Report of the 3erd Palestinian Intifada

The "Lion's Den" militias
The "Lion's Den" militias

La Marx International, November 24, 2023 (fourth report)

There is a negotiated ceasefire between the government of Israel and the coalition of Palestinian militias that began on Thursday, November 23, starting at 7 am local time. The negotiation involves a hostage exchange for which the Palestinians will release 50 hostages, minor children and women, in exchange for which Israel will release 150 Palestinian prisoners. As part of the agreement, for 5 days there will be no movement of Israeli troops or armor inside the Strip, nor air circulation of planes or drones, while the entry of 300 trucks of humanitarian aid and fuel will be facilitated to restore electricity and services hit by bombing in Gaza Strip. The Ceasefire may last a few more days, depending on the course of the hostage release.

The Ceasefire is a retreat from Netanyahu's criminal government. He had stated that he was not going to make any agreement with the Palestinian militias, but the Israeli government also needs the Ceasefire as a result of the fact that after 25 days of ground invasion of Gaza the forces of the Zionist army have been severely hit by the Palestinian militias. in Gaza, the West Bank, northern Lebanon, and the Golan Heights. In turn, the Cease Fire seeks to stop the "Global Intifada" , the gigantic mass mobilization that is hitting hard all capitalist and imperialist governments globally with mobilizations that are getting larger every day and leading to the emergence of thousands of activists of everyone who embraces the Palestinian cause. Thus, the 3rd Intifada is a global mass mobilization , with its epicenter in Palestine but covering the 5 continents.

The Intifada achieved the Ceasefire

In turn, the spokesmen and media of imperialism, as well as charlatans from the world left who defend the Theory of Decoupling, try to make people believe that the 3rd Intifada is "an action by Iran", and that an entire axis is being born . Iran, China, and Russia" who, together with Turkey and the Arab governments, will side with the Intifada. Nothing is further from reality. On November 11, in the midst of the genocidal bombing of Gaza, the Summit of the 57 Muslim states was held in RIYADH led by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Morocco. We remember that the last 3 governments of those countries have been weaving relations agreements with Israel. Representatives of the 57 Arab nations were supposed to "declare war on Israel" immediately, and provide weapons to Palestine.

However, the cowardly Arab bourgeois governments only voted on a document whose final declaration is a demonstration of blatant cowardice. A tasteless rhetorical spectacle in which they only said that we oppose Israel's "self-defense" ; who condemn the attack on Gaza; who ask that weapons not be sold to Israel; and asks the UN to condemn Israel, and "investigate" war crimes. Asking imperialism not to sell weapons to Israel, or asking the UN to investigate war crimes, is the same as asking pirates not to loot ships, Al Capone's mafia not to sell liquor, or Hitler to be good and Don't build concentration camps.

The shameful Riyadh Summit shows that the Arab bourgeois governments are terrified of the Palestinian Intifada, and that they are more afraid of that mass insurrection that could sweep away their fortunes and millionaire privileges than of everything else. Therefore, with respect to the Intifada, they are only willing to do some almost symbolic things, some speeches or some modest support of weapons, as NATO does with Ukraine to show themselves as "defenders of Palestine" in front of their people who mobilize every day. On the other hand, Xi Jinping, the president of China, met with Biden in California on November 15, desperate to show himself alongside imperialism at the same time that NATO is murdering thousands of Palestinians.

Biden and Xin Jinping can now move in together because in the last period, as the strikes grow movilizaciones y guerras civiles como en Ucrania o Palestina, ya han batido un "record" de reuniones. La oligarquía capitalista del PC China se ha colocado claramente unida al imperialismo, Putin hace silencio mientras cae derrotado en Ucrania y la cumbre de los gobiernos árabes muestra que, mas alla de algun discurso, las masas de palestina solo tienen como apoyo real los pueblos del mundo, y que todos los gobiernos capitalistas del mundo, incluso los arabes, son complices de Israel.

All this destroys all the charlatanism, superstitions, cantinfleries and nonsense of the "theorists" of the world left who chatter about the imminent "Third World War" between China and the United States. What there is is a mortal struggle between the revolution and the counterrevolution in which the support of world imperialism together with Israel and all the capitalist governments of the world seek to crush the Intifada. But the Palestinian Intifada is the vanguard of a global struggle between the revolution of the workers and people of the world, against the Counter-Revolution Front led by US imperialism, NATO, Macron, Scholtz, Putin, the Vatican, Israel , and the capitalist governments of the world. In this struggle, although the Cease Fire was negotiated by the government of Qatar and other governments, the one who really imposed the Cease Fire is the Palestinian Intifada.

Celebrations in the Gaza Strip for the release of Palestinian prisoners

The Israeli government refuses to give official casualty figures but it is already estimated that 164 IDF soldiers were killed, and hundreds were wounded in the battles in Gaza, northern Israel, and the West Bank. This gives a chilling average of 5 Israeli soldiers killed per day, to which is added the 278 dead IDF soldiers due to the defeat suffered on October 7 at the hands of the Palestinian militias, bringing the figure to more than 432 Israeli soldiers killed in 2 months. If we compare these losses to the 2008 battle of Gaza where Israel lost 11 soldiers in one month, or the 2006 battle of southern Lebanon where Israel lost 43 soldiers in 30 days, the 3rd Palestinian Intifada is possibly headed to be a catastrophe. for Israel.

The Netahayu government also needs the Ceasefire to reevaluate military strategies and plans because if the battle continues in these terms the 3rd Intifada may end up being the military action in which Israel registers the most losses in its history. As for civilian casualties, Israel's criminal bombing has killed 14,128 people, including more than 5,840 children. These bombings and killing of Palestinian civilians are pouring gasoline on the fire of the global uprising in favor of Palestine.

A true global wave of support for the Intifada has developed, fueled by Netanhayu's fascist policy, which acts like a true "mad firefighter" , because it throws gasoline on the fire and provokes the growing isolation and repudiation of Israel, making its Nazi character clear. brutal racist. In turn, these attacks , which are similar to Putin's criminal fascist attacks on the Ukrainian populations, or NATO's bombing of the populations of Iraq and Afghanistan, have virtually no military effect in the battle because the majority of forces Palestinian guerrillas are hidden in tunnels 70 meters underground, making them virtually immune to aerial bombardment.

First front of the 3rd Intifada: The Battle of Gaza

In turn, the 3rd Palestinian Intifada has made Netanhayu have to eat his words, have to release hundreds of Palestinians detained for decades, have to negotiate with the Palestinian militias after having said that "he would never negotiate", and that the IDF attack "was not going to stop until Hamas was finished . " A month after his statements, Netanhayu had to stop the attacks, he had to negotiate, and he had to release hundreds of detainees, which was imposed by the struggle of the Palestinian people and by the 3rd Intifada that has become a global mobilization. of masses in support of the Palestinian cause.

The 4 fronts of the 3rd Palestinian Intifada
The 4 fronts of the 3rd Palestinian Intifada

The release of the detained Palestinians has provoked spontaneous celebrations in the streets of Gaza. The Israeli army entered Gaza on October 28, and advanced rapidly in the open areas, occupying areas of the beaches, and the north of the city. But as he enters Gaza City, in urban areas, he finds no one to fight against because the tactics of the Palestinian militias are not face-to-face, frontal combat but rather ambushes, traps, encirclements, attacks. surprise, typical tactics of urban guerrilla warfare that are producing more and more victims among Israeli army troops. The further the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) advances into Gaza, the more casualties they suffer.

There, prior to the ceasefire agreements, the al-Qassem Brigades that respond to Hamas have carried out complex attacks against Israeli combat posts in the Nasr neighborhood with rocket-propelled grenades (RPG). Also the al Qud Brigades militias that respond to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) together with those of the Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) attacked the IDF in the neighborhoods of Sheikh Ijlin and Rimal. Palestinian militias attacked Israeli forces in the streets of Jabalia with hit-and-run maneuvers against Israeli forces and military vehicles, including a combined rocket operation where they took IDF military equipment and numerous supplies including uniforms, helmets, identification tags and weapons.

The fighting, ambushes, and surprise attacks by Palestinian militias are published on social networks almost daily. There you can see how the Palestinian attackers are few, just groups of 3 or 4 combatants, who set traps, shoot from a distance, and blow up the Israeli tanks, causing severe casualties and loss of materials. The Brigades set up ambushes on all sides, firing tandem rounds, anti-tank rockets and small arms at Israeli forces in the Juhor ad Dik neighborhood, shelled Israeli positions in the al Nour compound near Juhor ad Dik, and attacked Israeli forces. Israelis in Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahia.

In turn, the Palestinian militias continued to fire indirect fire from the Gaza Strip towards Israel with rockets that hit Israeli cities and military bases . The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the Gaza Strip and the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades have carried out 14 indirect attacks against Israel, while the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine has also carried out a of attacks from the Gaza Strip towards Israel.

Second front of the 3rd Intifada: The Battle of the West Bank

The entire Israeli attack and bombing on Gaza has been very effective in destroying civilian lives, but almost null in destroying the combat and attack capacity of the Palestinian militias. But another fundamental front of attack is the West Bank where brigades operate, which for the most part are secular and do not respond to Islamic fundamentalism, whose largest organization is the militia called "The Lions Brigade." The Brigades clashed with Israeli forces in multiple areas in Jenin, detonating several improvised explosive devices that damaged Israeli military vehicles.

The Jericho Battalion of the Al Quds Brigades engaged Israeli forces near Jericho. Adding to the actions of these battalions is the Salfit Battalion that has recently emerged and that attacked two civilian vehicles driven by Israeli settlers near al Zawiya. The Salfit battalion does not publicly recognize any affiliation with other Palestinian militia groups, neither Hamas, nor Hezbollah, nor Islamic Jihad, a phenomenon that is increasingly widespread in the West Bank. This is producing the emergence of fighters from Palestinian militias that are not known or identified by the IDF, which has carried out intelligence work with permanent raids to behead and dismantle many of these emerging militias.

In the West Bank, the armed actions of the militias are combined with mobilizations and demonstrations in support of the militias' struggles and against the Israeli occupation forces. These mobilizations and demonstrations have been growing, and allow the emergence of activists who write, organize and mobilize in favor of liberation. At the same time, coordination has grown between Islamic fundamentalist militias, with secular militias such as Fatah, or the Lion's Den, which allows for better organized resistance to the presence of the IDF occupation troops in the West Bank. .

Third front of the 3rd Intifada: The Battle of South Lebanon

The 3rd front of the 3rd Intifada is the northern front of Israel, and the southern front of Lebanon where Hezbollah (LH) operates. Israel is being systematically attacked every day from southern Lebanon with mortars and small arms, launching ATGMs (missiles) against Israeli military positions along the eastern border and against Israeli tanks. LH has also continued to attack Israeli communications and surveillance equipment that contributes to degrading the conditions of the Israeli military. In turn, LH carries out rocket bombardments fired towards the west and east of Israel that hit Israeli cities.

The table shows the set of Palestinian militias that confront Israel in Gaza and the West Bank; the militias that operate in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen do not appear here. This demolishes the myth that the 3rd Intifada is a struggle solely of "Hamas" as the imperialist media wants to show. Source: Institute for the Study of War linked to the Pentagon
The table shows the set of Palestinian militias that confront Israel in Gaza and the West Bank; the militias that operate in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen do not appear here. This demolishes the myth that the 3rd Intifada is a struggle solely of "Hamas" as the imperialist media wants to show. Source: Institute for the Study of War linked to the Pentagon

LH carries out these attacks using anti-tank munitions, rockets and mortars against Israeli forces and military infrastructure. In the last days before the ceasefire LH launched múltiples drones que penetraron el espacio aéreo israelí en la región de la Alta Galilea, sobre Dalton y Hatzor Haglilit el 19 de noviembre.

LH has been carrying out an average of between 10 and 15 attacks on Israeli territory from Lebanon daily and before the Ceasefire was declared, LH specifically claimed 16 attacks against Israeli border positions. The fighters launched three volleys of rockets and sent drones into northern Israel, carrying out multiple airstrikes.

These LH attacks in southern Lebanon force Israel to allocate a large part of its military infrastructure to northern Israel on the border with Lebanon, which objectively weakens the IDF positions in Gaza. In turn, the attacks degrade the IDF's military and technological infrastructure, which constitutes a strategy of slow degradation of Zionism's military capabilities.

Fourth front of the 3rd Intifada: The Battle of the Golan Heights

The 4th front is that of the Golan Heights, territory occupied by Israel in Syria. There we group the combats that take place between the IDF with Iraqi, Syrian, and Houthi militias that are located in Yemen. This front has been transformed into one of the most spectacular following the actions of Houthi fighters who hijacked an Israeli-owned cargo ship operated by Japanese that was transiting the Red Sea on November 19. The military action of the Houthi fighters was an extraordinary example of bravery and action in defense of Palestine when they quickly climbed onto the deck of the Galaxy Leader from a helicopter.

Moment when the Houthis take the Israeli ship in the Red Sea
Moment when the Houthis take the Israeli ship in the Red Sea

In this action, Houthi fighters took 25 crew members hostage. of the ship of which the Israeli billionaire Rami Ungar is the owner. In turn, fighters in Syria fired rockets toward the Golan Heights after the IDF carried out an airstrike against potential Iranian-backed fighters in Sayyida Zainab, Damascus. Militia groups have long maintained bases in Sayyida Zainab and used them to facilitate combat lines of effort.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq is launching one-way attack drones against US forces at al Harir air base, Erbil province, Kurdistan Region. Along with all this, an enormous and massive global mass mobilization in favor of Palestine has been unleashed, which constitutes a fundamental support base for the actions of the Palestinian and Arab militias. The explosion of this global mobilization, as we have already stated, constitutes the 3rd Intifada as a process of global mass mobilization that is equaling the great world mobilizations in support of Ukraine, Iraq or Vietnam in the 70's of the last century. Once the Ceasefire is over, as actions resume we will provide more reports on the Intifada, a process that we are supporting with all our strength to ensure that it succeeds.

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