Support the strike for the workers in India!

By Progyan Das- La Marx India 28/3/22

Almost two dozen sectors and trade union workers in India from Banks to Railways have called for a 2 day strike in India as a protest against the corporate policies of Modi's BJP and his reactionary allies . 

Several demands have been made by the unions including scrapping the newly made anti-labour laws , the anti-farmer laws and the ant-student policies all of which have been sold or are being prepared to be sold to the few big private monopoly businesses of the country . 

The onset of these neo-liberal policies started in India since 1991 when the capitalist minority government of congress brought in the so - called LPG ( Liberalisation , Privatisation, and Globalisation) act . Since then it has been over decades of relentless class war against the working class of India . 

The strikes which is going to end tomorrow on 29th demands a reversal of these capitalist policies and an introduction of pro- labour constitutional economic reforms . Support the strike for the workers in India!

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