The Crisis of the World Left


Excerpt from the document "The World Situation" by La Marx International

A serious crisis is hitting all the left-wing organizations of the world. The leaders of 99% of the groups of the left have adopted a policy of integrating, supporting or calling for votes for capitalist governments and coalitions, including imperialist governments. The application of this policy of "class collaboration" or "popular frontism" means a break with the Marxist principle of class independence, which aggravates the crisis of the world left to unprecedented levels.

The Stalinist and social-democratic groups integrated into the FPyD collaborate publicly and shamelessly with capitalist governments and coalitions, placing ministers, advisers and deputies in these governments. The groups that claim to be Trotskyist are adopting the same course at full speed by integrating capitalist coalitions, or calling for a vote for them. 

With this 'policy of class collaboration', the leaders of the groups of the 99% of the world left are publicly betraying the peoples of the world. This betrayal provokes a serious process of regression and disintegration of all the left-wing organizations in the world, which results in the fact that today there are noleft-wing organizations that grow or become stronger. On the contrary, the panorama is one of the non-existence of a world pole that organizes and attracts the world's activists, a product of the serious process of dispersion and dissolution of all the leftist organizations in the world, without exception.

In turn, the rupture with the Marxist principle of class independence leads to the rupture with all principles. Ninety-nine percent of left-wing groups no longer support the revolutions of the world, with all kinds of excuses. They refuse to support the liberation revolution of the Ukrainian people, objectively placing themselves on the side of Putin's criminal invasion. In Palestine theyrefuse to support the military action of the Palestinian militias, calling for "peace". Sectors of the world left raise the slogan "neither Hamas, nor Netanyahu" placing an equal sign between the Nazi state of Israel and the armed movement of the oppressed peoples.

The majority of the global left accepts the occupation of Palestine, supporting the "Two States" policy of imperialism. Thus, by refusing to support the armed uprisings of the peoples in various ways, 99% of the world left abandons proletarian internationalism. 99% of the global left no longer defends the political prisoners, nor the persecuted of the world, they refuse to demand the Freedom of Julian Assange, they refuse to defend the Freedom of 19 in Colombia, and they refuse to raise campaigns for the most elementary democratic rights.

Let us look at the panorama of the course to the right of the leaderships of the groups that claim to be Trotskyist. In the U.S., as a result of the global process of political revolution as well as the shift to the left of sections of the mass movement, there is the resurgence of a new activism that seeks Marxist and socialist ideas. Butthis activism comes up against the reality that99% of the American left supports, integrates, and calls to vote for Biden's imperialist government, in a public way.

Among the many expressions of the shift to the left of the masses in the United States has been the explosive growth of theDSA (Democratic Socialist of America), which forms the basis of the Progressive International (PI). DSA is today the most important left-wing organization in the U.S. It is part of the imperialist Democratic Party and has candidates on its lists. The role of DSA is to act as a decompression valve for the political regime, diverting the workers' and people's ascent towards the dead end of reformism.

From Jacobin Magazine, DSA provides a constellation of opinionologists, and paid charlatans who work to inform the reformist strategy and support for "progressive" capitalist governments around the world. The goal of IP, DSA, and Jacobin Magazine is to abort and sterilize any radicalized current that emerges in order to prevent the development of a revolutionary Marxist current independent of the state. But after the initial enthusiasm, because of its treacherous policy of support for the Democratic Party, the DSA has entered a serious crisis.

DSA suffers a collapse of its membership, the collapse of its finances, and a wave of layoffs of leaders and paid political cadres. The crisis in DSA drags down all the opportunist currents that have joined it such as Solidarity which responds to Mandelism, Socialist Alternative (SA) headed by Seattle councillor Kshama Sawant, Tempest, Red Star, Bread and Roses, Reform & Revolution, Marxist Unity Group, the Socialist Majority, etc. All these sectors betray the American people by supporting the imperialist Biden government, and capitulate to U.S. imperialism. They lie to activism by presenting themselves as "Marxists."

In Europe, the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA; Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste) of France, whose historical leadership split the party to support Jean-Luc Mélenchon's capitalist coalition. The outbreak of the NPA is the end point for the Mandelist experiment that has begun a serious disintegration. The SWP of England, the current of Joseph Choonara and the economist Michael Roberts founded by Tony Cliff, collaborates with regional and local capitalist governments in Germany by belonging to the broad party "Die Linke", which has governed German cities and towns, in defense of German imperialist capitalism.

In England, boththe British SWP and thegroups coming from the "Militant", the CTI of Peter Taafe and the IMT of Alan Woods have supported the bourgeois "progressive" sectors led by Jeremy Corbyn within the Labour Party in Britain, a party with a workers' and trade union base but with a bourgeois leadership that always defended the interests of British imperialism. Support for the likes of Corbyn, who is an official of the Progressive International, is a betrayal of the workers and people of Britain. At the same time, Alan Woods has made a shameful support for the government of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, which is public knowledge, a whole past of support for capitalist and imperialist governments that Woods wants to "erase" by calling now to form a "communist" current.

These currents, due to their adherence to the Decoupling Theory, are located in the field of defense against the aggression and invasion of Ukraine by Putin's government. Without exception, the SWP, the IMT, the ILC, and along with them groups from that tradition such as WSWS USA, the WSWS of the United States, the WSWS, the WSWS, the WSWS, the WSWS, the WSW The U.S. acts in defense of the murderous Putin, supporting and justifying his invasion and aggression against Ukraine, which makes them spokesmen and appendages of a war criminal, in the name of Marxism.

In Brazil, Mandelism led by the MES, together with Valerio Arcary, and other groups such as the ISL of the MST of Argentina support and integrate the coalition of the capitalist government of Lula, in a frank and open policy of collaboration with the capitalist government of Brazil. The IWL-CI of the PSTU of Brazil, campaigned to collect signatures in support of the capitalist candidate Francia Márquez, current vice-president of the capitalist government of Colombia, and supported in Chile the capitalist Constitution promoted by the capitalist government of Boric, which the Chilean people rejected.

He was also a member of Lula's capitalist coalition, the ITU, which is the SI of Argentina, and after having obtained seats and positions he left that coalition, the same as he did in Peru when he won seats after supporting the capitalist coalition Frente Amplio. This same group in Argentina called for a vote for the imperialist candidate of Peronism, Sergio Massa. The daily Left group, Argentina's PTS, voted 24 laws of Massa's capitalist government in Parliament, a policy of class collaboration that Massa publicly attacked on TV. It is the same policy of collaboration that other groups such as the PO of Argentina, or the New MAS of Argentina, also present, and it has become the central action of FITU of Argentina, increasingly integrated in supporting and sustaining the policy of Peronism.

The examples we have given are a synthetic example of the degree of decomposition that these currents are suffering in their policy of public support for capitalist coalitions and governments. As the crisis of the counterrevolutionary apparatuses and leaderships accelerates as a result of the tsunami of the political revolution, the self-described Trotskyist groups that act in collaboration with the old leaderships are hit by the tsunami. The political revolution ends up going against them, destroying them and disintegrating them, as they become more and more associated with the old leaderships.

The activists of the world, who once found in the left tools for struggle, now find a constellation of groups in crisis that support dictatorships, some of the most horrific regimes in the world such as the Communist Party of China, Cuba, or North Korea, which collaborate with capitalist governments. and that the only thing they care about is electoral intervention. This reality has unleashed a process of "global disillusionment" of the world's activists with the left, which includes the existence of valuable cadres who detach themselves from these currents in the search for Marxism, and a truly revolutionary leadership.

To counteract this "global disillusionment" of the world's activists, and the process of disintegration and dispersion that all these groups are suffering, they make a permanent call for the "unity of the left", a call that is stronger as the elections approach. We flatly reject all these hypocritical calls for "unity" because they are a trap. They are not called to support the revolutions of the world, nor to fight for a workers' government, but they are called to join their policy of support for capitalist governments. We reject this call that they constantly make in forums, meetings, congresses, debates, etc. that abound in the world, because it is not that kind of "unity" that we need, but the "unity" of revolutionaries, which we are going to develop later.

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