Blank Vote, or Void Neither Approve, Nor Reject in the Plebicite of September 4


Statement of La Marx Chile 31/8/22

Faced with the plebiscite of September 4, our proposal is to vote blank, or null to reject this totally anti-democratic consultation, and the New Capitalist Constitution that they want to impose on us. We reject both Approval and Rejection, which do not mean any valid alternative to the old Pinochet Constitution, which we also reject. But it is false that the only way to end the old Constitution is with this referendum. One cannot speak of a "democratic" referendum when it is being carried out with 2,500 fellow political prisoners, stripped of all their rights, victims of Piñera's repression during "Chile Awoke."

The New Constitution betrays the claims of the social outbreak of 2019

The New Constitution implies the continuity of the reactionary institution of the Carabineros, the impunity of the Armed Forces, the maintenance of private ownership of the means of production and exchange, the lack of rights for the Mapuche people, as well as the continuation of the privatizations, and the AFPs. It was not what we demanded when we went out to fight in October 2019, and that is why the New Constitution, and the Plebicite are a trap that we must reject by voting blank, or null.

The consultation is totally undemocratic. They force us to choose between two options promoted by the country's capitalist blocs, on the one hand, the "Rejection " that is being promoted by the Pinochetist oligarchs, and defenders of the interests of imperialism such as the leaders of the Independent Democratic Union (UDI), National Renewal (RN), Political Evolution, etc. On November 13 and 14, 2019, these pro-imperialist groups signed a pact called "Agreement for Social Peace and the New Constitution" with the current ruling parties. We denounce this entire bloc of pro-imperialist political leaders as continuators of the reprehensible Pinochetism that the people massively reject.

The "Apruebo" is being raised by the current capitalist government of Boric, the Broad Front, the ex-Concertación parties, and the Communist Party of Chile, as well as other social and leftist groups. We denounce all these political leaders who promote "Aprobebo" as true traitors to the people's struggle because they propose a Constitution that maintains the foundations of capitalist Chile only for a minority of the rich 1%. While they promise us rights, they have maintained the entire economic heritage of the dictatorship, from privatization to the looting of natural resources, job insecurity and the possibility of profit with our needs such as education and health.

We denounce the leftist parties that betray the people, united with the corrupt leaders of the "30 years." The Agreement for Peace and the New Constitution was not signed with the objective of responding to the demands that we have been carrying out from the workers and the people since October 2019, but rather to stop those demands, and divert them to continue supporting a capitalist Chile. , unfair and unequal.

Let's reject the New Constitution, and fight for a Socialist Chile

They want us to believe that the New Constitution will respect the rights of the Mapuche people. This is false. Defining the capitalist state of Chile as "Plurinational" does not mean an advance in the recognition of the rights of the original peoples, on the contrary, insofar as it guarantees capitalism, and the ruling classes, the plurinational state is a prison of peoples. We are for the right to self-determination of the Mapuche people, and all the original peoples, a right that the New, like the Old Constitution denies them.

From La Marx Chile we call to vote White or Null, while we continue together with the political prisoners fighting for their Freedom. We continue to develop the mobilization and organization of the working class and popular sectors. We reject any Constitution that defends capitalism, while we continue in solidarity with the struggles of all the peoples of Latin America and the world that confront capitalist governments. Chile woke up, and it will not go back, until we conquer a Socialist, worker and popular Chile.