A Principled Conference in support of the worldwide Revolutionary Wave, and the struggle of the people of Ukraine


La Marx International 29/10/22

On October 23, 2022, the International Conference was held in support of the world revolutionary wave, and the people of Ukraine. It had the participation of more than 40 representatives from 13 countries such as India, Bolivia, Peru, Costa Rica, Ireland, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Argentina, Canada, and Chile, which meant a very successful activity that It was a great organizing effort involving comrades from different countries, regions, continents, and time zones.

The Conference began with a report that addressed the main issues of the world class struggle, the wave of strikes in Europe, the revolutionary process led by women in Iran, the uprising of the masses in Sri Lanka, the revolutions in Haiti, Panama, Ecuador, and the revolution for National Liberation carried out by the workers and people of Ukraine against the invasion initiated by Vladimir Putin. The report pointed out that the Ukrainian people are winning the war, developing the urban guerrilla war led by the Ukrainian partisans, which has put the dictatorial regime of Vladimir Putin in crisis, a whole situation of the world class struggle located within the framework of the aggravation of the world crisis of capitalism that, in addition to presenting a situation of global inflation with millions in poverty and misery, now adds the new trend towards recession and depression as well as the bankruptcies, outbreaks of crisis, and falls of some of the most important capitalist corporations.

After the report several comrades took the floor, among them, John Lyons councilor in Dublin, Ireland, and member of the Independent Left who raised the need to fight against the disaster that the capitalist system is carrying out, with the destruction of productive forces. Lyons made special emphasis on the fight against climate change, and the initiatives that his political force is carrying out in Ireland. He also spoke with Independent Left member Conor Kostick who raised principled support for the Ukrainian people, and denounced Stalinism, and the organizations of Europe and the world that refuse to support the people of Ukraine. Conor is the author of the important work. "Evasions of the Left on Ukraine" which has had a significant impact on sectors of European, Ukrainian, and world activism, and we have reproduced on this website @Revolución for the Spanish-speaking public.

María José Herrera of the New PST of Argentina made a vibrant intervention against the infamous business of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, taking into account that for years she has been leading the fight to find her daughter Camila Cinalli, who has disappeared in San Miguel del Monte since the year 2015, Victim of Trafficking. "Majo" denounced that Trafficking is a business carried out by large capitalist Corporations in collusion with governments, denounced Bourgeois Feminism that betrays the struggle of women to get positions and ministries, and claimed the Abolitionism of Marxist Feminism for the struggle by thousands of women around the world. In the same sense, Vilma Ruiz Díaz, from Santa Fe Greta Roquero, and from Tucumán, Julia Leal, militants of the New PST, and the International Platform against Femicides and Disappearances intervened.

From Ecuador, Vladimir Cosíos raised the revolution that Ecuador experienced this year constituted a very important process that was stopped by the leadership of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE), and by the Catholic Church. Vladimir, who is a member of the International Platform against Femicides and Disappearances, reported that the fight for Justice continues for his daughter, Valentina Cosíos, a victim of Femicide in 2016. Comrade Luis Carrasco from Chile pointed out that the world revolutionary process It has several axes, the original peoples, women, oppressed races, oppressed nationalities, and that the set of these processes together with the working class are the expression of the global revolutionary wave.

From Chile, Claudio Almada explained that Boric's government, together with ministers of the Communist Party, is attacking the rights of the people, and repressing just as the previous government of Sebastian Piñera did. Comrade Gonzalo Sanjines from Bolivia expressed the importance of the fight against transnational companies, Multinationals, and Mega Projects that take away wealth and destroy the environment. ComradeJuan José Villa of the Bolivian MST put on the table the need to define these uprisings that are taking place all over the world as revolutions, drawing attention to the clear intention of all the leftist organizations to deny and make invisible the revolutions in course, calling them "rebellions". He explained the revolution that Bolivia experienced against the government of Evo Morales first, and later against Añez. Another important addition is that the revolutions have created situations of dual power, revolutionary crisis, and the emergence of dual power organizations created by the masses.

Comrade Ivan Vilela from Peru explained that the Peruvian people carried out a revolution that ended with three capitalist governments, the arrival of the Castillo government to power means another deception against which the Peruvian people must now fight . From Brazil, comrade Hernán Corbalán explained why Marx International and Marx Brazil call for a white vote, null, or abstention in the next elections in Brazil. Lula and Bolsonaro are two capitalist projects that will attack the rights of the Brazilian people, and he clarified that the campaign of the "advent of fascism" or "Bonapartism" in Brazil launched by the Progressive International is false. Hernán explained the betrayal carried out by the entire world left that uses this argument as an excuse to call for a vote for Lula. Felix from Costa Rica, in addition to greeting the event, reported on the trial that ended up acquitting fellow Orlando Barrantes, a great triumph for justice and the Costa Rican people.

Progyan Das, La Marx's representative in India, characterized the class struggle in South Asia , and hailed the growth of La Marx International with membership in a growing number of countries. He also denounced the nefarious role of Stalinism that adheres to the reformist positions of the Progressive International in the struggles that the peoples are carrying out, and stated that Trotskyism must carry out the regrouping of support for the world's revolutions.

Jesús Valdez, from La Marx México, summed up the situation as follows: While the global left sees the advent of fascism throughout the world, we side with the women in Iran, with the strikers in Europe, with the original peoples and the working class in Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina and Panama, actively participating in their struggles and militating alongside them, at the same time that we are for the military defeat of the Russian invasion against Ukraine, clearly positioning ourselves on the side of the attacked people. Important presences such as comrades Lorena Zayas, militant of Section 22 of Oaxaca, or Olivo García were part of the delegation present from La Marx México.

Comrade Camilo from Canada explained the need to unite the revolutionaries of the world. He recounted his experience of having been a militant for many years in an organization that proclaimed itself "Trotskyist", but betrayed the revolutionary principles, for which he began looking for a place to organize, which led him to find La Marx International. He stated that there are many comrades around the world who are living the same situation that he went through these years.

The International Conference was a principled event in the first place because it was held with the aim of supporting the revolutions and struggles of the peoples of the world, a basic principle that the groups of the world left have abandoned, or no longer carry forward, as it happens with the Ukrainian revolution that 99% of the world left does not support. It was also a principled event to the extent that it raised an alternative revolutionary pole to the social democratization of leftist groups that throughout the world, following in the footsteps of the Progressive International,they are only concerned about being part of the bourgeois democratic regimes and leading candidates in the elections. It is a step forward in the struggle for the regrouping of the revolutionaries, an indispensable task to build a Socialist International, which we need to unite the revolutions throughout the world, and impose Global Socialism. We propose you to join this revolutionary and internationalist project.

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