International Platform against Femicides and Disappearances is born

International Platform against Femicides and Disappearances,   April 2021

During the month of April 2021, the International Platform against Femicides and Disappearances was founded, a tool for grouping family members of victims of Femicides and Disappearances that fight for Justice. When a family is a victim of femicide and disappearance, they do not know how to act, a long journey of the offices and officials of the capitalist state begins that culminates in more frustrations. Only organizations linked to the UN, agencies of imperialism, or capitalist political parties appear as legal and social support. The leftist groups do not give importance to this fight. 

But given that this is one of the most important democratic struggles that is taking place in all countries, and is a fundamental part of the revolution that women are carrying out throughout the world, it is necessary to put an end to this situation and present a proposal from the Marxism. The Platform is international in nature, because we consider that femicides and disappearances are an international phenomenon, therefore we cannot respond with a national platform. 

We believe that the Platform should be made up of relatives of victims, who can be mothers, fathers, sisters and close relatives, and also made up of activists who agree with these proposals. The Platform is headed by female comrades, but is open to include male comrades willing to work on it, and is also intended for members of La Marx and independent comrades who want to join. Although La Marx guides and coordinates the International Platform, it is not exclusive to militants and members of La Marx. International Platform against Femicides and Disappearances made up of several countries: Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, we present the following proposals:

1) Fight for JUSTICE for the victims. Do not stop until we achieve it, making use of all the means at our disposal, from the legal, to the social and political.

2) Legal, active, militant, affective, psychological and sororo support to all mothers and relatives who require it; as well as demanding protection measures for the complaining families.

3) Reparation of the damage, as well as full guarantees for the safety of all mothers and relatives of victims.

4) Total independence of the capitalist state, its politicians and officials; as well as the groups that have dedicated themselves to profit from our pain. Total independence from the UN, the imperialist organizations that work with the Corporations in the handling of illicit businesses such as Human Trafficking, which are a source of femicides and disappearances. We do not submit to their lobbying, pressure, negotiations and private interests. Our fight and the only objective that guides us is JUSTICE for the victims; as well as stopping the wave of femicides that is hitting our countries and the world.

5) Unity and solidarity with each and every oppressed who suffer, like us, poverty, repression, helplessness, vulnerability, and discrimination. We join forces with those who share our goal of justice and truth.

6) Enough of machismo, discrimination, harassment, abuse and mistreatment against women around the world! We want to end patriarchy, the source of violence against women. We are for the unrestricted defense of our rights to legal, safe and free abortion.

7) It is an Abolitionist Platform. We fight to eradicate trafficking. Our girls die or disappear victims of sexists, but also of pimps and criminals who enjoy total impunity. Enough of trafficking networks, for the abolition of prostitution and these criminal gangs that represent a threat to the people! 

Since the State and its officials have decided to abandon us, we have rights to protect ourselves. And we are going to exercise it; enough of helplessness. For unity, self-defense, the self-organization of families, activists and groups for our protection and that of our loved ones

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