Report of the 3rd Palestinian Intifada

Report of the 3rd Palestinian Intifada (number 3) Marx International, October 21, 2023

On Friday, October 13, Israel gave 24 hours to evacuate the northern Gaza Strip, announcing a ground invasion for that objective. 8 days have passed since the announcement, and the ground invasion has not occurred. Israel accumulated troops in front of Gaza, with tanks, artillery, and all kinds of supplies, however, they did not make the decision to enter Gaza because the evaluation of the high command of the Israeli army and NATO is that if the Israeli army enters Gaza even with infinite military superiority, it may suffer a harsh defeat at the hands of an urban guerrilla war, just as happened with Putin's troops in the battle of Kiev in 2022.

The destruction or hard blow of the Israeli Army can mean the end of the State of Israel, because Israel is an artificial state that only exists based on the army. Israel stationed 400,000 soldiers in front of Gaza, of which only 100,000 are professional soldiers, and the rest are civilian reservists who do not have the capacity to withstand an urban guerrilla war of 50,000 Palestinian militiamen waiting for the Israeli Army. For example, if Israel puts 100,000 soldiers in Gaza, and loses 10%, this alone would mean 10,000 bodies wrapped in plastic bags returning to Tel Aviv, something that has never happened in Israel's history, and could mean a political coup. - military that leads to the end of the State of Israel. Therefore, Israel has stationed its troops and carries out a systematic fascist air bombing of the defenseless civilian population, just as Putin does on the civilian population in Ukraine. But that bombing, despite all the cruelty and brutality, is an expression of Israel's impotence, not of its ability to defeat the Palestinian militias, just as Putin's bombing was ineffective in defeating Ukraine, and the only thing it achieved was unify and amalgamate the people who resist their invasion.

However, the bombing of Al Ahli Baptist Hospital, where 471 people died and 342 were injured, was a turning point. Until then, the imperialist propaganda of Hamas's methods, the hostage incident, and the supposedly murdered children had gained strength, but the brutal fascist in the hospital exploded a global mobilization in favor of Palestine, which was already underway, but After the attack on the hospital it exploded and was amplified globally, at the same time that it changed world public opinion by exposing Israel's fascist methods. The 3rd Palestinian Intifada is already the combination of an action of urban guerrilla wars, the actions of the militias in Gaza, Lebanon, Golan Heights, added to the actions of the armed self-defense groups in the West Bank more similar to the First Line of Colombia and Chile, supported by a gigantic process of mass mobilization in the Middle East and the world that threatens the embassies and assets of Israel and the United States. From there, the entire objective of imperialism and the Arab governments is to dismantle the Third Intifada, stop the Palestinian armed insurrection that can destroy Israel, and then go against the Arab governments themselves, the dictatorships, in their permanent nature.

The policy of imperialism is to reach a Peace agreement to dismantle the 3rd Intifada. The entire military deployment of ships in the Mediterranean, and the Israeli troops at the gate of Gaza, is blackmailing the Arab leadership to impose the agreement. That is why this October 21, the "Summit for Gaza" sponsored by the UN will be held with the presence of the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, the head of foreign policy of the European Union, Josep Borrell, and the president of Spain Pedro Sánchez . , from France Emmanuel Macron, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, the Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel and the President of the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas with representatives from 31 other countries.

The Egypt Summit, due to the importance of its attendees since the main capitalist governments of the world will attend, shows that imperialism is risking everything to dismantle the 3rd Intifada through a "peace agreement" and " ceasefire" making some concessions to the Palestinians to achieve a ceasefire. Biden released statements this week raising the need for a "Palestinian state" , with which it is possible that imperialism will propose the establishment of a Palestinian entity, and an economic reward for "reconstruction" in exchange for a ceasefire that would allow decompressing the situation and save Israel. Up to 31 countries and three international organizations have confirmed their attendance at the summit, which will be held in the New Administrative Capital, a newly built city promoted by the Egyptian president, Abdel Fattah al Sisi, located in the desert about 50 kilometers from Cairo. .

It will not be easy to reach a peace agreement, nor will it be easy to dismantle the Palestinian insurrection or the global mobilization. Israel is in an agonizing situation, thousands of settlers and foreign citizens who lived in Israel both in kibbutz and in occupied territories are fleeing to their countries of origin. All countries in the world have brought planes that take away their citizens. The cities of Israel are deserted, with the population terrified, a government in crisis hated by the people, 200 hostages with no possibility of recovering them. Returning to invincible Israel, with a happy life, where thousands come to make a better life, is already an impossible utopia.

The 3rd Intifada has exposed Israel as a Nazi state completely in crisis, decaying, and vulnerable. The slogan of the destruction of the State of Israel, which in other times was for propaganda, has become a slogan for action. But the fall of Israel would be a brutal blow to the entire imperialist device in the region, which would cause a leap in the world revolution, hence the desperation of imperialism to try to close the Gaza Accords in Egypt.

The 3rd Intifada has 4 fronts of armed action inside Israel:

Brigades of the National Liberation Front of Palestine
Brigades of the National Liberation Front of Palestine

The first front is Gaza where Palestinian militias attack Israeli cities with rockets and missiles every day. The al-Qassem Brigades that respond to Hamas, the al-Quds brigades that respond to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades that respond to Fatah the secular party, the National Resistance Brigades that respond to the Front operate there. Democratic Party for the Liberation of Palestine, a militia influenced by the Communist Party of Palestine.

It is false that the armed insurrection in the Gaza Strip is only from Hamas as imperialism presents it, but rather the results of the joint action of a conglomerate of Palestinian militias, which have joined the fight against Israel since October 7. Israel is seeking to assassinate top leaders and they already killed senior Hamas engineer Mahmoud Zavih on October 20. The leaderships united and coordinate efforts in Gaza, which makes them a formidable military force for the Israeli army, if it decides to enter Gaza. The militias act by land, air, and sea. They carry out operations with rockets, missiles, and drones, imitating the tactics of the Ukrainian militias against Putin.

Palestinian militias seek to degrade Israel's military conditions by destroying military positions, tanks, ammunition depots, and general logistics, exactly as Ukrainian troops do in territories occupied by Putin. In turn, Palestinian militias are attacking natural gas platforms in the Mediterranean Sea, and electrical distribution centers seeking to leave Israel without gas and electricity supplies, forcing the Israeli army to send part of its resources in troops to guard these assets, and the attacks forced Israel to close the Tamar gas field on October 9. About 58% of the gas field's energy served Israel, while 15.5% was exported to Jordan. On the other hand, the Israeli Navy stopped the unmanned mini submarines that the Palestinian militias are using to attack energy platforms.

The Lion's Den militias
The Lion's Den militias

The IDF stated that some Hamas infiltrators could still be in Israel after the October 7 attack. Hamas sent hundreds of fighters into Israel on October 7 to attack border posts, military sites and nearby residential areas. The IDF noted that it captured an infiltrator trying to return to the Gaza Strip on October 18 and that there have been no new infiltrations into Israel "in recent days."

The second front is the northern front where Hezbollah (LH) operates. Israel is being systematically attacked every day from southern Lebanon with mortars and small arms, launching ATGMs (missiles) against Israeli military positions along the eastern border and against Israeli tanks. LH has also continued to attack Israeli communications and surveillance equipment that contributes to degrading the conditions of the Israeli military. In turn, LH carries out rocket bombardments fired towards the west and east of Israel that hit Israeli cities.

The 3rd front is that of the Golan Heights, territory occupied by Israel in Syria. Iraqi militants launched missiles and rockets using one-way drones and rockets at US military positions in Iraq and Syria, and the Islamic Resistance of Iraq fired three drones at the al Tanf garrison, Syria and three one-way drones at the Conoco mission support site . Iraqi militias fired an unspecified number of rockets at US forces at Ain al Asad Air Base, Anbar Province, Iraq. The Houthis launched at least three land-attack cruise missiles and eight drones "potentially" aimed at Israel, but the US Navy warship USS Carney intercepted the missiles. Iraqi and Syrian militias combine attacks on Israel with United States objectives. Other militia groups in Iraq are intervening with missiles and drones.

The 4th front is the West Bank, there there is a mass insurrection, combined with self-defense bodies led by The Lion's Den, which act just like the front line of Colombia and Chile, but there are also Islamic fundamentalist organizations. Clashes between Palestinian militants and Israeli forces in the West Bank occur every day, and are combined with mass mobilizations in East Jerusalem. There are also clashes between the Israeli army and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad militias in Tulkaram, West Bank, on October 19. The Tulkaram battalion, affiliated with the Islamic Jihad in Palestine, and Israeli border police are injured every day in different actions with improvised explosive devices also in the Noor al Shams refugee camp, near Tulkaram.

The policy of the entire world left is "Cease Fire" , coinciding with the policies of imperialism. The world left is unaware of the existence of a 3rd Intifada, it is unaware of the urban guerrilla war, it is unaware of the West Bank insurrection that is the heart of the 3rd Intifada. The policy of the world left is "pacifist" and "humanitarian" , it echoes all the prejudices that the traitorous leaderships develop on the masses of the world to confuse them. A fact of great importance is the action that the First Line of Colombia has taken, which took out a poster in support of the 3rd Palestinian Intifada, a flyer that we must post and publish on all La Marx social networks. Our policy is for the military triumph of the Palestinian militias, the repudiation of the Summit of the murderous capitalist governments in Egypt, the rejection of those agreements, and the denunciation of all the capitalist governments of the world that are complicit with Israel, and defend their existence.

Report of the 3rd Palestinian Intifada (number 2) Marx International, October 13, 2023

1- Israel gave 24 hours. to evacuate 1.1 million Palestinians from Northern Gaza. That is impossible, Palestinians cannot move in 24 hours. The Israeli army is evaluating how to enter the Gaza Strip, because the population density would make the invasion the most important urban battle in history, the population density and the smallness of the streets make it very difficult to maneuver with tanks inside. the cities of Gaza, which may be at the mercy of Palestinian guerrillas.

Due to historical oppression, Gaza is denser than Ukrainian cities like Bakhmut or Mariupol, both battles were won by Putin, but the cost was so high that it meant the destruction and crisis of the army and the Wagner group, the consequences of an invasion of Gaza They may be worse for Israel than they were for Putin. The displaced Palestinians within Gaza remain around 450 thousand, the UN warned that it is against the entry of the Israeli army into Gaza, while NATO fully supports the entry Hamas fired 600 rockets under the rhythm of bombardments against the cities of Israel is saving ammunition for urban warfare and it is estimated that the Palestinian militias spent 33% of the ammunition.

2- The most important news is on the other fronts. On the West Bank front, armed clashes broke out between Palestinians and Israelis, a total of 32 battles within the West Bank. There was a massive mobilization of Jordanians wanting to cross the border to go to the West Bank and support the Palestinians, which was repressed with tear gas by the bourgeois government of Jordan. The Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas, the most capitulatory sector of the Palestinians, met with the head of the US State Department Antony Blinken and told him that the goal of transferring 1.1 million Palestinians in Gaza was impossible and if Israel attacks there will be unforeseeable consequences, the meeting was a crisis and no agreement was reached.

3- In the North Hezbollah bombed 4 Israeli positions, and clashes began between Lebanese and Palestinian militias with Israeli groups. Armed clashes in this area increased in relation to the previous days, the Israelis responded with fire on southern Lebanon.

4- In the eastern area of ​​the Golan Heights and Syria, the deployment of troops from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard began, and the Syrian militias occupied positions to fight in areas where they were not before. Syrian troops and militias that were fighting in other areas are being redeployed to the Golan Heights, threatening Israel that if the invasion of Gaza begins, they will take action. This confirms that Israel faces 4 increasingly violent fronts, and a growing urban guerrilla war in Gaza, and the West Bank.

Below is the map of the 32 armed clashes today in the West Bank, the region with the highest density of Palestinian population:

Report of the 3rd Palestinian Intifada (number 1) Marx International, October 12, 2023

1.- Israel attacks the Gaza Strip, committing all possible war crimes with the consent of US imperialism, which "forgot" its defense of human rights. The bombing of Gaza is concentrated in two points: The "Gaza" neighborhood itself, and the Yan Junis neighborhood. There are already 400,000 displaced Palestinians, even the UN denounces war crimes, in a few hours Gaza could run out of fuel.

2- The attack on Gaza has already caused the uprising throughout the Middle East. The mobilizations in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Morocco, etc. They are enormous and Arab governments can no longer contain them. But Israel is immediately facing two serious crises a) it is running out of ammunition b) it is being left empty without a people due to the massive flight of Israelis, with which Israel is being left without a reason to exist.

a) The largest concentration of Israeli artillery was moved to Ukraine as weapons loans during the Battle of Bakhmut. Israel is running out of artillery, which is why it depends on air bombardment, and what the North American ship that NATO placed in the Mediterranean can provide. But basically it is a race against the clock as the Israeli army is running out of ammunition.

b) Israel is becoming empty. Today Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel, is empty, when just 7 days ago it was a city full of life, with people in the streets, nightlife, etc. This represents Israel's biggest political problem, because today the Israeli population is terrified, the dream of the "settlers" , and the "happy life" no longer exists, and there is a massive flight of inhabitants. Israel is then reduced to a group of fascist, racist, and military personnel fanatics, revealing their true nature in the eyes of the world.

3- Today Israel bombed the Damascus airport and the Aleppo airport to prevent the arrival of ammunition to Hezbollah and the Syrian militias. The existence of a fourth battle front was ratified today with Israel's bombing of Syria, an Eastern front that joins the Northern front (Hezbollah), Southern front (Hamas), and the internal West Bank front where it has mass influence. The truth is Lions' Den, and the Palestinian Authority government has virtually ceased to exist.

So Israel is surrounded by 4 fronts, and this could get worse if the mass mobilization in Jordan culminates in an intervention by the Jordanians in favor of Palestine. Today the bourgeois government of Jordan closed the borders between Jordan and the West Bank, leaving the Palestinian population isolated, but because the bourgeois government of Jordan fears the massive entry of Jordanian fighters into the West Bank to destroy Israel.

4- With the bombing of Syria, the 3rd Intifada becomes an international insurrection. Same as what happened in Ukraine, whose revolution was "internationalized" with the entry on the scene of Russian, Chechen, Tatar, Belarusian partisans, etc. The same is happening in Israel where the 3rd Intifada is not limited to Gaza, but spreads like wildfire to Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, etc., with direct military actions.

5- Unlike the "internationalization" of the War of Liberation of Ukraine, a process that took place over the course of a year, the "internationalization" of the War of National Liberation of Palestine is accelerated and takes place in just days. If US imperialism intervened directly this would take a greater leap, that is why they stationed the aircraft carrier as a deterrent measure, because they know that if they act everything could be blown up, and the Arab masses could massively invade Israel from the North, South and This. Even Hezbollah is already acting with ships in the Mediterranean from the West.

6- The actions of the Arab governments are shameful, pro-imperialist, pro-Zionist. If Arab governments wanted to, they could take advantage of Israel's vulnerable situation and make it disappear. However, they act with brutal cowardice, Egypt and Jordan close the borders, the militias of Lebanon, Syria, etc. They act limited. All this shows that the Arab bourgeoisies fear more the permanent nature of the Palestinian revolution (which can end their own governments) than the State of Israel itself.

7- Israel runs out of ammunition at the same time that the United States parliament has fallen into chaos. The United States House of Representatives was left without a presidency after the fall of Republican Mc Carthy. But the Republican Party has opened a serious crisis, they cannot place a replacement, with which the entire US Parliament is paralyzed, which constitutes the greatest expression of the current crisis of bourgeois democracy in the world. The paralysis of the US parliament occurs in the midst of the advance of the Ukrainian troops, the crisis in Israel that is torn between life and death, to survive this process, it needs the US parliament for its help as oxygen, while it is going through an acute crisis.

First conclusions:

The Third Intifada has opened a monumental crisis throughout the world counterrevolutionary front: in the Arab governments, in Israel, in the US, Putin, etc. If the urban guerrilla war begins in Gaza, and everything shows that Hamas is waiting for the Israeli army's ground incursion to begin the guerrilla war, all this could take a leap. Hamas has organized the resistance and supply with an organization of tunnels through which they transport weapons, logistics, food, etc.; from Egypt to the interior of Gaza.

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