World Campaign: #Where is Camila?


Camila Cinalli disappeared on August 30, 2015 in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the town of San Miguel del Monte. There, a security camera recorded Camila Cinalli on National Route 3, as she returned to her house. Camila tried to meet a friend of hers, who met her at the city lagoon, but in the end they couldn't see each other. Camila, who was 15 years old, sent some text messages, and then her cell phone was turned off. From then on, no one heard from her.

The disappearance is investigated in the federal courts of La Plata. Suspicions indicate that Camila was a victim of kidnapping for the purpose of sexual exploitation and trafficking. During the years of searching, the family has traveled through different cities, following the trail of clues that emerged from the investigation. 

Her mother, María José Herrera, said: "We didn't even know that human trafficking existed. We didn't know what it was." The abolitionist women of La Marx Mujeres, and the militants of La Marx from all over the world are going to join forces with María José to find and learn the truth about Camila. We invite activists, personalities, militants, comrades, from all over the world to join the campaign.

This campaign is focused on another aspect of the oppression of women: Human Trafficking. With the theoretical work "A Marxist Vision of Abolitionism" we lay the foundations of our abolitionist position regarding prostitution, with the Campaign "#Where is Camila?" we want to take action. Camila is a girl who was 15 years old at the time of her disappearance, and although her case is from Argentina, the campaign allows us to strike in all countries, denounce and highlight the danger that trafficking networks pose to the lives of thousands of young people It is another scourge that expresses the decomposition of capitalism. We send this text to carry out the campaign to all the militants of all the countries with flyers, photos, pronouncements, and all kinds of materials.

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