The Hong Kong revolution is the beginning of the Chinese Revolution

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The people of Hong Kong have been mobilizing en masse in defense of their democratic rights, which the central government in Beijing is trying to eliminate in its plan to subject the city - which still retains some limited freedoms from its previous colonial days - to the dictatorial regime of the rest of the country. The protests, massive rallies, and demonstrations demand the withdrawal of the extradition bill to China (Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (Amendment) Bill) presented by the government of Carrie Lam, since the Lam will use those laws to crack down on activists fighting against the capitalist dictatorship of the CP of China.

Hong-Kong is a former English colony that since 1997 became part of China again due to agreements signed between the Chinese and the English that established for this territorial reintegration the figure of "one country, two systems" given the capitalist condition that Hong-Kong brought and the "socialist" character of China. Within this framework, Hong Kong was granted the status of a semi-autonomous region in transition towards integration with China or in transition to the other side, as the masses in the streets are expressing.

This determined mass mobilization that has been going on for more than 5 months against the capitalist dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) is not the first; In 2014, the population also rose up en masse to demand democratic freedoms in what was called the "Umbrella Revolution" which ended up being crushed by brutal repression. The current mobilizations, which we can understand as a continuation of those of the umbrellas, began by rejecting an "extradition law" that ordered those who committed crimes in Hong Kong to be tried in mainland Chinese courts.

This was considered by the people as an interference in Hong Kong's semi-autonomy and as a threat of further interventions that would increase the pressure of the Xi Jinping dictatorship on the Hong Kong people, specifically for the popular activists and fighters who are permanently monitored, threatened, fired from their jobs or detained by the authorities.

The marches have not only not stopped but have continued, have strengthened and have expanded to more sectors of the population. The methods of struggle have also been perfected in parallel with those of the repressive forces to the point of having had them in check more than once with tactical urban guerrilla movements and self-defense organizations.

The political consciousness of the mobilized citizen has also matured, and it is very important to highlight it. As historical experience in so many other processes of deep radicalization has shown a thousand times, the mobilized masses in Hong Kong, facing the obstacles they must overcome (repression, threats, etc.), are awakening their consciousness, incorporating new and more radical slogans and methods of struggle. Now they know that repealing the extradition law - which they have achieved - is not enough.

Because there are other and more serious problems that affect them and that is why they have begun to demand that the brutality of the police repression be investigated, that the thousands of detainees in the marches be released, that the conditions of accessibility to decent housing be changed , that universal suffrage be implemented so that the authorities are elected directly by the people and not by 1,200 "notable citizens" submissive to the bureaucrats of Beijing who "elect" the governor from a shortlist "proposed" by those same bureaucrats.

At the bottom of all this floats an iron will for independence from the yoke of the PCC, for the affirmation of popular sovereignty, and that will depend on the strength of the momentum of the mobilizations and who directs them so that they lead to a revolutionary process that drags all china. Because there is a very important fact to point out: Hong-Kong is surrounded by one of the most developed industrial zones in the country, with a powerful proletariat that is watching Hong-Kong with very attentive eyes: because the possibilities of "contagion" for horror of Xi Jinping and his government - are on display.

Both "The Umbrella Revolution" of 2014 and the current one are part of the same revolutionary process that Hong Kong is going through. In turn, the Hong Kong revolution is the beginning of the Chinese Revolution, and both Xi Jinping and all the capitalist oligarchs of the Xi Jinping government know this well, for this reason they repress, persecute and attack the brave activists who confront them. . All our support for the Hong Kong revolution! Long live the struggle of the workers and the people!

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