitalism

QE4 will not bring capitalism out of collapse


Look "The Crisis of Capitalism" in You Tube Channel

By Daniel Campos 05/26/2020 

We are witnessing a historical, civilizing moment, one of the most important in the history of humanity. We are privileged witnesses to these events. We are not referring to the first global pandemic of the Coronavirus, or the disastrous measures of capitalist governments. We mean that we are witnessing the collapse of capitalism

Bailouts will have to be doubled in 2021 to prevent the outbreak of capitalism

The Women's Revolution in Middle East 

Rojava is a land fighting against sexism, and the  racial opressions headed by braves guerrilla women of Rojava, that defeat to ISIS in Kobane

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