Long live the Russian Partisans! Long live the Ukrainian revolution and the peoples against Putin!


By La Marx International 11/6/23

The National Liberation struggle of the people of Ukraine is crossed by two central events: 1) On the one hand, the failure of the "Winter Offensive" and a new defeat for Putin that raises the prospect of a Vietnam for his regime 2) The beginning of the "Summer Counteroffensive" of Ukraine based on the "explosion" of the Partisan movement, and the internationalist character that the National Liberation Revolution of Ukraine adopts with the development of the Russian and Belarusian Partisan corps.

Russian partisans of the Legion of Freedom fighting against Putin's dictatorship
Russian partisans of the Legion of Freedom fighting against Putin's dictatorship

We are going to analyze these two central elements in order to support with all our might the people of Ukraine and the Partisans, waging a battle against the positions of the campist, evasionist, and Stalinist world left that pronounces itself "For Peace", and refuses to pronounce itself . in favor of Ukraine, which places them on Putin's side, but also waging a battle against sectors of the global reformist left that support Ukraine, such as Sotsialny Rukh (Social Movement) or Razem (Together) in Poland, or groups of the United States who support NATO, the European Union (EU), or the Biden Administration of the United States, and refuse to publicly support the fight of the Partisans. Supporting NATO, the EU, or the US government is abetrayal of the struggle of the Ukrainian people because the imperialist governments are enemies of the Ukrainian people, and the peoples of the world.

1) The defeat of Putin's "Winter Offensive"

After a year 2022 where the people of Ukraine achieved important victories such as the Battle of Kiev, the Battle of Kharkiv , and the Battle of Kherson, Putin announced with great fanfare that he was going to reverse the course of the war through the "Winter Offensive" during the months of December 2022, January, February, and March 2023. The plan of the capitalist oligarchy headed by Putin was to win the battles , and arrive on "Victory Day" on May 9, 2023 in Moscow at a central act where, presenting the triumphs, Putin announced that he was winning the war.

Throughout the "Winter Offensive" Putin continued to launch hundreds of missiles on the civilian population, killing families, children, the elderly, and the most vulnerable sectors of the Ukrainian people. All the fascist actions of Putin's capitalist dictatorship were the continuation of horrible war crimes such as the Bucha massacre, or the recent bombing of the New Kahovka hydroelectric power station in Kherson. Meanwhile the military strategy of the occupiers consisted in concentrating military efforts in Bakhmut by attacking Wagner's mercenaries, while the occupation authorities continued to repress the Ukrainian people in the Temporarily Occupied Territories (TOT), kidnapping, and selling Ukrainian children, an action that has kidnapped more than 16,000 children,

Bakhmut: A giant graveyard of Putin mercenaries

But the resistance of the Ukrainian people did not break, Putin's counteroffensive crashed against an iron wall in Bakhmut, in the Donestk Oblast in the Donbas. After 5 months of fighting, assaults, confrontations, and cruel battles, Putin's troops in Bakhmut only managed to advance 70 km, that is, nothing, or almost nothing, an advance that was finally crowned with the capture of the city of Bakhmut, but after a terrible cost for the mercenaries, and Putin's troops. According to statements by the Head of the Wagner Group himself, Yevgueni Prigozhin, Putin's troops suffered the casualties of more than 20,000 soldiers, 10,000 who were prisoners in Russian jails, and 10,000 Wagner's regular mercenaries. Thismade it impossible for Putin to win, which is why on "Victory Day" Putin was finally unable to make those announcements that he had hoped so much to achieve

Prigozhin's own acknowledgment that they suffered 20,000 casualties indicates that in reality the catastrophe of Putin's army is greater, and they suffered between 30,000 and 40,000 casualties. To have a minimal notion of the magnitude of the phenomenon, a comparison is enough: All the casualties of the USSR army in the invasion of Afghanistan was 14,000 soldiers in 10 years, Putin in the "Winter Offensive" lost twice the total number of soldiers lost in the Afghanistan war in just 5 months. A brutal failure for Putin's capitalist dictatorship.

That is, the battle of Bakhmut was used by the Ukrainian forces to demolish Putin's best troops who were Wagner's mercenaries. And they did it. Wagner's forces were so battered that they announced that they were leaving Bakhmut to leave it in the hands of Putin's regular army, but they are already surrounded by Ukrainian troops that have advanced around Bakhmut. In short, Bakhmut, more than the triumph of the "Winter Offensive", was transformed into a giant cemetery of Wagner and Putin mercenaries, which Ukrainian troops are now beginning to recover.

The defeat of the "Winter Offensive" opens the prospect of disintegration of the Russian Federation

After the defeat and failure of the "Winter Offensive", the losses of Putin's troops amount to 209,940 troops, 3,837 tanks, 7,512 armored combat vehicles, 3,555 artillery systems, 583 RSZVs, 344 air defense assets, 313 aircraft, 298 helicopters, 3,175 operational-tactical level UAVs, 1,132 cruise missiles, 18 ships/boats, 6,305 car and tanker truck equipment, and 479 special equipment. It is a true military disaster for Putin, unprecedented for his dictatorship used to triumphing militarily in Chechnya, Syria, or Georgia. But what Putin is facing now is an Urban Guerrilla War, a process typical of 21st century revolutions such as the Iraq War.

The Russian Federation is a prison of 'peoples' where for more than 20 years Putin's oligarchy has controlled an immense territory that oppresses a huge number of native peoples to guarantee the stability of capitalism in the vast regions that the 'regime controls. The defeat of the "Winter Offensive" opens the prospect of a Vietnam for the political regime of Putin's capitalist oligarchs, and a victory of the National Liberation War of the Ukrainian people may lead to a disintegration of the Russian Federation such as Yugoslavia broke up in the 1990s.

Putin took control of this vast region with the support of US imperialism during the privatization process of the Soviet Union that began with the Yeltsin government, promoted by the Clinton Administration of the United States. Vladimir Putin has been a thug for 20 years at the service of imperialism, defender of big companies and businesses, who acts with mafia methods to guarantee the existence of capitalism, and brutally repress all the peoples who face the oppression of the Russian capitalist oligarchy.

For this reason, the risk of disintegration of the Russian Federation would be a revolutionary triumph that could give rise to the deepening of the world revolutionary process, as explained by the strategic adviser to US imperialism, Henry Kissinger: "... the dissolution of Russia or the destruction of its capacity for strategic politics could turn its territory spanning 11 time zones into a contested vacuum. Its competing societies could decide to settle their disputes through violence..." Kissinger made this warning in December, and returned to repeat it in January 2023 at the Davos World Forum , where the elite of the world capitalist oligarchy meets.

Imperialism has needed these dictatorships in Russia, in China, or in the Middle East to be able to sustain capitalism worldwide, for this reason, all the defenders of the capitalist-imperialist system understand that the Ukrainian revolution, if it succeeds, can lead to the end. of the Putin regime, and with it, millions of the world's oppressed in the "11 time zones" may rise up in an Intifada of the oppressed, or a second Arab Spring a thousand times deeper than the one we are witnessing now.

That is why the Heads of world imperialism, all the defenders of capitalism, from Biden to Macron, and from Sholtz to Xi-Jinping, sought a Peace agreement throughout the year 2022 to the extent that Putin was losing the battles, in the face of firmness. of the Ukrainian people. By the end of February 2023, it was already clear that Putin's "Winter Offensive" had been defeated , and all the governments that defend capitalism worldwide resumed their insistence on achieving a way out of the "Peace Agreement" to avoid ca Putin's departure, and the dissolution of the Russian Federation.

Xi Jinping and Putin Summit on March 20 2023
Xi Jinping and Putin Summit on March 20 2023

NATO and China come to the rescue of Putin

It was then that world imperialism publicly asked Xi Jinping and the Chinese capitalist oligarchy to use their influence and good relations with Putin to reach a peace agreement. On March 1, 2023 Wall Street, and the heads of the Global Corporations headed by William R. Rodhes Head of Citibank, and Stuart PM Mackintosh Head of the Group of the largest capitalist Corporations in the world published an open letter titled "It is time for China to use its influence with Putin to create space for peace " in the South China Morning Post, the daily newspaper of China's capitalist oligarchy controlled by the Alibaba group.

That is, in a few words, the head of Citibank, representing the capitalist oligarchy of Wall Street, asked Xi Jinping, representative of the capitalist oligarchy of China, to act as a "mediator" with the capitalist oligarchy of Russia. That letter addressed to Xi Jinping requesting his intervention to mediate with Putin in order to reach a "Peace Agreement" had been agreed at the Davos Summit that took place between January 16 and 20, 2023 in which the Heads of world imperialism met with Liu He, Vice Premier of China, under the motto "Cooperation in the face of a fragmented world."There, in Davos, the Heads of world imperialism and the Communist Party of China (CPC) defined "cooperating" to stop the War in Ukraine, that is, to stop the Ukrainian people's revolution and pressure the Zelensky government to accept the loss of territory in exchange. of a "ceasefire".

Twenty days after the Citibank Chief's letter, on March 20, 2023, Xi Jinping met Putin in Moscow, a meeting that was a failure for Putin as he expected broad support from China, but at the meeting the premier of China made it very clear that he attended a meeting with Putin, not to support his invasion but to ask him precisely to stop it, and to establish a " Peace Agreement". Xi Jinping's meeting with Putin was portrayed by the media, and "global geopolitical" chatterboxes as an "Anti-NATO" and "Anti-US" meeting. Nothing is further from reality.

99% of the world left and all the supporters of the "Decoupling Theory" once again made a fool of themselves with their predictions of the advent of "World War III" between Russia and China against NATO when events returned to normal very different. Far from the fantasy of the confrontation between "China and NATO", what happens is a joint effort between the capitalist oligarchs of imperialist countries such as the US, France or Germany, together with the capitalist oligarchs of China, working in a true Front World counterrevolutionary to save Putin from the crisis. The unexpected resistance and triumph of the Ukrainian people put in crisis all the plans of the capitalist oligarchs of the world.

Again the policy of the "Peace Agreement" failed again, fundamentally due to the rejection of the people of Ukraine, and sectors of the masses of the world, to any type of agreement that implies the cession of territories and sovereignty of Ukraine, and impunity for criminals. of War like Putin, Shoigu, Gerasimov, Prgozhin, or Kadyrov. The policy of the imperialist governments that applaud Zelensky in international forums continues to be that of reaching a "Peace Agreement".to avoid the fall of Putin, and the dismemberment of the Russian Federation. The victories of the Ukrainian people have occurred despite NATO, and not thanks to NATO, as imperialist governments such as Biden's would like to make believe. Throughout 2022, and part of 2023, Putin carried out indiscriminate bombardments on the civilian population and when Ukraine asked NATO for a ballistic shield, NATO refused to provide it. That shield would have saved thousands of lives, and the NATO decision sentenced thousands of Ukrainians to death.

Wall Street bosses ask Xi Jinping to mediate for a "Peace Agreement" on March 1, 2023
Wall Street bosses ask Xi Jinping to mediate for a "Peace Agreement" on March 1, 2023

As we previously reported, 80% of the weapons used by Ukrainian soldiers and partisans are weapons stolen from Putin's troops, like in the Kharkiv battle where they were made from important military material. The dropper weapons delivered by NATO were only a product of the pressure of the masses in the United States and Europe who refuse to accept a genocide in the heart of Europe. But even during critical periods of Putin's invasion like June , July and August 2022, NATO suspended arms deliveries, allowing Putin to win battles like Severodonetsk and kill thousands of Ukrainians.

While claiming to "support Ukraine" , Biden and NATO are financing Putin. Revenues from oil and gas projects backed by European and US companies have financed Vladimir Putin's regime by nearly $100 billion since 2014, money Putin uses to arm and kill Ukrainians. T he European and American corporations have spearheaded large oil and gas projects that filled Putin's coffers, only the companies British Petroleum (BP), Shell, Wintershall Dea, ExxonMobil, Total, Equinor, OMV and Trafigura, all under the responsibility of governments of NATO, have been responsible for more than US$95 billion to the Putin government. That is, all the imperialist politicians who announce"economic sanctions on Russia" are hypocrites and liars because their "sanctions" only affect the Russian people, while the imperialist multinationals continue to fatten the pockets of Putin's oligarchy.

Finally, after the defeat of the "Winter Offensive", and the failure of a new attempt at a "Peace Agreement" after the failed Putin-Xi Jinping summit, NATO finally sent in a limited "arms supply" defense missiles anti-aircraft to protect cities with systems such as "Patriot", "IRIS-T", "NASAMS" , of which very few of them reached Ukraine. They can only partially cover several large cities and some military installations. Britain partially supplied Storm Shadow missiles,and it has provided a limited and insufficient consignment of tanks and heavy weapons to drive Putin's troops out of the occupied territories.

This limited, dropper supply of weapons does not respond to the fact that NATO wants the victory of Ukraine, nor the overthrow of Putin, but rather responds to the need of imperialism to control events in the field of war, and the fear it causes among The Heads of capitalism observe how popular armaments grow in Ukraine, as well as among sectors of the masses in other Eastern European countries.

The Partisans of Russia break in and the revolution becomes international

On May 21, 2023, an extraordinary event occurred: two corps of Russian Partisans the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK) and the Russian Freedom Legion (LSR) invaded Russian territory in the Belgorod region, in the area northern Ukraine and issued a proclamation addressed to the people of Russia announcing the struggle for the overthrow of Putin's dictatorship. Both are Russian partisan organizations made up exclusively of Russian citizens, Russian army soldiers or volunteers who surrendered to Ukrainian troops and later joined the ranks of legionnaires. Both Partisan formations work in coordination with the Ukrainian Army.

The Russian Volunteer Corps is a military organization with a far-right ideology, while the Russian Freedom Legion led by Cesar Augusto is a military organization with a nationalist ideology in favor of democratic freedoms. Both organizations agree on the need to overthrow Putin's dictatorship and the liberation of the Russian people, although given their ideological differences they maintain their separate formations .

The rise of the Russian Partisans is linked to the actions of the Russian National Republican Army, a group of underground Russian partisans working inside Russia for the violent overthrow of Putin's government. The Russian National Republican Army (RRNA) is linked to former Russian MP Ilya Ponomarev who was expelled for anti-Kremlin activities, has identified the group as responsible for the August 2022 murder of Russian journalist Darya Dugina and many other partisan actions. carried out on the territory of Russia in recent months. The ENRR is modeled after Sinn Féin, and the Irish Republican Army (IRA)

Commander Cesar August launches the proclamation of the Legion for the Freedom of Russia against Putin's dictatorship

Partisans of the Russian Freedom Legion, linked to the Russian National Republican Army
Partisans of the Russian Freedom Legion, linked to the Russian National Republican Army

We support the struggle of the Russian people against Putin's sinister and fascist dictatorship, and we defend the right of the Russian Partisan organizations to fight against the dictatorship, regardless of our programmatic and ideological differences with them. It is the same method that we have, for example, in relation to the struggle of the Palestinian people when we support their struggle regardless of whether we disagree with leaderships such as Hamas or Hezbollah, which are Islamic fundamentalists, sexist, and far-right reactionary.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, the local population in the Belgorod region was not fleeing from RDK and LSR volunteers but from air and artillery attacks by the Russian Armed Forces, andthey met with a high level of loyalty from the population to the while a large number of people in the Belgorod region have already joined the rebels.

The first incursions of Russian Partisan formations consisted of entering the territory of the Russian Federation and carrying out reconnaissance tasks, but gradually they turned towards increasingly bold actions and seized cities, villages and towns, including the important city of Shebekina. They coordinate attacks and actions such as those carried out on the night of May 31, 2023, in Saint Petersburg, they destroyed another relay cabinet or signaling unit on the railway, after having carried out actions in Lipetsk and Moscow on May 26, and in Udmurtia on May 25.

Currently, the RDK and LSR fighters control an area of ​​10 square kilometers, which in terms of the volume of the region is very small, but it is a manifestation of the internationalist character that the National Liberation Revolution of the people of Ukraine acquires to the extent that that the struggle of the Ukrainian people encourages the struggle of sectors of the masses of other peoples who are confronting Putin's dictatorship, such as the Partisans of Belarus, the Partisans of Chechnya, Georgia, and the Partisan legions that are spreading throughout Ukraine and in the countries oppressed by the capitalist oligarchy headed by Putin.

The emergence of Russian Partisans is part of the "explosion" of the Partisan phenomenon

The magnitude and importance of the Partisan phenomenon in Ukraine is increasing, regardless of the clandestine and semi-legal nature of the Partisan activity, as well as the silence that exists about the Partisans in the world media, and in the world left. . The imperialist and capitalist governments of the world try to hide publicly claiming the action of the Partisans in order to hide the true revolutionary character of the National Liberation struggle of the Ukrainian people. However, the action of the Partisans, and their increasingly daring attacks are undeniable.
The G7 Summit on May 21, 2023 in Hiroshima Japan
The G7 Summit on May 21, 2023 in Hiroshima Japan

The Partisans' attack made a fool of the G7 Summit that was meeting simultaneously on May 21, 2023 in Hiroshima, Japan. There the leaders of the imperialist countries mounted a real antics together with the president of Ukraine Zelensky, inviting leaders like Lula from Brazil, or Modi from India who refused to repudiate Putin's attack on Ukraine trying to show "goodwill" towards Putin . and the possibilities of a "Peace Agreement".

At the Summit they ratified their support for Ukraine, and the shipment of arms "under the condition that they cannot be used against Russian territory." While the Heads of world imperialism mounted this circus and prohibited the use of weapons on Russian territory, the Russian Partisans entered Russian territory under the slogan Down with Putin! ridiculing the G7, and the ruling clowns of the imperialist countries, which makes it clear that the Ukrainian revolution is a phenomenon of the class struggle that they do not control, nor have they been able to stop up to now.

The attack on Putin's well-known military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky on April 3, 2023, assassinated with a bomb in a cafe in Saint Petersburg, as well as the attack on the Moscow Kremlin on May 3, 2023 with drones, described by Putin as an "act of terrorism" , as well as the blasting of airfields, oil pipelines, oil refineries, collaborators with the occupiers, buildings where the occupation authorities reside, branches, and railway junctions are military actions carried out by the Partisans of vital importance because they are degrading the military capacity of the invading army, are demoralizing its troops, and are essential to prepare the conditions for the "Ukrainian Summer Counteroffensive".

In the case of the attack of the Partisans of Russia RDK, and LSR means the creation of a safe and demilitarized zone in the northern part of Ukraine that can guarantee the protection of border regions against shelling from the territory of the Russian Federation . It is also an expression that the authorities of the Putin dictatorship do not control the situation in those regions as a result of the fact that their troops are concentrated in the South and East of Ukraine, which is why they cannot adequately protect the northern region.

But what the emergence of the group of Russian Partisans expresses is the "explosion" of the Partisan phenomenon that had been developing since 2014 when Putin occupied the Donbas and Crimea, it advanced to the entire country when Putin tried to take Kiev, the capital of Ukraine in 2022. , and jumped between the months of August and September 2022, when Putin tried to promote referendums in the temporarily occupied territories (TOT) to annex them to Russia. At that time there was a leap and explosion of the Partisan movements inside Ukraine, but also outside Ukraine in the nations oppressed by the Russian Federation, in Belarus that promoted all kinds of boycott actions against the referendums and the occupiers, their troops and its officials.

Logo of the Communist Anarcho Organization of Russia (BOAK)
Logo of the Communist Anarcho Organization of Russia (BOAK)

The Mouvement "Stop the Wagons" in Russia claimed responsibility for the wagon derailment in the Amur Oblast, for which traffic on the Trans-Siberian Railway was stopped on June 29, 2022, the train derailment in Tver on July 5, 29 several wagons with coal in Krasnoyarsk on July 13, as well as freight trains in Krasnoyarsk Krai, among others, according to the map published by the movement, its activists operate in more than 30% of Russia's territory. The Organization of Combat of Anarcho-Communists (BOAK) is a clandestine anarcho-communist organization from Eastern Europe that acts with attacks inside Russia with actions designed to disrupt the logistics of the Russian army in the Russian Federation and Belarus, organizing sabotage, arson in the registry offices, military enlistment and attack on railway lines.

Within the Russian Federation, the Dagestan Partisan Movement, founded on September 26, 2022, also acts against the detention of citizens in the protests in the Caucasus, and in the territories of the Far East of Russia that were carried out against the forced recruitment of peoples. original to Putin's troops.

The Yellow Ribbon Movement is developing within the TOT. It is a guerrilla, partisan movement that began by boycotting Putin's creation of the "People's Republic of Kherson" by hanging the first 100 yellow ribbons in the city. The coordinators of the partisan movement found more and more support in the population that bought printers, edited posters and hung them in different parts of the city. The Partisan group spread to Melitopol, Enerhodar, Henichesk, Nova Kakhovka, Berdiansk, Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea. One of the most important activities of the Yellow Ribbon Movement was espionage and passing information on the location of the occupiers to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

When the Ukrainian army approached Kherson to liberate it, the people took out all the Ukrainian symbols they had at home, blue-yellow flags, etc. that they kept hidden under the floor, in the patio, under the tiles, deep in the closets. People were risking their lives and keeping items at home that were prohibited by the occupants. After the liberation of Kherson, the members of the Yellow Ribbon movement do not stop and advance the temporarily occupied territories (TOT), they continue to work covertly and agitate slogans like: "To make the occupiers see our Armed Forces in nightmares every damn night – We are going to put yellow ribbons on all the streets! Together we are going to win!"

Logo of the Berdyansk Partisan Army
Logo of the Berdyansk Partisan Army

Another Partisan group that emerged in April was the Berdiansk Partisan Army, which operates mainly in the Zaporizhia region with a framework of operations that includes resistance actions against the occupation forces through acts of sabotage, attacks against the military, and collaborationists. They edit the newspaper "The Voice of the Partisan" and have carried out some of the most important attacks in the Zaporizhia region, where it emerged in April, but their activity began to be more organized after the sabotage of referendums was organized. convened in the Zaporizhia region, also between the months of August and September 2023.

Ukrainian People's Resistance is an underground Ukrainian partisan organization operating within the Occupied Territories of Ukraine by the Russian Army during the 2022 invasion of the country. The partisans operate behind enemy lines and broadcast the coordinates of important military installations and troop deployment invaders, carrying out espionage tasks. Then they began to leave messages on the TOT with content such as "Occupier, next are your friends. You are next"; or " Ukrainian popular resistance is already looking at you. Look around you . On August 23, 2022, on the Day of the national flag of Ukraine, leaflets of the "Ukrainian People's Resistance" appeared Occupied Territory in Kherson, Tavrisk.

Logo of the Resistance's Partisans Movement of Ukraine
Logo of the Resistance's Partisans Movement of Ukraine

The Atesh Partisan Movement, which means "Fire" in the Tatar language, is a guerrilla movement created by Ukrainian citizens, Crimean Tatars and Russian dissidents of Putin at the end of September 2022. On September 26, the oath of the soldier Atesh on the official Telegram channel, and on September 29, a video call from one of the partisans was made public with an appeal to the public appealing to join the movement. On November 11, 2022, the Partisans of the ATESH movement liquidated 30 Russian soldiers in hospitals in Simferopol.

On December 11, 2022, Atesh took responsibility for burning down a barracks with Russian soldiers in the Sovietske village, on January 31, 2023: Partisans liquidated Russian National Guard officers, on February 10, 2023: Atesh seized claimed responsibility for a car bombing that killed two Russian soldiers and hospitalized two others in occupied Nova Kakhovka. On March 14, 2023, Atesh killed the deputy head of the military administration of Nova Kakhovka in a bomb attack. Along with ATESH, other Partisan resistance movements have emerged in Crimea such as the Crimean Fighting Seagulls, and the Crimean Partisans. All these Partisan movements are coordinated in the National Resistance Center, which publishes a newspaper.

We Marxists are with the peoples of Ukraine and Russia against Putin's dictatorship

Logo of the National Center of Ukrainian Resistance
Logo of the National Center of Ukrainian Resistance

We Marxists are with the peoples of Ukraine, Belarus, Eastern Europe, and the Russian Federation who rise up against the sinister capitalist dictatorship of the Russian oligarchy headed by the war criminal Vladimir Putin. The Ukrainian National Liberation revolution is destroying this dictatorship, and is changing the world because it objectively poses a Vietnam for Putin, and the disintegration of the prison of peoples that is the Russian Federation. Putin's war can be defeated, as we have affirmed in various articles and publications, because it combines the civil war against the dictatorship, and constitutes an international uprising against Putin that has the support of the masses around the world.

The "Summer Counteroffensive"of Ukraine has started in Zaporizhia, the Donbas, Crimea, Kherson and is advancing relentlessly because it is based on popular support, and the masses of the world. Their advance threatens to destroy Putin's troops. Any advance of the troops of the regular army of Ukraine constitutes the activity of a National Liberation Army because it liberates and consecrates the freedoms of the population there in the territories that it manages to recover and liberate, based on the support of the masses for its actions, and the active collaboration of the Partisan movements. The war criminals of the Putin oligarchy, Shoigu, Gerasimov, the Chechen mercenaries led by Kadyrov, or the Wagner mercenaries led by Prigozhin must be tried and punished in Ukrainian people's courts to pay for the crimes against humanity committed in defense of capitalism.

99% of the world's leftist groups have betrayed the people of Ukraine and sided with Putin. This campist, escapist, Stalinist left with its hypocritical calls for "Peace" is headed by the Progressive International (PI) a branch of the United States Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Socialist of America (DSA) and its press organ Jacobin Magazine the DSA, as well as Yanis Varoufakis and Syriza from Greece They are the ones who lead this world coalition that acts as sinister support for the Stalinists, and the most sinister dictatorships in the world such as Maduro's in Venezuela, Xi Jinping in China or Ortega in Nicaragua. The governments of Latin America that respond to IP such as Lula in Brazil, or Petro in Colombia as well as ex-guerrilla groups are part of this shameful support for the Putin dictatorship, as well as ex-Trotskyist groups headed by Alan Woods, Peter Taafe, the SWP from England, the NPA from France, and smaller groups like the PTS or PO from Argentina.

Logo of ATESH Partisan Movement
Logo of ATESH Partisan Movement

All this campist, evasionist, Stalinist left is suffering a violent crisis as a result of their isolation because they are going against the world revolutionary process. The militants distance themselves from these organizations because of their betrayal of the world revolution and their support for capitalist governments. But exactly the same process occurs among left-wing groups that claim to support Ukraine such as Sotsialny Rukh (Social Movement) or Razem (Together) in Poland, or US groups that support NATO, the European Union (EU) , or the Biden Administration of the United States. This policy of supporting NATO, the EU, or the US government is abetrayal of the struggle of the Ukrainian people because the imperialist governments are enemies of the Ukrainian people, and the peoples of the world. These groups of the world left, although they formally support Ukraine as does the president of Chile Boric, vindicate the model of parties and coalitions such as "Zyriza" of Greece that support capitalism, and lie to the people by presenting themselves as leftists or Marxists. .

Also part of this block of groups are organizations such as the LIT, which supports the capitalist government of Colombia and has carried out a public electoral campaign in favor of the vice president of the capitalist government of Colombia, Francia Marquez. Or the Socialist Left of Argentina, which is headed by the UIT, a group that is part of the PSOL of Brazil and is part of Lula's capitalist government coalition in Brazil, as well as the MST of Argentina, a group called LIS that is also part of the capitalist coalition of the Brazilian government. The axis of all these organizations is the support for "progressive" governments ,and the promotion of reformist coalitions such as the FITU of Argentina, NUPES of France, the PSOL of Brazil, or the DSA of the United States, which are the caboose of the capitalist and imperialist governments, support laws, initiatives and campaigns, and In this way they betray the principles of class independence.

Our support is for the people of Ukraine, not for the Ukrainian capitalist government of Volodomir Zelensky. His government is anti-worker, and anti-popular with measures that affect the labor rights of the workers in favor of the capitalist and imperialist forces, and made up of corrupt officials such as the Minister of Defense Oleksii Reznikov involved in a scandal carried out by senior officials of his Ministry after several officials from his ministry were accused of doing business and enriching themselves by buying equipment and food for the Army.

Our support for the Partisans is their actions, and we stand on their side regardless of the ideological conceptions of the leaders of their Partisan groups. We Marxists must challenge this activism of thousands of Partisans who are active in the Ukraine, and in the countries of the East, and in the Russian Federation, fighting the programs and ideologies of the leaders of these groups. Leftist groups that limit themselves to purely legal and electoral activity, like 99% of the world's left, are betraying the people of Ukraine, sowing illusions in "bourgeois democracy" .

The left-wing groups that support Ukraine and try to justify their pacifist and electoralist line because they claim to want to avoid "more Ukrainian bloodshed" are lying because civil war is inevitable when the one who carries out the massacres is Putin's war criminal. Our rallying cry is Long live the armed uprising of the peoples of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine against Putin! Long live the Partisans and Guerrillas of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine! Long live the international revolution against Putin's dictatorship and for the liberation of the Nations of the Russian Federation! The fall of Putin is the first step towards the establishment of socialism in Ukraine, of a workers' and popular government supported by the arming of the masses, on the path of the fight for Global Socialism.