For the military triumph of the Palestinian militias! Weapons for the Palestinian militias! Long live the 3rd Intifada!

Militiamen from The Lion's Den operating in the West Bank
Militiamen from The Lion's Den operating in the West Bank

La Marx International

"The outrages committed by the rebellious sepoys in India are truly frightening, frightening, indescribable as one is willing to face, only in wars of insurrection, of nationalities, of races... No matter how infamous the conduct of the sepoys may be, It is only the reflection, in concentrated form, of England's own conduct in India, not only during the time of the foundation of her Eastern Empire, but even during the last ten years of a long established rule. To characterize that rule, Suffice it to say that torture formed an organic institution of its financial policy. There is something in human history similar to retribution: and it is a rule of historical retribution that its instrument is not forged by the offended, but by the offender himself."

                                                                                                      Karl Marx "The Indian Revolt - September 4, 1857"

In Palestine we are witnessing the development of the 3rd Intifada, an urban Guerrilla War with clashes between Palestinian militias against the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) . It is a War of National Liberation of the Palestinian people that has been developing with the objective of expelling the Israeli occupation troops, and ending the Nazi state of Israel. On October 7, the 3rd Intifada entered a new phase when the Palestinian militiamen inflicted a severe defeat on the Israeli troops, broke into the territory, demolished the walls with bulldozers and took control of several towns in which they expropriated barracks. , prisons, assets, tanks, bases, equipment, ammunition and weapons depots. From La Marx International we are for the military triumph of the Palestinian and Arab militias that is being accompanied by a global mass mobilization in their support. We demand weapons for the Palestinian militias! Long live the 3rd Palestinian Intifada!

The 4 battle fronts of the 3rd Intifada. Source: Institute for the Study of War (ISW)
The 4 battle fronts of the 3rd Intifada. Source: Institute for the Study of War (ISW)

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) respond to the 3rd Palestinian Intifada with horrific and fascist bombings that have killed more than 10,000 Palestinians and injured more than 20,000 civilians, including more than 3,500 children. The IDF tries to invade Gaza with which the 3rd Intifada covers 4 fronts of fighting: 1) The Battles in Gaza, 2) the battles of the West Bank, 3) the Battles of southern Lebanon, and the 4) battle of the Heights. Golan where Arab militias from Syria, Iraq and Yemen intervene.

The imperialist political leaders of the UN, the capitalist governments of the world, and the reformist left lie to the world about what is happening in Palestine. They show it as an "action by Hamas," a group that acts desperately and in isolation whose "barbaric" methods are useful to Israel.

This entire campaign is false, and has nothing to do with reality. It is the same campaign they did with the Ukrainian National Liberation War when they said it was carried out by a "handful of Nazis." They are lies that seek to hide from the workers and people of the world what is really happening. The lies of the imperialist rulers and the Progressive International seek to convince the people of the world that a "call for Peace" and a "Cease Fire" must be made. They call to "reject all violence" by putting an equal sign between the state terrorism of Israel and the Palestinian militias.

The 3rd Intifada is a legitimate action of uprising and self-defense different from the 1st Intifada (1987) and the 2nd Intifada (2000) which were carried out spontaneously with sticks and stones. The 3rd Intifada is based on a conglomerate of Palestinian militias that act with powerful weapons, training, missiles, rockets, logistics, aerial drones, and submarines imitating the actions of the Ukrainian militias that are destroying and expelling Putin's occupation army in Ukraine. . In turn, the Palestinian militias act jointly with the Arab militias of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Jordan, a coordinated action that is supported by a mass mobilization of millions of the Palestinian people, and of the peoples of the world who They support Palestine, on all 5 continents. The 3rd Intifada is therefore a global mass insurrection that is placed at the center of the world revolutionary process against capitalism and imperialism.

First front of the 3rd Intifada: The Battle of Gaza

The battle for Gaza is part of the 3rd Infifada that began two years ago, on May 6, 2021, when Palestinians began to form popular militias after the eviction of 6 Palestinian families in Jerusalem. Fed up with repression, the Palestinian people said "Enough!" and the new popular militias formed joined the existing ones that confront the IDF with missiles, anti-tank grenades and drones carrying out urban guerrilla warfare, the method that the revolutions of the 21st century are adopting . Examples of this are the Iraq National Liberation War (2003-2007), the National Liberation War of the Kurdish people in Rojava since 2011, the Civil War in Syria in the first and 2nd Arab Spring, or the National Liberation War of Ukraine from 2022, to give some examples as we have been explaining from La Marx International.

In the 3rd Intifada the 1st front is the battle of Gaza. After the defeat suffered by Israel on October 7, Israel's response is with bombings of the defenseless civilian population in Gaza, on children, young people, and the elderly. However, the bombings, just as we observed in Putin's criminal bombings in Ukraine, do not guarantee victory; on the contrary, they have provoked a global mass reaction against Israel, they have unified and amalgamated the Arab masses of the world, which brings together the actions of the Palestinian militias with the Arab militias.

It is false that the armed insurrection in the Gaza Strip is only Hamas's, as imperialism and Israel intend to present it. The armed insurrection in Gaza is being carried out by a joint action of a conglomerate of Palestinian militias that have joined together: The al-Qassem Brigades that respond to Hamas, along with the Soraya al-Quds brigades that respond to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad , also the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades that respond to Fatah, the secular party that leads the Palestinian Authority, and the National Resistance Brigades that respond to the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a militia influenced by the Communist Party of Palestine.

The Palestinian militias have built a network of underground tunnels that is estimated to reach 500 km, from where the Palestinian militias are supplied with logistics, food, water, electricity, medicines, and ambushes on the occupation troops are organized. Israelis. Some of these tunnels reach a depth of 70 meters underground, making them immune to aerial bombardment by the Israeli IDF. This exposes another of Israel's lies that its bombings seek to "attack Hamas", in reality the bombings mainly affect the defenseless civilian population.

Militias of the National Resistance that responds to the National Liberation Front
Militias of the National Resistance that responds to the National Liberation Front

To face the battle for Gaza, Israel has stationed 300,000 soldiers in front of Gaza. But only 30% are professional soldiers, mercenaries or elite troops. 70% of Netanyahu's troops are reservists with no military experience, and even less capable of facing an Urban Guerrilla War.

IDF senior commanders consulted with Pentagon specialists who had experience of Urban Guerrilla Warfare in the Iraq National Liberation War in battles such as Fallujah. Pentagon specialists made it clear to Netanhayu and senior Israeli army commanders that the current Israeli army is not prepared for an urban guerrilla war in Gaza, and that they may suffer great destruction at the hands of Palestinian militias.

But the reactionary government of Netanhayu, and the IDF can no longer turn back. They have to advance on Gaza, still advised against by the Pentagon's top brass, because they are cornered by the 3rd Intifada which they must defeat or stop at any cost.

This is the reason why on October 28, 2023, IDF troops began to invade Gaza, facing a force of 50,000 Palestinian militiamen who have the support of 2 million Palestinians on the ground, two million more in the West Bank, and millions of Arabs and citizens from all over the world. The entry of the IDF troops into Gaza began through the open areas, beaches, and sparsely inhabited areas of Gaza where they quickly advanced to the northwest coast of Gaza where the Palestinian militias attacked them with small arms and improvised explosive devices. (IED) north of Al Shati camp on November 2, firing anti-tank rockets at vehicles and ambushing IDF forces in clashes east of the coastal highway.

Other clashes are taking place in Beit Hanoun, a Gaza neighborhood that the IDF is trying to surround from the east and south, but there, too, after advancing into uninhabited areas, they clashed with armed militias. The third front is Juhor ad Dik to the east of Gaza where the IDF also advances in open areas, but upon reaching more populated areas of Gaza they began to suffer serious losses that in just 5 days reached more than 20 tanks, and 20 recognized soldiers. officially by the Netanhayu government although it is possible that the losses of soldiers and equipment will be even greater.

The battle for Gaza has become the epicenter of the 3rd Intifada. It is the most important event that is being followed by the entire world. Millions of people follow the bombing attacks on Gaza every day that have shocked the world. Even the UN has declared a ceasefire that was ignored by the Israeli high command, prompting protests from UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. However, the entire policy of the UN and the imperialist governments are a true hypocrisy because while they pretend to protest they are supporting Israel, considering that it has a "legitimate right to protect itself from terrorism", which is false because whoever has been acting with terrorists is the state of Israel that for 70 years has persecuted, tortured, massacred, and murdered everything that is Arab in Palestine.

Second front of the 3rd Intifada: The Battle of the West Bank

The West Bank is the Palestinian territory with the largest number of inhabitants, around 2,600,000 Palestinians, where the Palestinian Authority government headed by Mahmud Abbas resides, which is highly discredited because it is considered by the Palestinians to be a collaborationist government with Israel. The new self-defense organizations and militias that emerged from the 3rd Palestinian Intifada carry out an urban mobilization, a mass insurrection, combined with self-defense organs led by Lion's Den of Lions, an organization based on the Palestinian youth of the West Bank that act just like the front line of Colombia and Chile facing the forces of repression.

The map shows the fighting in the West Bank. Source: Institute for the Study of War
The map shows the fighting in the West Bank. Source: Institute for the Study of War

Clashes between Palestinian militants and Israeli forces in the West Bank are daily and are combined with mass mobilizations in East Jerusalem. Islamic fundamentalist militias such as the Islamic Jihad in Tulkaram also intervene in these confrontations with the Israeli army, although in the West Bank the Islamic fundamentalist militias do not have the same weight as they do in Gaza.

The Lions' Den self-defense forces confront the Israeli border police with improvised explosive devices in the neighborhoods, as well as in refugee camps such as Jenin, or Noor al Shams, near Tulkaram. All of these militia bodies emerged from the 3rd Intifida that began in 2021 in the neighborhoods of East Jerusalem, and quickly gained the support and sympathy of the entire population that is brutally persecuted and terrorized by the Israeli troops that They move them to settle Israeli settlers .

The IDF carries out ethnic cleansing in the West Bank that has begun to be confronted by Palestinian youth. The clashes led Palestinian groups on the Temple Mount to stockpile flagstones, stones and fireworks to confront police.

Israeli police forces stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque, firing rubber-tipped bullets at stone-throwing Palestinians, leaving many dead and injured. From there, new secular self-defense and urban combat organizations flourished as a result of the process of the second Arab Spring that confronts Islamic fundamentalism, and promotes secularism, especially among youth. On October 15, 2023, all Palestinian militias signed an agreement in the West Bank to coordinate joint action

Since the signing of those agreements, the Jaba Battalion of the al Quds Brigades that respond to Hamas coordinates attacks with improvised explosive devices and small arms against IDF forces.

Meanwhile, the al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades organization, which is secular and responds to Fatah, is fighting in the Jalazone refugee camp, north of Ramallah. Palestinian militants threw explosives at Israeli forces in Bitunya, as fighting rages between Palestinian militants and Israeli forces in the central and northern West Bank.

The Lions' Den issued a call to West Bank residents to take up arms and "attack anywhere there is an Israeli soldier or settler "

The battle of the West Bank is a front of the Palestinian revolution of great importance due to the development of new directions of the Palestinian movement that are beginning to take shape. The old Islamic leaderships such as Islamic Jihad, Hamas, or Hezbollah are questioned by young people, and many of them left those organizations to form the new combat militias that lead the 3rd Intifada. Therefore, there is also the development of a political revolution in the 3rd Intifada to the extent that new directions and new layers of fighters emerge, such as in the West Bank, who are opening a new political stage in the revolutionary war that is taking place in Palestine.

Third front of the 3rd Intifada: The Battle of South Lebanon

The 3rd front is northern Israel and southern Lebanon on the border between Lebanon and Israel. Hezbollah (LH) operates there, an Islamic fundamentalist Arab militia that carries out daily confrontations with the IDF, which are growing day by day. LH systematically attacks every day from southern Lebanon with mortars and small arms, launching ATGMs (missiles) against Israeli military positions along the eastern border and against Israeli tanks. LH has also continued to attack Israeli communications and surveillance equipment that contributes to degrading the conditions of the Israeli army, while LH carries out rocket bombardments fired towards the west and east of Israel, hitting Israeli cities.

Hezbollah militias in southern Lebanon
Hezbollah militias in southern Lebanon

LH militants carry out dozens of attacks in northern Israel every day by firing one-way attack drones at IDF barracks, or using anti-tank squads to attack IDF positions along the Lebanon-Israel border.

This increase in attacks against IDF positions allows for the destruction of IDF radar and sensor sites, communications and surveillance equipment, and Israeli signals facilities and communications infrastructure. LH has the ability to fire surface-to-air missiles. Other Palestinian militias also operate on Lebanon's border with Israel, such as the al Qassem Brigades, which respond to Hamas.

LH has begun coordinating attacks with these brigades, and Hamas also wants LH to allow Palestinian groups inside Lebanon to fight Israel, since LH controls the border working at all military and political levels. LH has been accumulating forces on the borders with Israel in Lebanon and Syria since fighting began on October 7, opening the possibility of the war taking on an international character, expanding in the region, and being fought in multiple fronts. Unlike other Palestinian and Arab militias, LH is a powerfully equipped, formidable force that has special forces and advanced equipment that can pose a very significant threat to Israel.

The battle of southern Lebanon on maps
The battle of southern Lebanon on maps

The presence in southern Lebanon of the Imam al Hussein Brigade, based in Syria, which has moved to southern Lebanon to help LH in the fight against Israel, has been confirmed. This militia represents a multinational fighting force composed of thousands of fighters from across the Middle East. The senior commanders of the Israeli armed forces have observed with concern the phenomenon that implies an advance in the coordination of Arab militias of different nationalities that gives very strong military power to the militias of the northern front of Israel, and a threat to the Zionist state .

On Israel's border with southern Lebanon is the Shebaa farms, a disputed territory militarily occupied by Israel that is about 14 kilometers long and 2.5 kilometers wide. This area is recognized by both Lebanon and Syria as a constituent part of Lebanese territory. In the dispute over this battle front in southern Lebanon, it is essential to take into account as background that when the Israeli IDF tried to invade the southern area of ​​Lebanon in 2006 to eliminate Hezbollah, they were completely defeated. Today all political and military analysts consider that Hezbollah is 5 times more powerful than it was in 2006, which constitutes a very important battle front of the 3rd Intifada.

Fourth front of the 3rd Intifada: The Battle of the Golan Heights

The 4th front is that of the Golan Heights, territory occupied by Israel in Syria. There we group the combats that take place between the IDF with Iraqi, Syrian, and Houthi militias that are located in Yemen. This entire territory became a "no man's land" for world imperialism to the extent that the withdrawal of NATO armies occurred between 2009 and 2010, after the defeat of NATO and the imperialist armies in the War. of National Liberation of Iraq . After the withdrawal of imperialist troops, the First Arab Spring broke out in 2011, a revolutionary process that encompassed more than 30 countries in the Middle East and North Africa. 

The map shows the fighting in the Battle of the Golan Heights, in Syria and Iraq. Source: Institute for the Study of War
The map shows the fighting in the Battle of the Golan Heights, in Syria and Iraq. Source: Institute for the Study of War

The Golan Heights is an area that Israel took from Syria in the 6-Day War of 1967. Militias from Syria and Iraq have regrouped there and use missiles, rockets and unidirectional drones against Israeli military positions, but also against US and NATO positions and headquarters in Iraq and Syria.

Coordinated militia groups in the Islamic Resistance of Iraq have carried out drone attacks against the al Tanf garrison in Syria and three unidirectional drones against the Conoco mission support site. Iraqi militias fired rockets at US forces at Ain al Asad air base, Anbar province, Iraq.

The Houthi militias based in Yemen have declared war on Israel and launched land attack cruise missiles and drones aimed at Israel, but the US Navy warship USS Carney intercepted the missiles. Iraqi and Syrian militias combine attacks on Israel with US targets. Other militia groups in Iraq are intervening with missiles and drones against the IDF

The Houthi movement operating in Yemen continues to launch a "large batch of drones" that hit Israeli territory, while others were intercepted by both the IDF and Pentagon ships located in the Mediterranean Sea, and the Red Sea, as The Pentagon has reported it. Many of these missiles were intercepted by Saudi Arabia and the United States, which constitutes a particularly worrying front for Israel and imperialism since it implies a constant threat to their critical infrastructure, and together with the front in southern Lebanon, it implies a element of internationalization of the conflict to the extent that it involves Arab militias from different countries who join the Israeli armed forces in the daily combat.

The Pentagon and Israel seek to defeat the 3rd Palestinian Intifada

The 3rd Intifada has cornered the Nazi state of Israel, and has made it enter a deep crisis. Israel's response is with the same brutal methods that characterize it: Bombings of the defenseless civilian population in Gaza, children, young people, the elderly, the typical Nazi actions of Israel that it has been carrying out for more than 70 years. Netanyahu attacks the civilian population and bombs them, repeating Putin's same fascist methodology against the civilian population.

The enclave of Israel is an artificial State created by imperialism in the Middle East in 1948 to subjugate and repress the Arab people . The event of its creation is called the "Nakba" (the "catastrophe" ) for the Palestinian people who became a wandering, landless people, condemned to live in exile, because Israel was created on the lands that the Palestinians and the other peoples of the region had occupied it in peace for centuries. In this way, the State of Israel has been for decades a Nazi state, an aircraft carrier on land that attacks, murders, represses and persecutes everything that is Arab, a kind of closed neighborhood for the privileged protected by a powerful army financed by the US imperialism.

This map was published by National Geographic in 1947, one year ago at the "Nakba", Israel didn't exist
This map was published by National Geographic in 1947, one year ago at the "Nakba", Israel didn't exist

But the 3rd Intifada is questioning the very existence of Israel and has made it enter a deep crisis: Today it is a country whose cities are empty, deserted, with a terrified population, fleeing to their countries of origin, where they stay to live. the officials, bureaucrats of the Zionist state, settlers and soldiers. At this moment there are more than 80,000 displaced Israelis, living in hotels, fleeing their neighborhoods and homes, and several thousand more Israelis fleeing the country on the planes of airlines from different nations that remove dual national citizens who were living In Israel.

The Israel of the kibbutz, the happy cities, the ostentatious life for the settlers, no longer exists. The 3rd Intifada and the offensive of Palestinian fighters has put an end to it. The defeat of the IDF on October 7 occurred just when Israel is going through a deep political and social crisis, starting with the uprising of the Israeli people just 7 months ago, in March 2023 when they carried out a powerful mobilization against the minister's reforms Benjamin Netanyahu. The massive mobilizations were followed by other large mobilizations in cities such as Haifa, Rosh Pina, and Tel Aviv against Netanyahu's anti-democratic attempt and his government coalition made up of reactionary, racist, fascist, and Zionist fanatic groups.

Netanhayu's Bonapartist reform attempted to advance the formation of a regime that would allow a free hand to repress the 3rd Intifada, dictating laws, appointing magistrates, appointing judges, and prosecutors that would allow the Executive Branch to flagrantly intervene in the Judicial Branch to control it. . In the massive mobilizations in rejection of the reform, very large sectors of the Israeli Armed Forces joined and folded, which led to an extreme crisis of the State of Israel that made it clear that the existence of a Nazi, fascist state is incompatible with the exercise of social rights and democratic freedoms, even if they are more minimal.

The president of the US imperialist government Joe Biden affirmed that he "is unconditionally on the side of Israel", ratifying the status of an imperialist enclave of the Zionist state. Meanwhile, NATO and US imperialism began to intervene in support of Israel by deploying the powerful Gerald Air aircraft carrier and other aircraft carriers under the command of CENTCOM ( Central Command), which arrives battered in the Middle East after the beating that the Pentagon suffered in the Iraq War in 2006.

As a result of the military beating, and the "Iraq Syndrome", that is, the political crisis that opened in the Pentagon and the US Armed Forces after the defeat in the Iraq War, on this occasion no soldier of The United States will set foot on Palestinian lands. For 17 years the US Army has not invaded any country, and the military presence in support of Israel will be of support to the Israeli troops, bombing from a distance, providing supplies, and as a deterrent regarding the possible armed intervention from other Middle Eastern countries.

The global left: A "humanist" and "pacifist" politics

The Progressive International and 99% of the world left carry out a hypocritical and repugnant "pacifist" and "humanist" policy that is in no way different from the policy of the UN. The politics of the world left is led by slogans such as "Cease Fire", "Peace", or "Stop Genocide" that denies the existence of the 3rd Intifada, does not fight for the triumph of the Palestinian militias, and refuses to demand weapons for those militias. The groups of the Progressive International, as well as the left social democrats, the Stalinists, ex-guerrillas, the Zapatistas, the autonomists, and ex-Trotskyists limit themselves to "Demand the capitalist governments to break with Israel" , and call for the "Stop the fire" , a hypocritical and scoundrel policy when President Netanhayu himself says that "There is no possibility of a ceasefire" , attacks every day with bombs, and ignores all the hypocritical calls from the UN.

The pacifist slogan of the Progressive International calls for the "End of the Nakba"
The pacifist slogan of the Progressive International calls for the "End of the Nakba"

Demanding capitalist governments break with Israel, or demanding a ceasefire is the same as asking cows to fly or horses to talk. They are unrealistic slogans and demands, which will not happen because all the capitalist governments of the world are supporting Israel, and are in complete agreement with the butcher Netanhayu's work to defeat the 3rd Intifada. The only real demand is for the triumph of the Palestinian militiamen, it is the only way to achieve "Peace" to the extent that that monstrosity that is the State of Israel is destroyed forever.

The masses of the world are to the left of the Progressive International and 99% of the world left. The workers and people of the world have come out to mobilize with massive marches with the slogan of " Free Palestine" for the triumph of Palestine, putting forward the need for the defeat of Israel. In Europe and the United States, pickets have been formed in ports that prevent the shipment of weapons and food to Israel. In Dagestan, the republic of the Russian Federation, a gigantic mobilization repudiated the arrival of Israeli exiles. In several Middle Eastern countries the masses have aimed to burn embassies of Israel and the United States.

All of these actions are destroying and cornering the Nazi State of Israel, far from the candid calls for "Peace" of the global left. The masses of the world are giving an extraordinary example of global revolutionary mobilization in support of the 3rd Intifada. Therefore, an organization that truly considers itself Marxist and revolutionary must repudiate all those calls from the UN, the Progressive International and 99% of the world left. Our call is for the victory of the Palestinian militias, for the destruction of Israel, the expulsion of the Israeli settlers, the only guarantee of putting an end to the genocides and massacres.

The law of Retribution is coming for Zionist criminals

Our fight against the Islamic leaderships that operate in the Middle East is against their retrograde, cowardly and inconsequential bourgeois character that has allowed the State of Israel to survive for decades. The Islamic fundamentalist leaderships, due to their bourgeois and capitalist character, and their retrograde, religious, and sexist ideology, cannot consistently carry out a revolutionary struggle against the State of Israel. These Islamic leaders know that if they triumph, the same revolution that sweeps away the Nazi state of Israel will then begin to sweep away themselves. They know this because these are leaderships that defend the interests of the ruling classes of the Middle East.

Karl Marx formulated the "Law of Retribution" in 1857 in his analysis of the revolution in India
Karl Marx formulated the "Law of Retribution" in 1857 in his analysis of the revolution in India

But even though our fight against the Islamic leadership is permanent, we are for the military triumph of the militias that they lead. Precisely because the victory against Israel will later, due to the permanent nature of the revolution, be the end of those same Islamic leaderships. An entire current of the left has criticized Hamas or Hezbollah for taking hostages, practicing violence, or carrying out attacks against the Israeli Nazi army. Marxists support the struggle of the oppressed, "by all necessary means" in the words of Malcom

Karl Marx explained that in the struggle of the sepoys with British imperialism in India the most horrible methods were practiced. But that was the "retribution" that the sepoys carried out towards their colonizers for the horrors and genocides that the sepoys had endured during years of the British Empire. We believe that the Palestinian militias have every right to carry out the fight for their national liberation by all necessary means, the same rights that we grant to the people and Partisans of Ukraine who carry out attacks, murder collaborators, blow up vital infrastructure to defend and expel Putin's occupying army, and uses violence in "retribution" for centuries of national oppression.

Marxists are not "pacifists". We repudiate and reject petty-bourgeois pacifism that is horrified by the acts of violence carried out by militiamen who fight against oppressive armies and states. And we demand violence, just as Marx did publicly on countless occasions to crush the oppressors, the only guarantee of defending the freedoms, the rights of the vast majority of the oppressed, just as the Irish, the Catalans, the Ukrainians have done. , the people around the world who fight for their national liberation, just as the Palestinian militiamen do today.

For a secular, democratic and non- racist Palestine

The majority of the leftist currents that support Palestine raise the slogan of struggle "For a Socialist Palestine" . This slogan is totally wrong and functional to Israel. Obviously, as a basic solution and slogan for propaganda, Marxists are for a Socialist Palestine. But that slogan is not for action, much less at this time when it is necessary to unify and mobilize 99% of Palestinians in the fight against the IDF and the Zionist armies.

The slogan of a "Socialist Palestine" in any case will manage to mobilize 1% or 2% of the Palestinians. It is the slogan of those who seek to create propaganda, to capture some clueless person, but it is not useful to win a revolution. What mobilizes the entire Palestinian people is the fight to obtain a democratic, non-racist, and secular state because it contains all sectors of the Palestinians and leaves no one out. The establishment of a Palestinian state would mean an enormous advance for humanity because it would mean the end of the monstrosity of the Nazi state of Israel, the end of massacres, persecution and genocide.

Nahuel Moreno incorporated the slogan "Palestine, secular democratic and non-racist" into Marxism
Nahuel Moreno incorporated the slogan "Palestine, secular democratic and non-racist" into Marxism

But also the fight for a secular, democratic and non-racist state opens the doors to the socialist revolution. The end of the state of Israel, like the end of the bloody regime of tsarism in Russia, opens the door to socialist revolution, and to a workers' and popular government in Palestine, so that millions of Palestinians can escape from hunger and poverty.

That is why it is the only slogan that allows us to confront and defeat the policies of Islamic fundamentalist leaderships such as Hamas or Hezbollah. These directions propose an "Islamic Palestine" which means a sectarian slogan that does not incorporate all Palestinians, much less for the young Arabs and Palestinians who reject Islamic fundamentalism, fed up with the wealth, oppression and oligarchy of the Ayatollahs, the Sheikhs and the Islamic clerics.

The slogan of a democratic and non-racist secular Palestine, drafted by the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1964, and located in Marxism by Nahuel Moreno, is the slogan to lead the 3rd Intifada to victory.

For the triumph of the Palestinian militias! Weapons for the militiamen! Long live the 3rd Intifada!

The triumph of the Palestinian militiamen is vital for the development of the world revolution against capitalism. It feeds on the National Liberation War of the people of Ukraine, and in turn, invigorates and strengthens the struggle of all the peoples of the world for their liberation. The Palestinian militiamen and guerrillas have undertaken the fight facing the military superiority and technological deployment of imperialism and Israel. But superiority is no guarantee of victory, just as it was not for Putin in Ukraine, or for the US, in Iraq, or Vietnam.

When a people decides to undertake the revolution for National Liberation, and adopts the most modern revolutionary strategies such as urban guerrilla warfare, it will be very difficult for any army to defeat it, no matter how best and most modern equipment it has. Modern history has given plenty of examples of this. We Marxists do not hesitate: We unconditionally support the 3rd Intifada carried out by the Palestinian and Arab militiamen. Our cry, along with that of millions of Arabs, workers, and oppressed people who are rising up around the world, is Long Live the 3rd Palestinian Intifada! For the triumph of the Palestinian militias, of the Arab militias! who seek to end the Nazi State of Israel once and for all to free the Palestinian people.

At the same time we raise another slogan, the same one we raised for the people of Ukraine: Arms for the Palestinian militias! Weapons to defeat the Zionist armies! The Palestinian militias have every right to receive all types of weapons from anywhere to defeat the Nazi-Zionist army. On the path of the fight for Global Socialism, the Palestinian revolution, as well as the Ukrainian one, are fundamental milestones in the defeat of the imperialist cops, and their entire military device on which world capitalism relies. The triumph of the 3rd Intifada is our main task, the only and most important one.

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