Why not the consultation and not the question: Open letter to the leadership of the EZLN


                                                                                                       ... Even the question offends 

By Political Commission of La Marx México 

The party that governs our country, promotes a Popular Consultation on August 1 at the initiative of the executive branch led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and summons the people of Mexico to go en masse to the polls to support its proposal. 

Although the president clarified that neither he himself is going to participate in his own trap. Morena, affirms that we must vote "YES" in this consultation to do justice with respect to the last 5 presidents that Mexico had. The approved ballot says something else: 

"Do you agree or not that the pertinent actions are carried out in accordance with the constitutional and legal framework, to undertake a process of clarification of the political decisions made in the past years by political actors, aimed at guaranteeing justice and the rights of potential victims? 

It is the million dollar question that the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) has formulated to carry out a consultation that will not bring anyone to trial ... according to the president of the SCJN "the result of it does not oblige power judicial to initiate proceedings against the former presidents " [1] and ultimately" the only thing that could derive "from it is" the creation of Truth Commissions. " 

Suddenly, all kinds of unpresentable characters who have repressed the people of Mexico, appear in a hypocritical way, calling to join this circus. 

However, something has happened that is a surprise to all the people of Mexico and the peoples of the world. And it is that in the Letter of Sub Commander Galeano, the EZLN announces that it supports the consultation of the capitalist government of López Obrador. We hoped, like most of the adherents to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle, a position independent from the State and its capitalist parties, as indicated in the cited document. We see with sadness that this is not the case, and, on the contrary, they call a deception at the polls, two steps "to the left" of the Federal Government and the misnamed 4th Transformation. 

We are surprised because this call for MORENA and López Obrador looks like a poisoned candy from the federal government. Call to vote for a charade that will not bring anyone to trial. The August 1 consultation bears printed the fraudulent seal of the two Truth Commissions existing in Mexico [2], the first non-binding (no one will be brought to trial despite having evidence), and the second (by the Federal Government) pointing to a remastered version of the "Historical Truth" by Enrique Peña Nieto and Jesús Murillo Karam on the case of the 43 students from the Raúl Isidro Burgos Rural Normal School (Ayotzinapa). 

The arguments you use to support the MORENA initiative seem unusual to us. The EZ leadership, in the voice of Galeano, speaks of "extemporaneous" support for the consultation. However, the call that you make is "contemporary" because they call to vote "YES" on a farce mounted by the federal government that constitutes not only an offense to intelligence, but is aimed at playing with the noble sentiments of our country. people, desperately seeking truth and justice.

Many questions arise from the last letter of Sub Commander Galeano

Why do you support the call for a capitalist government? 

Why do you ask that those of us who do not endorse this fraud manifest ourselves after the consultation? 

Why don't they want - or can't - detach themselves from the call for a capitalist government? 

Do you really believe that through the votes, the ballot boxes, an electoral process presided over by the corrupt Mexican justice, we are going to achieve justice? 

Why are you afraid to break up with MORENA and a fraudulent query? 

What are they afraid of? 

Why not call for a formal and collective complaint against all the murderers of the past and present? 

Why is there no call to mobilize to achieve our demands? 

The word mobilization does not appear anywhere in Galeano's letter. Tactic or strategy? 

Why are we being asked to write letters to the victims and not to direct the complaint against the armed forces and against the delay of the judiciary in hundreds of thousands of archived cases? 

Nowhere do we see a complaint against the federal government and its repressive forces, such as the paramilitary groups that maintain the siege against the municipalities of Chenalhó, Pantelhó or Altamirano, the one who keeps silent, with his call to go to the polls, not only capitulates, but they fraternize with the enemy. In the last letter from Sub Galeano, it is evident that they spend more time-space arguing with the socialist and independent forces than against the institutions of the regime, which seems totally wrong to us. They should leave those self-proclaimed vanguards alone that, by the second qualifier, we can deduce that they are no threat against the regime or against other unproclaimed vanguards.

... A world where many worlds fit? 

You speak permanently of a world where many worlds fit, a call that can lead to the most Guajiro dreams such as co-existence with capitalist regimes, governments in turn, and so on. But can we build a world with the worlds of the former PAN members, PRI members, with Felix Salgado Macedonio, or with the already overrated INE? The world of justice cannot coexist with the world of injustice represented by all these nefarious characters and the institutions they represent. For the same reason, we call on you to rectify your position, which, jokingly and jokingly, endorses "other worlds" that for us are undesirable to say the least. 

It is alarming that in a letter of 12,800 characters, with the most spectacular and varied maneuvers they used to hide their process of adaptation to social democracy, they are contributing to the process of co-opting the party in power towards social movements. The clearest examples are the deputy Manuel Vázquez Arellano (alias Omar García) and the former spokesperson for the parents of the 43 Ayotzinapa students, Felipe de la Cruz or Senator Nestora Salgado García, who happened to be on this side (or at least it seemed so), to be the ones who do the dirty work for the regime. We say that it contributes to this process, because they sow false illusions in bourgeois democracy, leaving the field open to all kinds of opportunists who will not waste the opportunity, to deepen this process of adaptation to the regime.

This farce of consultation is used by the party in power as a springboard to give political projection to characters such as Alberto Esteva Salinas, who, as Secretary of Public Security, served as the tough arm of the law against the teachers and popular movement in Oaxaca during the years 2014-2015, in which 4 teachers of Section 22 were unjustly imprisoned and exposed as criminals in the main media of the country.

We are in good time to present an independent alternative 

This letter is a call to reflection and to change your position. We Marxists have many political, programmatic, and methodological differences with autonomism, however, we recognize them as fighters and we are concerned about the fact that this position of the EZLN leadership has aroused enormous controversy among broad bands of sympathizers who trust you, many of whom have openly stated to disagree with this capitulation. 

There is still time. There are several days left for the consultation. You can modify your position and return to the independent position that you had maintained since the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Forest. 

It's time for the exploited of this country to turn our backs on this fraudulent consultation that will not bring to trial any of the repressors of the past and much less of the present. 

It is necessary to promote an authentic national body that calls for the fight for justice. An organization made up of relatives of victims, personalities, professionals, intellectuals, political and social leaders, artists, ordinary people, etc. that calls for national mobilization to impose justice with dignity. 

An independent body of the PRI, PAN, PRD, MORENA, the executive, the parliament, the judiciary, the governors, mayors, all corrupt capitalist organizations, whose hands are stained with blood, in whom we cannot trust even by mistake. As for the call to organize, we will always agree on a principled basis. 

For our part, we think that any type of coordination - below and to the left - must be built under the criteria of class independence. Without further ado for the moment we say goodbye, sending you a warm greeting 

July 26, 2021


[1] EZLN calls a plesbiscite and conform a National Front


[2] About "Truth Commissions"


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