La Marx: A Project of World Revolutionary Regrouping 

La Marx is a project of International Revolutionary Regrouping. A project for comrades of all proveniences, nationalities, sexual condition, generations, races, languages, and traditions around the world, to carry on the project of Marxism. These are the four reasons why we invite you to promote this International Regrouping project

1- Capitalism collapsed. It's time to impose Global Socialism

The collapse of capitalism causes a terrible situation of hunger, unemployment, pandemics, and destruction of the environment, that million of people suffer in the five continents. This happens while the aristocracy of the 1% that dominates the global capitalism receive billions of dollars in bailouts to support their corporations, and banks that are in bankruptcy. It's time to put an end to this situation. All the capitalist government tries to subject us to inequality, homelessness, unemployment and benefits only for the richest. It's time to impose Global Socialism

2- A revolution against Capitalism crosses the world. We have to support it

A mass insurrection is shaking the world in response to the dire situation caused by the collapse of capitalism. Led by the masses of the United States, from Hong Kong to Chile, from Catalonia to Iraq, from France to Middle East, the workers and peoples carry forward the maxim of Karl Marx: "Workers of the World Unite". We must support and unite our forces to support the mass insurrections that are cornering the capitalist governments. Internationalism today passes first of all by supporting the workers and people of Ukraine, in their struggle against Putin's fascist invasion. Need to resume the internationalist tradition of the Simón Bolívar Brigade promoted by Nahuel Moreno in the 70's for the Nicaraguan Revolution. Internationalism is the task today, to bring the world revolution to victory, and to defeat the politics of capitalist governments around the world.

3- The left suffers a world crisis. It's time to get over it

The panorama of the world left is one of disintegration and deep crisis. The explanation for this is that leftist groups have adopted the reformist strategy of Bernie Sanders in US, Podemos in Spain, Syriza in Greece, or PSOL in Brasil. They prioritize electoralism, adaptation to the norms of the bourgeois regime and to the unions ruled by the capitalist state. The dictatorships of Maduro in Venezuela, Díaz Canel in Cuba, or Xi- Jinping in China who disguise themselves as "socialists" they abandoned Marxism and corrupted themselves in favor of the multinationals. The process of social democratization of the groups has caused thousands of honest militants to leave these organizations. The crisis of the left is overcome by returning to Marxism. We are going to recover the revolutionary strategy and classical Marxist tradition of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, James Cannon, and Nahuel Moreno.

4- Millions sympathize with Marx and Socialism. It's time to unite

The combination of the collapse of capitalism and the revolutionary uprising has caused millions of activists around the world to be drawn to Marxism. In all social and popular movements, in feminism, in the unions, in the youth, in the poorest and most oppressed races and peoples, Marxism and socialism grow in sympathy. Thus the campaigns of the "End of Socialism", "End of History", "End of Marxism", and all the charlatanism of the pseudo-intellectuals are buried . Most of the world left took the bait and proposed to " revise" Marxism. But Marx returns, like the famous phrase of the Communist Manifesto "A ghost haunts the world", and terrorizes the aristocracy of the 1%. We need to unite the millions of activists who seek Marxism in a Socialist International, and for this, it is time to unite, and advance in a world regrouping. La Marx is a tool for regrouping, based on the Marxist tradition, a way to defeat capitalism, and impose Global Socialism

For these reasons we suggest you to join La Marx

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