SOCIALISM 2023: The "Show" of the reformist and bourgeois left

The logo of the event organized by leaders who support the United States Democratic Party
The logo of the event organized by leaders who support the United States Democratic Party

La Marx International 1/7/23

A series of organizations, groups, and NGO's that support the imperialist government of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party of the United States convene a conference called "SOCIALISM 2023" in Chicago, USA. The Conference is convened by Haymarket publishing house with the political and economic support from organizations such as the Democratic Socialist of America (DSA), or Jacobin Magazine, an entire event that presents a panel of speakers made up massively of intellectuals, university professors, professors, opinion experts, civil servants, and members of NGOs linked to the Democratic Party of the United States, and who publicly support the imperialist Democratic government of Joe Biden.

Who organize the event as well as those who make the presentations, defend the politics, the program and the methods of the leaders of the Progressive International (PI), an international organization headed by Bernie Sanders, senator for the Democratic Party of the United States, and Yanis Varoufakis, leader of Syriza from Greece. IP was founded on May 11, 2020, and this international body belongs to the DSA (Democratic Socialist of America), a social democratic organization from the US that has supported Bernie Sanders in the primary elections within the Democratic Party. Other House Democrats reporting to DSA include Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Cori Anika Bush, and Jamaal Bowman.

Numerous capitalist governments of the world and leaders of capitalist coalitions belong to IP such as Jean Luc Melenchon of France, and his organization "France Insumisa", Jeremy Corbyn of Great Britain, Gustavo Petro current president of the capitalist government of Colombia, Lula and the current PT president of the capitalist government of Brazil, Guilherme Boulos of the PSOL of Brazil who supports the Brazilian government, Gabriel Boric president of the capitalist government of Chile, Rafael Correa, former president of the capitalist government of Ecuador, Alvaro Garcia Linera linked to the current capitalist government of the MAS of Bolivia , etc.

They also integrate IP intellectuals or personalities such as Noam Chomsky from the United States, Tony Negri and Silvia Fedirici from Italy, Baltasar Garzon Judge from Spain, Naomi Klein from Canada, Slavoj Zizek from Slovenia, and numerous progressive Think-Thanks such as the Latin American Council of Sciences Sociales (CLACSO), in addition to the Jabobin Magazine, which acts as the theoretical organ of the Progressive International, is a broadcaster of its politics, and also a sponsor of the event. SOCIALISM 2023 takes place at the Hyatt Hotel in Chicago, a luxury place whose prices are completely out of reach for 99% of workers, the most humble, oppressed and popular sectors of the United States and the world.

The "Show" of the reformist and bourgeois left

The luxurious Hyatt Hotel in Chicago that hosts the event "SOCIALISM"
The luxurious Hyatt Hotel in Chicago that hosts the event "SOCIALISM"

The expensive "Show" at the Hyatt Hotel will present an endless number of speakers who will all repeat the same line simultaneously: "To stop the advance of reaction and the right, we must support the progressivism of the Democratic Party." This political line is the one that will be presented in all the SOCIALISM 2023 workshops, whether their exponents are activists from the movement of oppressed races, democrats, LGBTQ, native peoples, unions, etc.

All the exponents will lower the same political line, and throughout the event they will repeat the same song to support the candidacies of the Democratic Party of the United States for the 2024 elections. They will present that line as "Socialists", or "Marxists", but expressed by groups, personalities and organizations linked to governors, legislators, and officials of the Democratic Party of the United States.

This entire event of SOCIALISM 2023 is a blatant lie to deceive activists around the world since the political and theoretical line of SOCIALISM 2023 has nothing "Socialist" or "Marxist" . The theoretical-political line of the event presents the vision that the capitalist ruling classes of the United States are divided into two sectors: One "progressive" that of Biden and the Democratic Party, and another "reactionary" , that of Donald Trump and the Republicans. whereupon what the activists have to do is support the "progressive camp", against the "reactionary camp". for many young activists, but it is a remix of the old and well-known "class conciliation" policy, "a whole "camp" proposal "of the theory of "progressive bourgeois camps" to justify class collaboration with the representatives Wall Street, and the Pentagon.

A meeting of the enemies of Marxism

The Democratic Party of the United States is the party of Wall Street, the Capitalist Corporations, the oligarchy of the 1% that dominates the world economy, the Pentagon, and the military-industrial complex of the United States. It is a sinister party that has nothing "progressive" about it, and throughout history it defended slavery and racial segregation in the United States. After the Second World War, first with the government of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and later with the defeat of Vietnam with the government of James Carter, it became the party of "Peace and Democracy". Every time the imperialist bourgeoisie of the United States was defeated by the world revolution by trying to impose the "stick"With the Nixon Administration in Vietnam (1972), or Bush in Iraq (2003), the Democratic administrations of James Carter (1975), or Barak Obama (2009) appeared speaking of "peace", "democracy", "human rights" , etc to save US imperialism.

The "Show" of the reformist and bourgeois left called "SOCIALISM 2023" seeks to strengthen the "Front for Peace and Democracy" headed by the United States Democratic Party. , and strengthen the project of the Progressive International by presenting the policy of conciliation of classes as something "Socialist", or "Marxist". But it is a meeting promoted by leaders who are enemies of Marxism, who seek to bury and destroy Marxist theory by introducing social democratic and Stalinist proposals.

We Marxists have always denounced the policy of "class collaboration" initiated by social democracy when Alexandre Millerand of the Socialist Party was minister in the French capitalist government in 1899, or when the French Socialist Party appointed Jules Guesde and Marcel Sembat to the capitalist government in 1914. Or when in Great Britain the secretary of the Labor Party Arthur Henderson joined the capitalist government of Asquith. Presented as a "novelty" by opinion experts and charlatans of the Progressive International, the policy of "class collaboration" is an old line that Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, and Nahuel Moreno always systematically denounced.

The luxurious Haymarket mansion, headquarters of the publisher in Chicago that organizes the SOCIALISM 2023 "show
The luxurious Haymarket mansion, headquarters of the publisher in Chicago that organizes the SOCIALISM 2023 "show

SOCIALISM 2023 goes against the world revolutionary process

The world is going through a world revolution against capitalism, with thousands of activists globally confronting the capitalist and imperialist governments in defense of their union, social, women, minorities, oppressed races, working class rights, etc. We see spectacular examples of revolutions like in the Ukraine, in France, in Palestine, in Iran where the peoples rise up against both dictatorial and bourgeois democratic capitalist governments, both in backward countries and in imperialist countries, or sub-metropolises.

The world left refuses to support these revolutions, and even less wants to fight for a workers' and popular government. They are only interested in when the next elections are, and which candidates to run. The entire policy of SOCIALISM 2023, and its "class collaboration" seeks to divert that revolutionary mobilization to take it to the terrain of bourgeois democracy, and the illusions in the old parties of capitalism, a whole old policy that was always denounced by Marxism.

The policy of providing officials, legislators, to capitalist governments that began with the Social Democrats continued with the Stalinists when Stalin promoted the theory of the "Popular Front" approved by the Communist International at its VII congress in 1935. This policy of "Popular Fronts" " of leading the working class behind the supposed "democratic" bourgeoisie to fight against fascism or the "right-wing reaction" always caused a real disaster, because it leaves the working class and the popular sectors without tools to confront capitalism .

In February 1936, the Popular Front policy in Spain placed the socialist parties, the PCE, the Partido Obrero de Unificación Marxista (POUM) and even the anarchists of the CNT-FAI, the National Confederation of Labor- Iberian Anarchist Federation to collaborate the Spanish "democratic bourgeoisie", which caused a true disaster that facilitated the triumph of Francoism. Another example of the disaster that this policy leads to was the coup in Chile with the Popular Front policy of the Allende government that facilitated Pinochet's coup in 1973, causing thousands of deaths among the workers and the people., disguising them as "Socialism" or "Marxism" to fool unwary activists in the United States and the world.

The "business" of "SOCIALISM" 

The "SOCIALISM" event began 30 years ago, at first it was a summer school for an organization called the International Socialist Organization (ISO) a self-perceived "Trotskyist" organization that set up a million-dollar apparatus around the sale of books with the Haymartket Books bookstore.

The business became a millionaire with the financing of the "progressive think thank" Center for Economic Research and Social Change (CERSC), but the assembly of such a commercial apparatus led the ISO to an opportunistic policy and its subsequent disintegration and disappearance.

The left-wing, NGO's, and social organizations that support and finance SOCIALISM 2023
The left-wing, NGO's, and social organizations that support and finance SOCIALISM 2023

The fate of the ISO anticipated what would happen to the world left as a whole, most of the members of ISO joined the bourgeois and  pro- imperialist left of the DSA. Meanwhile, the event "SOCIALISM" was transformed into a lucrative activity aimed at developing and consolidating the business of 501 (c) non-profit organizations in the United States. These organizations that operate for religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes are legally tax-exempt in the United States, which allows Wall Street Corporations to divert funds and legally evade taxes.

The "philanthropic" vocation of the Wall Street Corporations that need to launder capital of dark origin by investing in NGOs of numerous "progressive" causes such as the defense of the environment, animals, oppressed races or women is old and well known. , etc. which allows magnates like George Soros, Warren Buffet, or Bill Gates to appear as great philanthropists, while evading taxes. The path followed by the US ISO is the one followed by 99% of the organizations of the world left that promote businesses, bookstores, the media, SMEs, buy mansions, and build lucrative ventures on the condition of being incorporated into the policy of "class conciliation"of the Progressive International.

SOCIALISM 2023 expresses the serious crisis of the world left

Among the organizations that support SOCIALISM 2023 and the "Show" in support of the Democratic Party are, as we have already said, the DSA, which is part of the Democratic Party, and Jacobin Magazine, there is also "Solidarity", which represents in the United States the current known worldwide as Mandelism, basically the NPA of France, like the "Tempest" organization, both are members of the DSA and by this means are integrated into the imperialist Democratic Party. Also supporting SOCIALISM 2023 are the Workers Voice group that represents the International Workers League (LIT) which is basically the PSTU of Brazil, and the Left Voice group that represents Izquierda Diario, basically the PTS of Argentina.

The integration of all these groups is a small sample of a general phenomenon: integration through different paths to the Progressive International and through this path, support for " progressive" capitalist governments such as Biden's, AMLO's and Morena's in Mexico, Petro's in Colombia, Boric's in Chile, MAS in Bolivia, Lula in Brazil, under the IP policy of abandoning class independence, and capitulating to bourgeois democracy.

In this way SOCIALISM 2023 expresses that 99% of the world left began the path of social democratization, of incorporation into the bourgeois regime, of collaboration with capitalist governments, and that path has ended with the integration of all these groups as a bourgeois and reformist left. The leaders of all these leftist groups, mostly bankrupt from the 70's, who no longer believe in the revolution or in Marxism, find here the way out of their reformist projects. They have joined the bourgeois democratic regime, and prefer to dedicate themselves to doing business. The "Show" of SOCIALISM 2023 shows that all this bourgeois left is dead, and we can no longer expect anything from it.

Let's move towards the International Revolutionary Regroupment

The crisis of capitalism, and the irruption of the world revolution push all these petty-bourgeois leaderships more and more to the right, and break with Marxism. All these groups in their decomposition promote all kinds of bourgeois and postmodern ideologies such as the " Decolonial Theory", the "Decoupling Theory", " The Plurinational State Theory", the " Critical Race Theory (CRT)" , the " Autonomism", or "Bourgeois Feminism" .

All these ideologies are a string of precarious charlatanries, completely lacking in seriousness, which affirm that oppressions such as women, oppressed nations, races, sexuals, or original peoples have nothing to do with capitalism. And that they can be reversed within capitalism, or from the capitalist state itself, achieving a "less colonial", "less racist", "less sexist" capitalism. It is the typical reformist ideology.

Pushing the ideology that capitalism can be "decolonial", "inclusive", "feminist", or "ecological", is like believing in the Three Kings, Santa Clauss, or Snow White. Racism, national oppression, race, gender, are typical of capitalism and inherent in class society, and private ownership of the means of production. To abolish oppression based on race, gender, sex, and nationality, capitalism must be abolished.

The betrayal of 99% of the world left expressed in SOCIALISM 2023 triggered a process of disintegration of all groups in the world, honest militants move away in disgust from all these organizations, and turn their backs on their leaders. An "abstentionist wave" travels the world, the masses no longer believe in the elections, in bourgeois democracy, and in all the campaigns abstentionism grows, the blank vote, the rejection of bourgeois institutions, their tricky mechanisms, their parties bourgeois and reformists.

As Marx said, history repeats itself twice, the first as tragedy, the second as farce. We already saw this integration of the organizations of the left into the regime when the Second International betrayed it by voting for war credits in 1914 in its integration into the bourgeois democratic regime. It was a great organization, with great leaders like Bernstein, Kautsky and Bebel who had been disciples of Marx and Engels, their loss was a tragedy that cost millions dead. Today we are seeing the same spectacle, the integration into the regime of 99% of the world left, embodied in the SOCIALISM 2023 Conference. But this second time as a farce, a group of small organizations, with almost politically illiterate leaders, who have not contributed nothing to Marxist theory or Socialism, more than a bunch of quackery.

The response of the revolutionaries to the betrayal of the Second International was the regroupment in Zimmerwald, when they made the joke that "all revolutionaries fit in an armchair" . They did not mind being few at first, they trusted the defense of Marxist principles and the working class. Just a few years later they led the most important revolutions in history such as the Russian Revolution. The Marx International is the platform for the international regroupment of revolutionaries in the 21st century, just as Zimerwald was in the 20th century.

And it is in defense of Marxism, and of the revolutionary principles that we relentlessly denounce the "show" of SOCIALISM 2023, to the leaders of all that nauseating bourgeois and reformist left. All that band of traitors who organize SOCIALISM 2023 kneel to imperialism for a handful of coins. Or for a stay at the Hyatt Hotel. The honest comrades who all over the world turn their backs on this bourgeois left are welcome at The Marx International to wipe out once and for all the nauseating bourgeois left, its "shows" and its lies.

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