International Campaign for the Freedom of Political Prisoners in Chile

By Lorena Farias. La Marx Chile 12/5/2022

We are calling for an International Campaign for the freedom of political prisoners in Chile and we invite you to add supporters, in favor of the Chilean people.

The revolutionary uprising of our people that began with the Piñera government continues with the capitalist government of Boric. Two months after this government, which he imposed the policy of the Progressive International, in defense of Imperialism and multinational corporations, with the aim of stopping the rise of the masses, and stopping the social explosion.

It did not take long for the workers and the people to realize that Boric's capitalist government was coming to continue with Piñera's disastrous policy, with adjustment and repression of our Chilean people, expanding the number of prisoners for fighting and at the door of a new social outbreak.

Without further ado, the popular initiative to pardon political prisoners, due to the 2019 revolution, was rejected by the Justice Commission of the Constitutional Convention, Minister Giorgio Jackson, of the Boric government, stated that other alternatives to the project are being sought of pardon, vetoing the proposal, by all the conventions of the right-wing parties (UDI and National Renewal) and concertation parties, such as the Socialist Party, which forms part with ministries and secretariats of the current Government.

Thus, other currents of the reformist left, such as the PC, are accomplices of the anti-democratic policy and make up the Boric Government, join the maneuver of leading the struggle from the street, to the bourgeois institutions, whether it be Congress, Executive, or Supreme Court, to liquidate popular struggles, and lock them up in Parliament, with laws that go against the people.

This PC policy is not new, it had already participated in Bachelet's capitalist government through the New Majority, which allowed it to enter Congress with several deputies. He transformed the CUT into an arm of the business community within the working class, into a totally harmless Central Union, which negotiates behind closed doors with the business community without consulting or organizing the workers, which even stopped the struggle of the students, being Camila Vallejos, representative of the best-known student movement, who together with Boric ended up being deputies, promoting channeling the struggles of the people, in the bourgeois parliament.

However, and despite all the maneuvers of the capitalist parties and reformist groups, the struggle of our people continues and is strengthened . "Chile woke up", and there is no turning back from that.

The insurrection in the streets does not stop, on the contrary it deepens, with our mobilization we managed to defeat the maneuver of the disastrous capitalist government of Piñera, now we have to destroy the policy promoted by the Progressive International and imperialism, against the workers and the people , headed by Boric and his officials.

There is a lot ahead. And one of the crucial issues that our struggle must face is the freedom of political prisoners, as well as the dissolution of the Carabineros, and the Trial and Punishment of those responsible for the repression, which with the Piñera government led to the arrest of 11,300 comrades, of whom 2,500 women and men remain, today we find 144 detainees in preventive detention and 67 sentenced, most of them young people and students.

From Piñera to Boric, the support of the repressive apparatus of the Carabineros and the Armed Forces

Political detainees are helpless by the capitalist state. They are in overcrowded prisons with poor hygiene, a breeding ground for the spread of the pandemic and other diseases. Prisoners resulting from the application of laws such as the "anti-looting and barricades law" , or the State Security Law, which means that cases that were previously considered public disorder, complied with the process with a signature, national roots or house arrest, now involve detentions with undetermined terms, and aberrant conditions.

Prosecutors and judges have requested and imposed massive precautionary measures against those detained in the revolt. The Chilean capitalist political regime has a special investigation unit designed to persecute colleagues, as in the case of Cristian Guerra of the First Line, who has been detained for three years, with an armed cause for mobilizing with the people, today he still has 11 months left , to regain freedom.

The brothers Christian and Rodrigo Sanhueza Zúñiga, who were arrested by this unit while returning home, after participating in a mobilization that took place in Plaza Dignidad, today released under surveillance by the Chilean government. Or like the case of Paula Cisternas Armijo, imprisoned at the age of 22, arrested in December 2019, in a huge and excessive operation, with several police vans and more than 50 police officers.

However, of the repressive forces, only a few are responsible in the process, regarding the cases of the 450 comrades who totally or partially lost their sight due to Carabineros shots, nor of the 34 who died due to action by the Armed Forces.

This reality, made invisible by the mass media, has only one meaning: there cannot be a democratic Constitutional Convention, nor a new democratic Constitution, while there are thousands of political prisoners in Chilean jails.

The Freedom of the Prisoners is not negotiated!

From La Marx Chile we are for a total pardon of political prisoners. For the dissolution of the Carabineros, and of the Repressive Forces! ! assistance to the victims of repression! For the Trial and Punishment of Piñera and those responsible for the repression of the people!

Freedom for political prisoners!
Dissolution of the Carabineros and repressive forces!
Trial and punishment of Piñera and all those responsible for the repression of our Chilean people!

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