Mexico: The popular consultation as a lifeboat for bourgeois democracy

By La Marx México On August 1, 2021

A "popular consultation" will be held, where the following will be asked: 

"Do you agree or not that the pertinent actions are carried out in accordance with the constitutional and legal framework, to undertake a process of clarification of the political decisions made in the past years by political actors, aimed at guaranteeing justice and the rights of potential victims?" 

This consultation has been championed by the majority of the left in our country, presented as a consultation to promote the "trial of former presidents", which is false. To carry out this "democratic exercise", 500 million pesos from the public treasury will be used, those 500 million pesos could be used to buy 41,600 hospital beds or 41,600 oxygen tanks at a time when the SARS pandemic -COV-2 increases its pace by increasing its level of spread and lethality.

1. On the validity of the query 

Regarding the validity of the same, so that it becomes binding, it is necessary that 40% of the citizenship registered in the electoral roll need to vote, we are talking about 37 million people, or in other words: 7 million more of the 30 million who voted for AMLO in 2018. 

2. The consultation appears as an oxygen tank for bourgeois democracy 

In the last elections, the abstention rate was 48%, 5 out of every ten Mexican men and women turned their backs on bourgeois democracy and did not vote for their parties. By nature, bourgeois democracy is a sham to make the people believe that they are being consulted when the decisions have already been made up there. 

3. On the cheating and demagogic nature of the consultation 

The first consultation initiative was presented by the president of Mexico in September 2020, where they did talk about the trial of former presidents. The Supreme Court of Justice decided the following: 

The flyer of La Marx México rejecting the "popular consultation"

"55. It is precisely for this reason that the object of the popular consultation that is requested is considered unconstitutional, since it is to submit to a consultation whether the majority agrees or not that the competent authorities investigate, prosecute and punish the crimes that could be committed by the former presidents of the Republic, implies subjecting to the condition or election of a portion of the population, whatever their number, if the authorities must comply with their obligations to protect human rights, but above all, it would imply distorting the purpose of the popular consultation that, as a human right, seeks to maximize the voice of the citizenry and strengthen their rights, never diminish them, as could happen if the result of an eventual consultation was in favor of not investigating, prosecuting and punishing crimes, which it would generate a fraud to the Constitution and to the people of Mexico"

56. Thus, the object of the popular consultation requested is unconstitutional from its origin since the obligations of the authorities to investigate, prosecute and punish criminal acts cannot be dissociated from the rights that people have access to prompt justice, complete and impartial, due process and, in general, the proper functioning of the institutions of the Mexican State. "[1] 

In other words, the law and the right of access to the truth with justice for the victims of the multiple crimes against humanity that have been committed in our country cannot be consulted. 

We are faced with a distraction and propaganda simulation, since AMLO's party has a majority in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Chamber of Senators, the executive and judicial powers at its disposal. 

In 3 years of government, none of the structural reforms approved in 2013 during Enrique Peña Nieto's administration have been reversed, which have brutally curtailed the labor rights of the working class; much less, has any trial been brought against the former presidents.

4. The reformist left and the EZLN leadership to the rescue of a propaganda fraud 

The National Electoral Institute (INE) says it lacks the resources to carry out the consultation, leaving a space for the militants of the reformist left who appear as "the left aides" of the regime. In this spectrum we find from the Stalinists to the Trotsky revisionism of the Alan Woods group. 

The novelty is that to launch a lifeboat to bourgeois democracy, the public support of the EZLN leadership appears for the MORENA plebiscite to avoid the sinking of a propaganda fraud. 

This seems like a small social democratic slip of the Zapatista leadership, where for the first time it openly and deliberately supports the sham measures of a capitalist government, however, it is not news to those who witnessed its support for Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas in 1994 as a result of a Convention "which was neither a Convention, nor was it National, nor was it Democratic", as the writer Carlos Monsiváis narrated at the time. 

5. A simulation called "Truth Commission" 

Like "the experts", the EZLN proposes the formation of a "Truth Commission" to clarify the facts of the past. 

In 2015 there was one in Oaxaca (a real clowning) without binding character. Today the murderers of Brad Will and the Oaxacan people remain unpunished, the murderer and repressor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz was never called to testify. 

Another "Truth Commission" was formed in the State of Guerrero to investigate the case of the Tragic Night of Iguala, where the 43 normalistas from Ayotzinapa disappeared, while the state and its hitmen, in and out of uniform, murdered and skinned the young Julio César Mondragón. This commission is heading to repeat the "historical truth", that is, the version of the government of Enrique Peña Nieto about these tragic events; only that one hundred meters further on and using as a common thread, the testimony of a hit man, thereby defining the responsibility and participation of the army, the police and other responsible parties. 

Many traitors and opportunists like the deputy Omar García shout from the rooftops: "I say yes to the consultation because I do not forget the 43", at the same time that they affirm that it is not only a right, but "an obligation" to go out to vote this first of August, "as established in article 35 of the Constitution." [2]

6. Promote real trials with street demonstrations and a call for a general strike against the repressors of yesterday and today 

To date, there are countless cases of abuse of power, repression, forced disappearance, fraud, and murders against social leaders that have not been dealt with by the Mexican justice system, as well as hundreds and thousands of femicides where the Mexican State has been an accomplice. 

To this we must add that the current administration has also repressed sectors in struggle such as the Mactumactzá students who are still under trial, it has assassinated social leaders such as Samir Flores Soberanes in Morelos or the Yaqui leader, Tomás Rojo in Vícam; Sonora. This without forgetting the siege by paramilitary groups at the service of the Mexican government that have caused the forced displacement of the inhabitants of Chenalhó in Chiapas and the harassment of the municipality of Altamirano. 

It should not only speak of the "corruption of the past" and be subjected to trial and investigation, but also that of the present, such as the links with the drug trafficking of Ricardo Monreal, the illicit enrichment of Jhon Ackerman (Enrique Krauze of the 4T) and his wife Eréndira Sandoval Ballesteros, current Secretary of the Public Function, or the use of social programs for proselytizing purposes of his brother Almícar Sandoval, not to mention the businesses of Pío López Obrador (Pío Pillín), brother of the president of the republic. 

Nor can we stop talking about the disappearance of the 43 students from Ayotzinapa, General Cienfuegos who was rescued by the Mexican government after being imprisoned in the United States, the Nochixtlan massacre, the repression in Atenco and the crimes against humanity committed. against the Oaxacan people in 2006. 

7. Let's fight for jail and confiscation of all the ill-gotten goods of former presidents and their squirers from the streets 

We workers must denounce the phony nature of this consultation, if we want to put the murderers and repressors of the past and present against the wall, it must be through the mobilization of the streets and the general strike, not in a circus without binding character at the judicial level and not through a ballot. 

Trial and jail against all the murderers of the Mexican people! 

No to charade and simulation at the polls! 

The rights of the Mexican people cannot be consulted!

Don't vote for them this August 1st, get organized with us and let's fight side by side! 


[1] Resolution of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation on the first initiative of AMLO's popular consultation on the "trial of former presidents." October 2020 https://www.scjn.gob.mx/sites/default/files/proyectos_resolucion_scjn/documento/2020-09/Rev%20const%201-2020%20-%20PROYECTO.pdf 

[2] Conference of MORENA deputies on the popular consultation https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=369170147960323&ref=watch_permalink 

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