Call of the International Platform against Femicides and Disappearances


On November 27, 2022, the Plenary of the International Platform against Femicides and Disappearances is convened. Its objective is to support the world women's revolution, led by Ukrainian and Iranian women, millions of us mobilize globally to claim all our rights. Within the framework of the fight against violence against women, the International Platform convenes this Plenary to carry out the impulse to all our demands expressed in the promotion of the campaigns that the Platform has been carrying out.

Led by the victims and families of femicides, disappearances, the Platform is a tool in the fight for abolitionism, against trafficking networks that kidnap, traffic, and enslave women around the world, based on the dirty business of prostitution. The fight for abolitionism, and all the rights of Women is one of the biggest battles of the world class struggle, against the trafficking capitalists, and the Global Corporations that profit from this business.

The event is also a step forward in the struggle for the construction of Marxist Feminism. Bourgeois feminism has failed. Its leaders have betrayed the main struggles of the world revolution that we women have been developing. But its failure opens the doors for thousands of activists from different genders, generations, languages, regions and continents of the world to begin to unite in the fight against Machismo, Patriarchy and Capitalism. Our battle confronts the capitalist states, the Church, the Armed Forces, on the path of imposing Global Socialism. It is not necessary that those who attend are only women, the spirit of Marxist feminism is that our rights are achieved by overcoming gender barriers. This is the invitation that we leave for November 27, we hope your assistance.

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