The world left betrays the people of Brazil


Lula's campaign act with the slogan "Vote with Love"

International Coordination of La Marx International 10/12/22

The world left is carrying out a historic betrayal of the workers and people of Brazil. In unison, the Social Democratic, Stalinist, ex-guerrilla, and ex-Trotskyist forces raise a slogan for the people of Brazil: " To vote for Lula", a candidate who defends capitalism, the Multinationals, and imperialism, backed by the State Department of the United States.

The argument that all the political forces of the world left have to call to support Lula in the second round of the elections in Brazil, is that Bolsonaro represents the advent of "fascism". This is completely false. Bolsonaro has a reactionary ideology, similar to that of Donald Trump in the United States, Le Pen in France, or Díaz Ayuso in Madrid, but he has the same program and the same policy as Lula. Both candidates defend and support bourgeois democracy, and together with all the institutions of the country, the Church, the businessmen, the political parties, the military, the unions, the social organizations, are calling for the people to be part of the " farce" of the false "democracy"

Jacobin Magazine, organ of the United States Social Democrats allied to the imperialist Democratic Party says "The imperative of the moment is the vote for Lula", the Progressive International supports Lula with the title "For a Multipolar World". L'Hummanité organ of the Communist Party of France supports Lula saying "Democracy is played at the polls"

Jacobin Magazine, organ of the United States Social Democrats allied to the imperialist Democratic Party says "The imperative of the moment is the vote for Lula", the Progressive International supports Lula with the title "For a Multipolar World". L'Hummanité organ of the Communist Party of France supports Lula saying "Democracy is played at the polls"

We Marxists raised the invalid vote in Brazil, because it is principled never to support the representatives of the ruling classes in the elections. Bolsonaro defends the ruling classes, capitalism, and imperialism, but Lula has exactly the same program. Lula calls to defend the profits of the bankers, as Marx Brazil states: " Together with Lula, Henrique Meirelles, representative of the big banks, did not hesitate to say that the country will need a rigorous Administrative Reform and the closure of state companies."

On 9/28/22 Lula met with the heavyweights of the Brazilian ruling classes in a meeting organized by the Esfera Group, where he doubled the number of big businessmen compared to those brought together by Bolsonaro. At that meeting, Lula was applauded by businessmen such as Fabio Rocha, owner of the Riachuelo chain of stores, the president of the Federation of Banks, Isaac Sidney, the head of the Bradesco bank, Luiz Trabuco, of the BTG bank, André Estevez, Abilio Diniz , from Carrefour, Benjamin Steinbruch, from the CSN National Iron and Steel Company, the head of the global sugar and ethanol giant Cosan, Fabio Ermirio de Moraes, from the Votorantim bank and cement company, and the president of the Sao Paulo Federation of Industries, Josué Gomes, son of Lula's former vice president José Alencar.

The leftist parties of the world, instead of rejecting the vote for Lula, and alerting the workers and the people of Brazil that his candidacy represents the interests of these big capitalists and exploiters, call to vote and trust in a candidate who defends the profits of these business groups of millionaires, who for years have been exploiting the work of millions of Brazilians.

On 9/21/22 Lula and his team met with representatives of the US State Department at the headquarters of the Lula Institute in São Paulo. There he received the backing of US imperialism represented by officials like Douglas Koneff, charge d'affaires of the US government in Brazil. Lula was accompanied by Celso Amorim, former foreign minister and main adviser on international affairs, and Jacques Wagner, senator and former governor of the State of Bahia.

Lula's election campaign spot from October 7 announcing that he is against legal abortion in Brazil

Lula's candidacy is against all the democratic demands of the most oppressed of the Brazilian people, just as Bolsonaro does. To ingratiate himself with the Catholic Church of Brazil, and the Christian religions, Lula announced in a spot that she is against legal abortion, which means destroying the rights of millions of Brazilian women. For this reason alone, the world's leftist parties should reject her candidacy and call for a null vote. But all the leftist parties in the world are calling for Lula to vote, and favoring the attack on millions of women in Brazil.

Lula promises to preserve the Amazon and the indigenous peoples. But this is false. As Marx Brasil states: "...the truth is that Lula himself defends the Belo Monte project, a hydroelectric plant that destroyed a vast territory of the Xingu river peoples. The PT candidate swears that he will create an "Indigenous Ministry", but hides that it was during his administration that the Canadian mining company Potássio do Brasil received a concession to explore and destroy the lands of the Mura people, in Autazes (AM), hiding that it is his party -the PT- which, in the public image of the state deputy Sinésio Campos (AM), who leads the regulation of mining on indigenous lands, hides that he is an ally of Romero Jucá, former senator of Roraima and one of the main enemies of the Yanomami people..."

In other words, from the point of view of democratic demands, Lula's candidacy is a threat to the freedoms and democratic rights of the most oppressed of the Brazilian people. It is the same as Bolsonaro's candidacy. For what reason does the world left call to vote and support a possible government of Lula, as a defender of rights and freedoms? Are we facing an "error" by the leaders of all the groups of the world left? Or are all these leaders fully aware of the betrayal policy they are carrying out?

A conscious betrayal to defend capitalism, and bourgeois democracy

There are no "mistakes" in the policy of the leaders of leftist groups around the world who call for support for Lula in the 2nd round. It is a conscious and deliberate policy of betraying the Brazilian people, and betraying the Marxist principles in favor of the defense of the capitalist political parties, and the bourgeois democratic regime. It is a course that is being carried out by the leaders of all the leftist organizations in the world that support capitalist governments such as that of Putin in Russia, Xi Jinping in China, Maduro in Venezuela, or Díaz Canel in Cuba, on behalf of an alleged " anti- imperialism", or who support Jean Luc Melenchòn in France, Gustavo Petro in Colombia, Boric in Chile, Pedro Castillo in Peru, etc.

Capitulation images. Different groups called "Trotskyists" call for Lula to vote. From left to right: International Viewpoint organ of Mandelism, In Defense of Marxism of the Alan Woods group, the LIT, IzquierdaWeb of Argentina, and the UIT all have the same position as the Progressive International and Jacobim Magazine.

All these groups have abandoned Marxism to become reformist, social democratic groups. It continues to publicly call itself "Marxists", "Trostskyists", or "revolutionaries", to more easily deceive activists who seek Marxism and revolutionary proposals. But they are not Marxists, nor Trotskyists, nor revolutionaries, they adhere to the policy of the Progressive International, which is embodied in the Jacobim Magazine. Jacobim is the one who gives the line and the orientation that is later reproduced, with nuances and inequalities, by all the leftist groups in the world.

The center of all these groups is electoral activity. Their analyzes and policies are based on the facts of bourgeois democracy, as part of their respect and subordination to the institutions of the ruling classes. The priority of all the groups is to have "public figures" who become deputies, senators, vereadores, mayors or councilors, and all the orientation of these groups revolves around the deadlines, times, events, and events of democracy. bourgeoisie, and the traps, and anti-democratic frauds of this political regime. They have completely subordinated the activity of the groups, placing electoral tactics at the level of strategy.

In the same sense, the groups that belong to the Brazilian left. Both the PSOL, the PC do B, the PT, all these organizations betray the Brazilian people. The leftist organizations that remain within the PSOL, with a policy of "opposition" to the leadership that publicly support the PT, are conscious traitors, who remain in that organization for economic interests. The money they receive from the capitalist state for participating in the elections is essential to support the officials of the groups they build. If that money disappeared, those groups would vanish. The same is happening to all the groups in the world that are calling to vote for Lula, and have made their own the strategy of becoming social democratic parties and assimilating to bourgeois democracy.

For the militants of the groups that call to vote for Lula in the 2nd round of the elections in Brazil, there is only one way: Get out of those groups immediately. Breaking with these traitorous leaders is the first step to start building a revolutionary organization. The recovery of Marxism includes the defense of revolutionary principles, which are still expressed in electoral tactics. From La Marx International, we do this by calling all the valuable, honest comrades who still make up these groups to carry out the revolutionary regrouping essential to end Capitalism, and impose Global Socialism.