Gaza is Israel's Vietnam

Painting made in Mexico City by La Marx México and the Committee for the Liberation of Palestine says in Spanish: "Gaza is Israel's Vietnam"
Painting made in Mexico City by La Marx México and the Committee for the Liberation of Palestine says in Spanish: "Gaza is Israel's Vietnam"

By Marx International   12- 24- 2023

The 3rd Palestinian Intifada entered the phase of the open and declared Civil War between the Palestinian militias and the occupying troops of Israel starting on October 7, 2023, when the Palestinian militias began an offensive and inflicted a defeat on the Defense Forces. of Israel (IDF).

The most spectacular facts that characterize this 3rd Palestinian Intifada are the enormous number of casualties in the Israeli army, more than 800 Israeli soldiers in 80 days. This, according to official figures from the Netanhayu government. But these figures could still be much higher, which is added to the destruction of hundreds of vehicles, tanks, excavators, and military material by the IDF, the loss of control of the Red Sea of part of imperialism and NATO, and the enormous mobilization of support for Palestine that travels across the 5 continents and strengthens the 3rd Intifada of the Palestinian people.

After the end of the ceasefire that lasted a week from Thursday, November 23 to December 1, the advance of Israeli troops has slowed down in Gaza, and has begun to suffer enormous casualties as a result of the urban guerrilla war that is taking place. is developing in the city's neighborhoods, to which are added the casualties it is suffering on the fronts in northern Lebanon, the Golan Heights and the West Bank. The enormous global mobilization in favor of Palestine that has been unleashed leaves the Nazi Zionist State in complete political isolation at an international level, which, added to the military coups suffered by the Israeli armed forces, puts the slogan of destruction of the State of Israel, which has become popular worldwide with the phrase "From the river to the sea", as we will explain later.

The ceasefire had already meant a retreat from the criminal government of Netanyahu, who had stated that he was not going to make any agreement with the Palestinian militias. But Netanhayu accepted the Ceasefire as a result of the fact that the forces of the Zionist army had been severely beaten by the Palestinian militias, while the agreement sought to stop the "Global Intifada" , the gigantic mass mobilization that is hitting all the countries hard. capitalist and imperialist governments that lead to the emergence of thousands of activists around the world who embrace the Palestinian cause.

The response to the National Liberation War of the Palestinian people that the Netanhayu government has launched is a criminal and fascist bombing of the civilian population that has cost the lives of more than 20,000 Palestinian civilians, most of them children, the elderly, among the most vulnerable sectors of the Palestinian population of Gaza. The fascist cowards who run the Nazi state of Israel carry out these atrocities to defeat and terrorize the Palestinian Intifada, but they achieve exactly the opposite: A greater global uprising for Palestine, and greater cohesion of the Palestinian people in their fight for the National Liberation.

We had defined the 3rd Palestinian Intifada as a National Liberation War of the Palestinian people that consists of 4 fronts: 1) Gaza, 2) the West Bank, 3) Northern Lebanon, and 4) Golan Heights. But we believe that it is more appropriate to define the existence of a 5th front in the revolution of the Palestinian people: The global mass mobilization that corners imperialism, its governments and strengthens the struggle of the Palestinian people, because it takes place on the 5 continents, and has as the epicenter the imperialist countries and their main cities. Thus, the 3rd Intifada is a global mass mobilization , with its epicenter in Palestine but covering the 5 continents.

First front of the 3rd Intifada: "Rain of ambushes" in Gaza

After the end of the ceasefire, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) continued to enter Gaza and managed to deal heavy blows to the Palestinian militias in areas of northern Gaza such as Beit Lahia, Bait Hanun where hundreds of Palestinian militiamen were killed , the IDF discovered part of the tunnel structure operated by the Palestinian militias, and managed to consolidate their dominance although it was in largely uninhabited areas where the IDF made its advances most quickly. In these areas, the forces of the Palestinian militias and the resistance have suffered a strong degradation of their capabilities.

But the advances were made based on heavy military losses of the IDF, more important than they assumed, which caused the IDF's advances to slow down. The actions of these Palestinian militias have copied the strategy of the Ukrainian partisans against Putin's occupation army. On the one hand, in urban areas, the Israeli army cannot find anyone to fight against because the tactics of the Palestinian militias are not those of combat. face to face, frontal, but rather ambushes, traps, traps, surprise attacks, typical tactics of urban guerrilla warfare.

However, as the IDF moved deeper into the central and southern parts of Gaza, neighborhoods such as Jabalia, Sheikh Radwan , Shejaiya, or Khan Younis began to suffer serious ambushes from Palestinian guerrillas. From there, the IDF's advance into Gaza slowed, while the losses they suffered became increasingly serious. In total, according to the IDF itself, as of December 10, 425 soldiers had died and 1,593 had been wounded since the beginning of the war. Of the 1,593 injured, 255 are in serious condition, 446 in moderate condition and 892 in minor condition.

We know that these figures are false, that the Netanhayu government is lying, and that Israel's losses in soldiers are much greater. On November 28, 2023, Israeli analyst Chris Josh made a video go viral in which he states that deaths in the IDF reached 3,000 dead and 11,000 wounded, figures that may be closer to reality. If this is the case, Israeli casualties would be a total of 60 per day, 6 times higher than those claimed by the Israeli army. Let's first look at the IDF's situation analysis taking the fake data from the Netanhayu government.

The analysis of the battle of Gaza taking these false figures given by the Netanhayu government would be the following:

The average casualties the IDF is suffering is far higher than all the wars Israel has faced in its history. Adding the numbers of seriously injured, that is to say on the verge of death, amputated or disabled to the recognized casualties results in a total of 800 casualties in 80 days at an average of 10 casualties per day, which means a historical average of casualties for the Zionist army. Before the ceasefire the average casualties were 5 per day, which means that the number of IDF casualties in the last 10 days has jumped, and has multiplied by two. Just to get an idea by making a comparison of the 3rd Intifada, it is important to know that the average daily casualties suffered by NATO in the Iraq War was 6 daily casualties, while the average daily casualties suffered by the United States in the Vietnam War It was 15 daily casualties.

If we analyze the growth of casualties in the Israeli army in recent days we will see that the average daily casualties are skyrocketing from an average similar to that of the defeat of imperialism in Iraq to an average similar to the defeat of imperialism in Vietnam. Even the figures are worse if we analyze the deaths of officers. By December 10, it had recognized the casualties of 5 colonels, 8 lieutenant colonels, 43 majors, 41 captains, and 11 lieutenants, most of them elite officers, which totals almost 27% of official casualties, a figure that expresses the hard blow that the Israeli army is suffering in the chain of command.

But taking the figures given by Israeli analyst Chris Josh, the analysis of the Battle of Gaza is as follows:

In this case, Israeli casualties would be a total of 60 per day, at an average of almost 2.5 casualties per hour, averages that far exceed the death rates of the occupation armies of Iraq and Vietnam. Even Chris Josh suggests that the brutal mortality rates are generating great discontent among the population when they see boxes of bodies arriving every day in Israel. If we compare these losses to the 2008 Gaza battle where Israel lost 11 soldiers in a month, or the 2006 South Lebanon battle where Israel lost 43 soldiers in 30 days, the 3rd Palestinian Intifada is possibly on track to be the worst. military catastrophe for Israel. With these figures in hand we can affirm without a doubt that Gaza is a Vietnam for Israel, with all the political and social consequences that this implies for the entire world.

Analyst Chris Josh reports the true numbers of Israeli deaths in the Gaza battle. Beyond the differences with the political considerations Josh makes in the video, the importance of his testimony lies in the fact that it contradicts the official casualty figures of the Israeli government, and provides shocking figures that speak of a brutal blow to the IDF and the State of Israel.

But after the end of the ceasefire, the ambushes multiplied; on December 7, a brutal ambush against a camp south of Gaza cost the lives of 60 Israeli soldiers, who were filmed by Palestinian fighters before being executed. This is what causes the more the IDF advances into Gaza, the more casualties they suffer. In the battle of Shejaiya, the Golani Brigade, one of the most important elite mercenary forces of the IDF, and its commanders were destroyed on December 13, 2023, and their commanders then announced their withdrawal from Gaza, in what is probably the most serious blow hard that the IDF has suffered.

In Sheikh Radwan the troops ambushed the occupying patrols, in Khan Younis the ambushes occurred at the Al-Amoudi crossing using machine guns, grenades, explosive devices and anti-tank weapons that caused heavy losses to vehicles and personnel. In Beit Hanoun the occupying troops had already suffered serious losses, the same as east of Al-Mahatta

It is false that the armed insurrection in the Gaza Strip is only Hamas's, as imperialism presents it . The ambushes are the result of the combined attack of 6 Palestinian militia groups that act in coordination, on the one hand the Al-Qassam Brigades that respond to Hamas, the Al-Quds Brigades that respond to the Islamic Jihad, and the Al-Nasse Salah Brigades These three militia groups with an Islamic fundamentalist orientation respond to the Popular Resistance Committees. On the other hand, there is the activity of three other secularly oriented militia groups, which are the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades that respond to Fatah, the Ali Mustafa Brigades that respond to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) that They are secular with Marxist influence, and are promoting the formation of popular committees, and a unified Palestinian emergency command to face military operations. There are also the National Resistance Brigades that respond to the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (FDLP) with Marxist influence.

In turn, the Israeli army is suffering the destruction of hundreds of vehicles, tanks, excavators, as well as much of its logistics and military material. The direct antecedent that we find for the strategy of urban guerrilla warfare in the 21st century is the National Liberation War of Iraq where NATO was defeated, along with other Wars of National Liberation such as that of the Kurds in Rojava that defeated the troops of ISIS in the battle of Kobane, or in Syria where the militia forces seeking to overthrow the dictatorship of Bashar Al Assad were defeated due to the actions of Putin's or Iran's mercenaries. But currently the Palestinian partisans and militiamen massively possess two types of weapons that the guerrillas or militiamen of Iraq did not have massively available 20 years ago.

On the one hand, the Palestinian militiamen or guerrillas massively use missile launchers, or shoulder-mounted rockets, causing enormous destruction to the occupying troops. Although these weapons already existed 20 years ago, in the Iraq War they were not used massively by the militiamen because only mercenaries provided by NATO such as the mujhaidines of Afghanistan, or other mercenaries of other countries, will be able to access these types of weapons. the imperialist armies.

Iraqi militiamen could only access this type of weapons stolen from NATO headquarters, or through sales on the black market, which at that time was being limited by the commercial blockade imposed by imperialism on Iraq. But now it is different, and this weaponry has reached the Palestinian guerrillas en masse, just as we see the Ukrainian partisans act with this weaponry in the fight against Putin's occupying troops.

Other weapons that are being used massively by Palestinian militants are drones. Both aerial and underwater drones have had great development in the Ukrainian National Liberation War, it is a new type of weapons that appeared in the civil war in Yemen through an attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, as in the second half of the year 2022 when they appeared spectacularly in Ukraine through impacts on the Kremlin and Moscow buildings. The characteristic of this type of weapons is that they are easy to build because they are made of simple materials, and they allow them to fly without being detected by radars or anti-missile surveillance systems, which allows them to evade the surveillance of the sophisticated defense systems of the armies. occupants.

Both techniques represent a technological change in the urban Guerrilla Wars that characterize the 21st century, and are diametrically opposed to the guerrilla wars of the 20th century that were developed fundamentally in the countryside. The technical evolution of Gaza's urban guerrilla warfare is being copied from the Ukrainian revolution where partisans massively use both types of weapons, allowing the militiamen to confront or defeat an army superior in quantity and quality of resources.

The entire Israeli attack and bombing on Gaza has been very effective in destroying civilian lives, but not at all effective in destroying the combat and attack capacity of the Palestinian militias. Furthermore, as IDF troops move deeper into Gaza, Israeli air raids slow down for fear of killing their own soldiers, seeking to avoid another scandal like the one that occurred in the incident that caused commotion in Gaza. the Israeli population when IDF soldiers killed 3 Israeli citizens who had surrendered, which was filmed live.

Second front of the 3rd Intifada: The Battle of the West Bank

The West Bank is the epicenter of another phenomenon that appears clearly in the Palestinian urban guerrilla war, which is the proportion of armed guerrillas in relation to the population, an element that also appeared in the Ukrainian National Liberation War. In Ukraine, millions of people had to emergency join the army and take up arms in the face of the imminent invasion of Putin's troops. In Palestine, it is estimated that the total number of existing militiamen among all guerrilla formations reaches 200,000 militiamen, figures that imply very high rates of armed militiamen in relation to the population, and the West Bank is the place where the largest number of new militias have emerged in recent years. years.

The estimated Palestinian population residing in Gaza and the West Bank is barely 4.5 million, so the existence of 200,000 militiamen implies a rate of around 1 guerrilla for every 20 Palestinians, and if we take into account the emergence of massive formations of new militias secularists, especially in the West Bank, who are in opposition to the Palestinian Authority, the proportion may be even higher in terms of the number of guerrillas. Brigades operate in the West Bank, most of which are secular and do not respond to Islamic fundamentalism, whose largest organization is the militia called "The Lions' Den." All of these Brigades confront Israeli forces in multiple areas with various explosive devices in an average of nine locations a day in the West Bank.

The image showa the new militias in Palestine
The image showa the new militias in Palestine

The Jenin Battalion of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade clashed with Israeli forces in Yamoun, and the Qalqilya Battalion of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade at Israeli checkpoints. The Jericho Battalion of the Al Quds Brigades faced Israeli forces in Jericho. Adding to the actions of these battalions is the Salfit Martir Omar Abu Laila Battalion that has recently emerged.

Salfit does not publicly acknowledge any affiliation with other Palestinian militia groups, neither Hamas, nor Hezbollah, nor Islamic Jihad, a phenomenon that is increasingly widespread in the West Bank with other recently emerged militias such as the Jenin Battalion, the Nablus Battalion and the Balata Battalion .

In the West Bank, the armed actions of the militias are combined with mobilizations and demonstrations in support of the struggles of the militias and against the Israeli occupation forces that have been growing, and allow the emergence of activists who write, organize and mobilize in favor of the release. At the same time, coordination has grown between Islamic fundamentalist militias, with secular militias such as Fatah, or the Lion's Den, which allows for better organized resistance to the presence of the IDF occupation troops in the West Bank.

Third front of the 3rd Intifada: The Battle of South Lebanon

The 3rd front of the 3rd Intifada is the northern front of Israel, and southern Lebanon where Hezbollah (LH) permanently attacks the positions of the Israeli army every day from southern Lebanon in solidarity with the Palestinian militiamen from Gaza. LH carries out mortar and small arms attacks, launching ATGMs (missiles) against Israeli military positions along the eastern border and against Israeli tanks. Attacks are daily from southern Lebanon to northern Lebanon with anti-tank fire and rocket attacks against Israeli military targets. LH has also continued to attack Israeli communications and surveillance equipment that contributes to degrading the conditions of the Israeli military.

In turn, LH carries out rocket bombardments fired towards the west and east of Israel that hit Israeli cities such as Kiryat Shmona in solidarity with Palestinian militants in Gaza. Israel attempts to push LH troops approximately six miles from the Israel-Lebanon border to prevent possible cross-border attacks by LH military units operating south of the Litani River. But in reality, the opposite happens and it is the bombing of LH that has caused the displacement of 90 thousand Israeli settlers on the border with Lebanon, leaving it deserted and complicating the entire production process.

The vice president of the LH Executive Council said on December 19 that Israel is "too weak" to attack or "impose its conditions" on Lebanon. But unfortunately, the Islamic fundamentalist leaderships of Hezbollah such as the Secretary General of LH, Hassan Nasrallah, do not have the policy of developing the revolution against Israel, because he fears that the mobilization of the people goes against their own class privileges.

The Islamic leaderships of Hamas, Hezbollah, and other militia groups are defenders of capitalism, and the measures they carry out are more the product of popular pressure than of their own strategy, which is constantly questioned. Hezbollah leaders have claimed that Israel is "too weak" to carry out their "threats," but they are not consistent with their characterizations because if they really think Israel is weak they should move to dismantle it.

Hassan Nasrallah's statements have provoked rejection by activists, especially in the West Bank where new formations of secular militias are being born, highly critical of the leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah, and Islamic fundamentalist formations. After the discontent caused among the Palestinian bases that expected more forceful support from LH for the 3rd Intifada, LH increased attacks using anti-tank munitions, rockets and mortars against Israeli forces and military infrastructure, with multiple drones that penetrated Israeli airspace in the Upper Galilee region, attacks that force the IDF to allocate a large part of its military infrastructure to northern Israel which objectively weakens the IDF positions in Gaza. In turn, the attacks degrade the military and technological infrastructure of the IDF, which constitutes a degradation of the military capabilities of the Zionist state.

Fourth front of the 3rd Intifada: The Battle of the Golan Heights

The 4th front is that of the Golan Heights, territory occupied by Israel in Syria. There we group the actions in support of the struggle of the Palestinian people who are part of the 3rd Intifada of Iraqi militias located in Iraq, Syrians, and Houthis who are located in Yemen. This front has been transformed into one of the most spectacular following the actions of the Houthi fighters in the Red Sea, which has led to the loss of control of the Red Sea by the capitalist governments of the area, imperialism and the NATO. The loss of control of the Red Sea began when Houthi militias hijacked an Israeli-owned, Japanese-operated cargo ship transiting the Red Sea on November 19, 2023.

The Houthis are a secularly oppressed indigenous people who live in Yemen and during the Arab Spring they carried out revolutionary actions that led to the seizure of power from the "September 21 Revolution" , a series of protests in August 2014 against the increase in fuels that ended on September 21 with the seizure of the main government buildings in Sana'a, the capital of Yemen, and led to the seizure of power on January 22, 2015, in which they formed a Government Council. The revolution was led by the Ansar Allah Coalition, which demands a fair distribution of national wealth by expelling Saudi Arabia and US rule from Yemen.

The military action of the Houthi fighters, named after the surname of the movement's leader Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi, who died in 2004, was an extraordinary example of bravery and action in defense of Palestine when they quickly climbed onto the deck of the Galaxy Leader from a helicopter. In this action, the Houthi fighters took hostage 25 members of the crew of the ship of which the Israeli billionaire Rami Ungar is the owner, and have transformed it into a tourist attraction center for the population. From there, they have carried out drone and missile attacks against 10 merchant ships linked to more than 35 different nations, which has disrupted maritime traffic in the Red Sea bound for Israel, including attacks against container ships, both flying the Liberian flag, off the coast of Yemen .

Since then, the 3rd Intifada has been causing a crisis in relation to the control of navigation in the Red Sea, a key area in the control of trade with Israel, but also in relation to the Suez Canal, which has caused large companies as a group French maritime transport company CMA-CGM will announce the suspension of navigation in the Red Sea area. Groups such as the Danish Maersk and the German Hapag-Lloyd have also announced the suspension of their commercial operations. "The situation is increasingly deteriorating and security concerns are increasing ," the companies, one of Europe's leading maritime freight transport companies, said in a statement.

Also, the Chinese state shipping company COSCO, the fourth largest shipping company in the world, announced that it will suspend shipments through the Red Sea on December 19, joining other shipping companies. This implies a serious disruption to world trade because shipping companies are forced to circumnavigate Africa in order to connect the Middle East with the Mediterranean, thousands of kilometers they must travel which makes commercial trips more expensive and impossible.

Imperialism and NATO launched Operation Prosperity Guardian on December 18 in response to Houthi attacks on international shipping around the Red Sea alongside Britain , Bahrain, Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Seychelles and Spain that will support the effort led by the United States, the operation launched by imperialism makes it clear that the 3rd Intifada has become a conflagration of international magnitude that puts in question imperialist dominance in the Middle East region.

In turn, fighters in Syria fired rockets toward the Golan Heights in solidarity with the Palestinian people. The IDF responded with an airstrike against fighters in Sayyida Zainab, Damascus. At the same time, in Iraq the resistance is launching one-way attack drones against US forces at the al Harir air base, Erbil province, in the Kurdistan region. In total in Iraq and Syria there were more than 100 attacks on United States NATO bases, oil pipelines and military convoys, which are part of the 3rd Intifada.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq claims the attack on the Israeli port of Eilat that has been permanent since November 3, which greatly complicates Israel's commercial operations. The attacks by the resistance in Iraq and Syria, as well as by the Houthi movement in Yemen, show, along with the struggle in Lebanon, that the 3rd Palestinian Intifada is a global revolutionary movement that confronts Israel, imperialism, and NATO. But if there is an internationalist element par excellence, it is the enormous global mobilization in favor of Palestine that is developing on the 5 continents, which constitutes the 5th front of the 3rd Palestinian Intifada.

Fifth front of the 3rd Intifada: The global mobilization in support of Palestine

Along with all this, an enormous and massive global mass mobilization in favor of Palestine has been unleashed, which constitutes a fundamental support base for the actions of the Palestinian and Arab militias. The explosion of this global mobilization, as we have already stated, constitutes the 3rd Intifada as a process of global mass mobilization that is equaling the great global mobilizations in support of Ukraine, and reaches the levels of the mass mobilizations in support to Iraq, or in support of Vietnam. While Isreal is supported by imperialism, NATO, Putin, Xi Jinping, or the Vatican who support Israel's right to exist and the "two states" policy, the Palestinian people have the support of practically all the peoples of the world. who mobilize massively for their cause.

At the beginning of the battle of Gaza, the propaganda of imperialism about the methods of Hamas, the hostage incident, and the alleged murdered children had gained strength, but the brutal bombing of the Al Ahli Baptist Hospital where 471 people lost their lives and Another 342 were injured, it was a turning point in public opinion internationally. This attack sparked a global mobilization in favor of Palestine, which was already underway, but after the attack on the hospital it exploded and was amplified globally, while changing world public opinion by exposing Nazi-fascist methods from Israel.

A first characteristic of the global mobilization that is part of the 3rd Palestinian Intifada is that its epicenter is the main cities and countries of the world such as New York, Paris, London, Mexico City, Baghdad, Madrid, Rome, Tehran, Montreal, Ottawa , Sydney, San Francisco, or Los Angeles, in addition to all the important cities of Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, that is, the 3rd Palestinian Intifada is the combination of urban guerrilla warfare actions, the militias in Gaza, Lebanon , Golan Heights, added to the actions of armed self-defense groups in the West Bank more similar to the First Line of Colombia and Chile, or Hong Kong supported by a gigantic mass mobilization process in the Middle East and the world that threatens embassies and assets of Israel and the US.

A second characteristic of the global mobilization that is part of the 3rd Palestinian Intifada is that it has divided the Jews of the world. An extraordinary anti-Zionist Jewish movement has emerged throughout the world, some of its manifestations being, for example, the one that occurred on October 27, 2023, when the activist group Jewish Voice for Peace occupied with several hundreds of people in the central hall of Grand Central Station, one of the main train stations in New York, keeping the terminal blocked for more than an hour during rush hour, but the demonstrations are multiple, very massive, and each time most important in the world.

Mobilizations in support of Palestine in London
Mobilizations in support of Palestine in London

A third characteristic of the global mobilization that is part of the 3rd Palestinian Intifada is that it deeply hits imperialism, all the capitalist governments of the world and their institutions. The emergence of global mobilization hits all governments, causing ministerial crises, crises in capitalist and imperialist political parties, crises in the institutions of the regime, and crises in international organizations such as the UN, which have been portrayed as an antics that serves no purpose. nothing.

The UN has voted several times for a "ceasefire" without anyone abiding by it, with the sole objective of covering the Nazis in Israel with their hypocritically "humanitarian" statements, and their ridiculous proposals for "peace" or ceasefire. that no one obeys and everyone ignores .

A fourth characteristic of the global mobilization that is part of the 3rd Palestinian Intifada is that it develops the emergence of a huge group of activists, thousands who take up the flag of Palestine and carry it forward as part of their struggle. Thousands of activists, and among them the youngest around the world, raise the Palestinian flag that has become a symbol of the fight for freedom and raise it in marches, rallies, events, soccer stadiums, shows, concerts. music, making it part of the urban landscape in every demonstration around the world.

A fifth characteristic of the global mobilization that is part of the 3rd Palestinian Intifada is that a significant part of this global vanguard of activists is progressively radicalizing, and evolving towards more anti-capitalist positions, and closer to Marxism. The capitalist parties, the UN, and the left that responds to the Progressive International raise slogans such as "Cease Fire" , or "Against genocide" , or "For Peace" that have a pacifist content and become reactionary in the extent to which its leaders refuse to raise slogans such as "For the triumph of the Palestinian militias", because they vindicate Israel's right to exist.

In the face of all this pacifist current, another more radicalized current is emerging that raises slogans such as "Free Palestine", "Globalizing the Intifada" or the slogan "From the river to the sea" which means a popularization of the slogan "For the destruction of the State of Israel" and the establishment of a single secular, democratic and non-racist Palestinian state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, which we built from Marxism.

This more radicalized activism attacks capitalist companies that support Israel around the world, denounces them and holds events in front of their headquarters, which gives the 3rd Intifada a more clearly anti-capitalist profile, which joins the anti-imperialist and democratic character, of National Liberation that has the 3rd Intifada. Imperialism, the UN, and the Progressive International have warned of the phenomenon of radicalization of this global current of activism and are going out to combat it. Examples of this are the declaration of several governments declaring "illegal" the mobilizations for Palestine, or the recent declaration of the United States Representative Chris Pappas accompanied by dozens of Republican and Democratic legislators who have indicated that they "reject the phrase from the river to the sea."

A sixth characteristic of the global mobilization that is part of the 3rd Palestinian Intifada is that the emergence of this increasingly radicalized activism that supports the 3rd Intifada provokes a crisis throughout the world left. The existence of a world revolution and thousands of activists raising slogans of support for the 3rd Intifada destroys 99% of the reformist, campist, evasionist, Stalinist left that carries out the "For Peace" policy of the progressive International. Bernie Sanders' statements in favor of the state of Israel have introduced a serious crisis in the DSA and Syriza, the organizations that are the basis of the Progressive International.

An example of this sixth characteristic is the declaration of the Colombian Front Line that has publicly demonstrated in support of the Palestinian militias. Another example of this is the Palestine Support Committee in Mexico, where activists have emerged whose positions confront the Morena government, and the pacifist policy of the UN and the progressive International. The entire emergence of these more radicalized currents, while weakening reformist organizations, strengthens revolutionary organizations.

The 3rd Intifada, then, is an armed Palestinian insurrection that can destroy Israel, and then go against the Arab governments themselves, the dictatorships, in their permanent nature. The 3rd Intifada has exposed Israel as a Nazi state completely in crisis, in a state of decay, and vulnerable. The slogan of the destruction of the State of Israel, which in other times was for propaganda, has become a slogan for action to the extent that world mobilizations raise the slogan "From the river to the sea." From Marx International we are calling for global support for the 3rd Palestinian Intifada, which on its 5 fronts is establishing Gaza as a true Vietnam for Israel, a hell for its troops, and its Nazi and genocidal high command, which must be destroyed as unavoidable step in the fight for Global Socialism.

For the destruction of the Nazi State of Israel!

Long live the war of national liberation of the Palestinian people!

From the river to the sea, Palestine will win!

The High Court in London has released Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on bail on Monday. Julian is the most important political prisoner in the world, and his freedom is an extraordinary global democratic triumph that opens the doors to fight for the freedom of all political prisoners in the world such as Sergio Andrés Pastor González, better...

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