Iran: All Power to the Working Women's World Revolution!


Hernán Corbalán, in the Nuevo PST of Argentina and La Marx Internacional 22/9/22

Down with the capitalist dictatorship of Ebraim Raisi!

Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old girl, died in a police station in Iran after being detained for wearing the Islamic veil as prohibited by patriarchal/religious laws in that region of the world.

This event unleashed a great rebellion among young people against the government of the theocratic bourgeoisie represented in the figure of President Ebrahim Raisi and the supreme political/religious leader Ali Khamenei . According to journalistic sources consulted at the time of writing this note, we know that "... during the demonstration shouts such as "Death to the dictator" were heard, a reference to the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei - who reappeared this Saturday after being hospitalized -, and some people threw stones and burned posters with his face..."*

During this last weekend there were, in several cities, demonstrations of young people who confronted the unwritten laws against women. Hundreds of demonstrators gathered under the slogan "Woman, life and freedom" challenged "The police of morality" that exists in that country and that provided the photographic data to cover their responsibilities with the detainee; just like all the police in the world do. The rebellion caused the government to repress the demonstrations with gases, bullets and arrests, and now the wave of protests in Iran goes from Iranian Kurdistan (Mahsa's hometown), to Tehran.

According to the Iranian interpretation of Sharia, or Islamic law, women are required to fully cover their hair and wear long, loose clothing. The disobedient ones are publicly punished, fined and arrested, but in recent years women's rights activists have begun to take off their veils, and many young women spread images and videos on social networks with their heads uncovered or dancing in the street, act also punishable by law.

This type of false ideology that the regime promotes against Iranian women, trying to control their behavior completely, has entered a phase of contradictions and rejection by the population. The new generations, young people between 18 and 30 years old, are thrown into poverty, unemployment and a type of famine that leads to overcrowding and lack of expectations of all kinds.

The country is immersed in galloping inflation that by May 2022, and according to the Iranian Statistics Center, the punctual inflation rate has already reached more than 48%. This rate is 11 times higher than that of Iraq and Afghanistan. With increases of 35% in the price of cooking oil towards May/June, 72% of the price of sugar, 30% of intercity bus tickets, 35% of taxi fares, 30% of the increase in subway tickets and many other basic items all the weight of the crisis falls on the workers.

This is the reality for this working class that bears the full weight of the adjustment in the INFLATION / SALARY relationship, and added to this the patriarchal sexist impositions with clerical policies of a regime in crisis. These inconceivably high prices are rooted in the pervasive corruption of the regime's system. This corruption has occurred under the supervision of Khamenei, his son Mojtaba and the Revolutionary Guards. It is estimated that their collective capital exceeds 100 billion dollars. In addition, the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) has taken control of most of the country's capital in all areas of the economy. Meanwhile, the salary increase for next year is set at just 26%.

From the New PST of Argentina and our international political current "La Marx" we have been characterizing that a true revolutionary process of women has been opened on a world scale. This process has key moments and concrete facts that range from the armed women's brigades that are part of the Women's Protection Units (YPJ) in Rojava (SYRIA) against the Islamic State, passing through the monumental strikes of women textile workers in India, the young women of the "Green Tide" for the decriminalization of abortion in Latin America, the movement "NI UNA LESS" to the women combatants of the people of Ukraine, victims of the butcher Putin.

Religions do their ideological work against the masses to continue reproducing capitalist oppressions and perpetuate inhuman suffering for half of the world working class represented by women. The capitalist states of the world, like the state of Iran, co-govern with the clerics and intervene in fraudulent "PEACE" agreements, bless military weapons and benefit directly and indirectly from the international financial system by investing in company shares, or hoarding fortunes in gold and money from the capitalist states that pay for them with public funds.

This time Mahsa Amini paid with her life, a young Iranian woman who, in the midst of a desperate reality, died after being detained by the Tehran police.

In order to definitively end gender oppression towards women throughout the world, it is necessary to encourage the revolutionary process of working women and fight against imperialist capitalism until its definitive abolition. We must locate ourselves and fight for the end of class society and for the WORLD WORKERS' GOVERNMENT of the SOCIALIST workers.

The new repressive explosion in Tehran on Friday, September 16, 2022 gives us one more piece of information about the Revolution carried out by Women in the world just 22 years into the millennium.

Enough of capitalist and patriarchal criminalization against women in the world!

Down with the theocratic-capitalist regime of the Ayatollahs!

All power to the Iranian women rebels!