Woman: International Platform against Femicides and Disappearances is born 

Set of articles about the International Plattform Against Femicides and Disappearances, the woman fights, and Marxist Feminist answers to the worldwide woman rights

The Women's revolution of the XXI Century

 From Women of La Marx we prepared this document, illustrating the struggle that women have led in a permanent revolution, over the course of centuries. Throughout history, we have obtained conquests and demands, with mobilizations that gradually stopped being a vanguard to become a mass process, with the objective of destroying patriarchy and oppression, 

Bourgeois Feminism and Marxist Feminism

The origin of the oppression of women is political-social. The relations between women and men were harmonious and fraternal until the sixth century BC (1) when private ownership of the means of production and the ruling classes were consolidated.

Iran: All Power to the Working Women's World Revolution!

Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old girl, died in a police station in Iran after being detained for wearing the Islamic veil as prohibited by patriarchal/religious laws in that region of the world. This event unleashed a great rebellion among young people against the government of the theocratic bourgeoisie represented in the figure of President Ebrahim Raisiand the supreme political/religious leaderAli Khamenei . 

Call of the International Platform against Femicides and Disappearances

On November 27, 2022, the Plenary of the International Platform against Femicides and Disappearances is convened. Its objective is to support the world women's revolution, led by Ukrainian and Iranian women, millions of us mobilize globally to claim all our rights. 

April 7, 2024 will remain as a historic day for the Middle East, and the world class struggle. On that day, Israel withdrew most of its troops from Gaza without having achieved any of the publicly proclaimed objectives. This military move is an acknowledgment of the defeat of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) who suffered a beating by Palestinian...

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