Farmers protests in the Indian State of Haryana

Progyan Das- La Marx South Asia 29/8/21

On 28th August , yesterday farmers in the Indian State of Haryana have been protesting in highways and roads against the three anti-farmer laws passed by the authoritarian and fundamentalist BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) government at the centre. But the Chief Minister of Haryana , Manohar Khattar who also belongs to the BJP ordered the state police force to brutally crackdown on the farmers and the protestors. This resulted in several of the farmers being injured with some of them admitted to hospitals.

Farmers being injured by the state police of Haryana

This is just one of the hundreds of acts of systemic violence perpetrated by the Modi led BJP government and his aliies to restructure the social and economic fabric of the country in favor of some extremist organizations as well as certain monopoly corporations.

The bloody attacked has brutalized the farmers but it has not broken down the spirit of the people. The farmers union (SKM) has called for a national strike on September 25 against the fascist Narendra Modi government and his pro-corporate policies.

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