Main trends in the world situation

Approved at the meeting of the International Coordination of La Marx 

April 10, 2021 

This document will identify the main trends and elements of the world situation

1) The collapse of capitalism worsens

The collapse that world capitalism is going through is evidenced in the bailouts to the corporations, the COVID pandemic, the bankruptcy of Corporations and Investment Funds, bankruptcy of countries, climate change, among other facts. It is the greatest crisis in the history of capitalism, epochal, historical, and civilizational. The Salvages, it has become a frantic maneuver: The governments of the G7 and China are injecting in the last 14 months, the same amount of Salvages as in the last 14 years.

Capitalism has been in crisis since 2000. Between 2007/2008 it suffered a sharp peak in which corporations went bankrupt with the well-known case of Lehman Brothers. From 2007/2008 to 2019, the governments of the G7 and China injected for 14 years until 2019 around 30 billion US $ in the Corporations that dominate the world economy, to avoid their bankruptcy. But during the last 14 months the governments of the G7 and China have injected more than 30 billion US $, making the 1% aristocracy very rich.

Inequality is growing. Billions sink into poverty, while the list of millionaires grows 20%. But the fabulous masses of injected capital fail to prevent the bankruptcy of investment funds and corporations, as shown now by the outbreak of Archegos Capital that impacts on Corporations Credit Suisse, Nomura, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank.

This reveals that the Salvages have not solved the crisis. The perspective is the worsening of the crisis, other funds and corporations may explode, amid an increase in hunger and poverty, collapse, and all the contradictions of capitalism. Which accelerates the conditions for social convulsions, revolutions, struggles and world uprisings against capitalist governments.

2) Failure of governments in the face of COVID

The COVID pandemic is another sign of the collapse of capitalism. It advances unstoppably developing second and third waves with 130 million infected, and 3 million deaths. The infected, the deceased, the new waves and strains such as those of Manaus, South Africa, and England, are a demonstration of the failure of the capitalist governments' policy.

Millions believed in the diagnoses of the WHO and the measures of the governments. But now the peoples of the world are beginning to understand that there will be a pandemic for a long time, and that new pandemics may emerge. That government measures are useless, quarantines, social distancing measures, masks, vaccines, everything fails, and the pandemic continues.

The explanation of why this happens is that as long as the social conditions that gave rise to the pandemic do not change, all the measures of the capitalist governments are just patches that do not solve the underlying question. As long as billions of people do not have access to clean water, food, minimal hygiene conditions, hospitals, medicine, and housing, the pandemics will continue and get worse.

As long as multinationals continue to destroy nature, the seas, forests, lands, and the environment, the possibilities for the development of new pandemics and catastrophes are accentuated. The pandemic allows mass sectors to understand in a short time, what it would take dozens of years to understand, even if they read all the Marxist treatises together.

Since 2000 there have already been 4 pandemics and several epidemics, and like the Salvages they have been developing in a frantic way, increasingly aggressive and dangerous. But the uprisings of the peoples are already beginning against the measures of the capitalist governments around the world, which aim for the masses to take the fight against the pandemic in their hands, independently of the state and the capitalist parties.

3) Revolutions, mobilizations and uprisings break out

Despite the pandemic, and that all the social and union political leaderships of the world unite to support capitalism, the masses of the world go out to fight and develop revolutions, mobilizations and uprisings on the 5 continents. We are in the middle of a second wave of revolution that began with the yellow vests uprising in France in 2019.

This wave is very different from the 1st wave of the years 2011/17 that gave rise to movements such as the Arab Spring, outraged in Europe, or Occupy Wall Street in the US The current wave is placing the working class at the center, and developing the elements and methods of the proletariat, in the US at Columbia University, 3,000 graduate students demand a decent pay, health benefits and maternal care.

In Worcester, Massachusetts, 700 nurses have been on strike for more than four weeks, 1,300 workers from the ATI steel company in the northeastern US and 1,100 coal miners from the Warrior Met company in Alabama. In France, workers took over all the theaters, in Belgium the general strike was unleashed, a four-day strike by 2,000 Amazon workers in Germany, the strike of 2,000 coal miners in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the general strike in India which is the largest general strike in history, just to name a few examples.

In Mexico, the Magisterial Caravan puts workers at the center of the fight against the government of López Obrador and Morena. The world revolutionary rise is more and more worker, more proletarian. The charlatenaries of the reformist left and the intellectuals of the "Front for Peace and Democracy" who speak of the advent of fascism only receive slaps from reality, the only coup that they have carried out in the world, that of Myanmar, far to succeed, it has unleashed a formidable revolutionary process.

In this revolutionary wave, women continue to play a fundamental role.In the case of Myanmar, textile workers are at the forefront of the struggle, in the case of worker mobilizations, unionization processes, and the fight against femicides. , disappearances, legal abortion and all rights continues the women's revolution stronger than ever.

This powerful mobilization puts all regimes and governments in crisis. Governments like Piñera's in Chile, take the troops out onto the streets and repress the population, to try to stop the revolutionary process. The same in Hong Kong, and in other countries they use the pandemic to install states of siege. The confrontations are violent, because the brake that bourgeois democracy puts on revolutions is increasingly limited.

The peoples reject bourgeois democracy, in the elections in Venezuela 80% of the workers did not vote, in Brazil, 50% did not vote for anyone, in Peru 30%, in the US 50%. The masses no longer believe in the institutions of the bourgeoisie, nor in its parties. This is an advance in the consciousness of the masses that puts all reformist organizations in crisis.

4) The reformist left collapses

The collapse of capitalism collapses all reformist projects, because capitalism has no margins to grant concessions to the masses, which leaves no objective basis for reformism. The world left, social democratic groups, former guerrillas, Stalinists, and former Trotskyists, are rapidly integrating into the bourgeois democratic regime, placing electoral and parliamentary activity, typical of reformism, as the axis of their actions.

The world reformist left is sinking. There are exceptions, but the trend is clear: Syriza lost the elections in Greece, Podemos went back spectacularly in Spain, from being a government party to halt its fall Pablo Iglesias, its main figure, goes as Mayor of Madrid and only registers 7% of the votes. The same desperate maneuver is being made by the Party of the Left in Germany, a coalition of Social Democrats and former Stalinists that now does not reach 3%. The same is the NPA of France. The MAS of Bolivia, after winning the elections and returning to the government, suffered a tremendous wear and tear and now in the elections it came out in 3rd place.

Faced with this setback, the entire world left deepens its opportunistic turn, and seeks alliances to stop its fall. The former Trotskyist French NPA debating joining the Social Democracy. The entire Brazilian left is debating joining Lula, the capitalist president who ruled Brazil, brought down the people and was imprisoned for corruption. The Argentine left, mainly of Trotskyist origin but also in a reformist direction, is in free fall, in an organic setback, and an uncertain electoral perspective.

The picture with inequalities is the same all over the world. The explanation for this phenomenon is that the world left is cornered by the world revolutionary process and the crisis of capitalism. When they had left the working class for dead, were looking for new "historical subjects", and adopted all kinds of postmodern theories, the world revolution exploded in their faces. They break with Marxism, adapt to the regime, and adopt the reformist strategy at the worst moment in history, when there are no longer economic or social bases for reformism.

The perspective is the worsening of the crisis of all these organizations, whose leaders are corrupted, and turn the groups into business ventures, a "business" left emerges. This provokes the detachment of militants from those groups who leave, in all disappointed countries, in search of a Marxist and revolutionary alternative.

The perspective is the worsening of the crisis of all these organizations, whose leaders are corrupted, and turn the groups into business ventures, a "business" left emerges. This provokes the detachment of militants from those groups who leave, in all disappointed countries, in search of a Marxist and revolutionary alternative.

5) The opportunity of the revolutionaries 

The collapse of capitalism, the revolutionary rise and crisis of the reformist left opens a great opportunity for revolutionaries intervening in existing struggles, and acting on the crisis of the left. Marx agitates campaigns centrally and globally, supporting and spreading revolutions. Today there is no global reference for revolutionaries, there is no USSR, no respected socialist international, no Castro-Chavism, or mass Maoism as there was 20 or 40 years ago. 

Millions of Marxists or sympathizers of Marxism do not find an international reference. The autonomism, the zapatismo and the reformist, cooperative groups are sinking because they cannot give an answer to the masses of the world. It is time to advance in the regrouping of revolutionary Marxism 

The activists of the world value the serious and profound theoretical responses necessary to address the current situation of the class struggle. The theoretical responses that Marx International has been formulating are appreciated by activists and Marxists throughout the world. We offer a serious response to the world situation of the class struggle, at a time when reformism is plunged into political and theoretical decomposition, adopting postmodern theories. 

We are going to continue developing and deepening all the elaboration that we have, adding new works that polemic with the fashionable quackery. We will publicly host events, talks, promote meetings and trainings all the time. And promote more comrades who write, prepare, to have more publications that cover more topics, environmental, union, women, economics, etc. In turn, the schools, and courses, the continuous training of cadres and militants is positioned as a systematic and permanent activity, trying to overcome the difficulty of the coronavirus pandemic, and the restrictions that capitalist governments place on the organization and the struggle. 

The militant initiatives and the use of technological means allow the development of an initiative to be able to take courses, talks and meetings, with the method that combines the exchange of comrades in different countries, and at different levels of political development and militancy. In this work we make clear the trends of the world situation and the orientations for which we invite more comrades from all over the world to join this work.