The XXI Century's American Revolution


Chapter I 9/11

Chapter II Patriot Act

Chapter III Iraq

Chapter IV Pentagon

Chapter V Beltway

Chapter VI Katrina

Chapter VII Vietnam

Chapter VIII Pilgrims

Chapter IX Change

Epilogue: Deep State

To Agustina, Martin and Joaquín
To my love and companion Celina
To those millions of beings who,
fighting to save his family and his town
will save the world


From 9/11 to the inauguration of Obama, political, economic and social events took place in the country that can be considered among the most important in its history. These changes were of such magnitude that they changed the political situation in the United States, and impacted the world situation forever. We have heard the phrase that there are facts in which "reality is stranger than fiction", but in relation to the US, that phrase is not true, because in the United States fiction and reality have been the same thing for a long time. Not even the most inspired Hollywood screenwriter can imagine a science fiction script that surpasses the drama and genesis of US history.

Before an African-American president took office for the first time, the country was governed by the Bush administration, under the Neo-Conservative strategy called Project for a New American Century (PNAC). The PNAC imposed after 9/11 was a political and military offensive on Iraq and the Middle East, a threat to the entire world, and at the same time, an undemocratic political regime within the US, based on the Patriot Act regime. The law was more than a legislative instrument, it was the backbone of a political regime that tried to impose itself with the aim of advancing the social, political and economic conquests of the entire North American people.

The Bush-Cheney administration's trial was of unprecedented severity, as dangerous as McCarthyism in the 1950s or the Kennedy assassination in the 1960s, the Nixon plan in the 1970s, or the escalation of Reagan in the 1980s. But by simultaneously attacking the US and the world, the Bush regime unleashed, like sorcerers, forces that he later barely controlled. The response of the North American and world mass movement to the PNAC led to the end of Bush and his attempt to impose an undemocratic regime, to the military defeat in Iraq and to enormous changes in the political situation in the US and in the entire world.

After the Bush-Cheney Administration, a new political stage began in the country. The changes that occurred are immense. In the blink of an eye, the US went from easy credit and the real estate binge of 2003-2005, to the bankruptcy of the "American dream" and home auctions that suffer millions. From the fight "Against the axis of evil " with the ultra- conservative Bush, to the demand for " Change" ("Change") and the inauguration of Barak Obama, the first Afro-American president in history. From the virtual state of siege in which the population lived under the Patriot Act regime, to the occupation of plazas in all the states of the country with the development of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

All the new political and social phenomena that are emerging, and those that will emerge, are an expression of changes produced in the first decade of the 21st century. All political, economic and social events that will take place in the future will be the children of the changes that occurred in the first decade of the 21st century. And those changes prepare the new events, which will change the world forever.


"Having organized an insurrection and a battle in heaven, in which none of the combatants could be killed or wounded - they put Satan in the pit, let him out again, gave him victory over all creation, condemned all humanity, for eating an apple..."

Thomas Paine. The age of reason. 1794

On September 11, 2001, the country and the entire world watched in disbelief and astonishment as the emblematic Twin Towers of the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York were attacked. Two planes crashed into the Twin Towers, first American Airlines Flight 11, a Boeing 767 with 92 people on board, which had taken off from Boston and crashed completely into the North Tower of the WTC. And when television screens around the world began to broadcast the news, another plane appeared, United Airlines Flight 175 also from Boston, which with 65 people on board rammed the South Tower of the WTC. News reports reported that a third plane had crashed into the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia, and that a fourth plane had gone down in an open field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

From then on, all the TV channels and media outlets around the world abruptly cut off their broadcasts and began to broadcast live images of an unprecedented event that was happening on US soil. The eyes of the world came to rest on New York. The Armed Forces, realizing the magnitude of the attacks, began to take the first measures, all planes heading to or passing over New York were prohibited from taking off and all tunnels and bridges on the island of Manhattan were closed. . President Bush ordered all planes in flight to land immediately at the nearest airport, at the same time, Congress, the White House, and the UN building were evacuated.

The 27,000 commercial flights that on that date flew daily through the American sky were landed. The world was already in the midst of a commotion, millions of eyes rested on the images that the world's TV channels were broadcasting, and they held their breath while they watched a gruesome, apocalyptic, horrifying spectacle. Millions of people around the world watched the crash of planes against the WTC Towers whose impact caused huge fires in the buildings. In turn, the magnitude of the fires put people trapped in the Towers at risk of burning to death. From inside the WTC buildings, many people began to throw themselves into the void for fear of dying in the flames.

Relatives, neighbors, friends, co-workers, crowded, in the vicinity, were desperate witnesses of the events. Firefighters entered the towers, created a command center in the hall of the building, and began climbing the stairs to rescue injured or trapped people. But while this was taking place, an incredible, shocking event occurred: The towers began to collapse. Before the world astonishment, in a matter of seconds, the South Tower of the WTC collapsed, vertically. Minutes later, the North Tower fell. The fall of both towers left behind a dense cloud of debris that slowly invaded the streets, avenues and buildings throughout the area. Gradually, as the Towers fell, this area of ​​southern Manhattan was transformed into a gigantic scene of smoking ruins and rubble.

It was impossible to believe, were it not for the fact that the images were shown simultaneously on all the TV channels, going through the different time zones, customs and languages. Whoever witnessed it, remembers perfectly what he was doing and where he was, because he was observing a historical moment, only comparable to the arrival of man on the Moon, the assassination of President Kennedy, or the fall of the Berlin Wall. However, it was impossible for any American citizen or any inhabitant of the planet to understand at that moment what was happening. Could not understand what was happening, or draw conclusions of any kind. At that moment there was only one thing to do: watch that incredible, electrifying, historic spectacle. And while it was only possible to observe a fact that could hardly be believed.

That place became, from those dramatic moments, a place of permanent parade and pilgrimage of relatives, onlookers, journalists, friends, brothers, fathers, husbands, wives looking for children, their partners, their loved ones with photos. and belongings of those missing persons. All of them paraded consulting the police, firefighters and authorities, there were hundreds of people who began to wander from one side to another through the area of ​​destruction that the WTC property had become, seeking to know something about their relatives, in the midst of rubble and chaos, widespread anguish and despair, and a bleak overall picture.