Davos: The global elite recognize that capitalism is collapsing


                                          Klauss Schwab, Founder and Chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF)

By Daniel Campos La Marx International 8/3/23

The 18th edition of the 2023 World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting recognized for the first time that capitalism is collapsing, and collapsing. The WEF meeting headed by Klauss Schwab, its founder and president presented a shocking document the "Global Risks Report 2023" which recognizes that while capitalism collapses, the elite can do nothing to prevent it. The WEF Summit stated that the only thing they can do is "predict crisis scenarios" and inject millions in subsidies to avoid revolutions. The disastrous panorama of the situation of capitalism that the Davos Forum predicts is a sign that the time has come to end once and for all with this monstrous system, and with the parasites of the richest 1% in the world, to impose Global Socialism.

The FEM unites the oligarchy of the 1%

The annual meeting of the WEF 2023 that took place between January 16 and 20 in the city of Davos, Switzerland, in the middle of the Alps, summoned the world elite of the 1% oligarchy that dominates global capitalism, officials of the Global corporations such as Laurence D. Fink, the Head of BlackRock, Heads of State such as Emanuel Macron, President of France, Chrystia Freeland, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, as well as Liu He, Vice Premier of China, or Pedro Sanchez, President of Spain. There were also officials such as Kristalina Georgieva Head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde President of the European Central Bank, the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyden and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in a video call from abroad to discuss the world political situation, among others.

Normally these Forums are characterized by their refusal to assume the reality that capitalism lives, and have an optimistic tone with proposals that there is "a better world", such as the 16th Edition of the WEF in January 2021 that took place in amid the Coronavirus pandemic, under the slogan of the "reset" and "reboot" of capitalism. But the WEF 2023 meeting surprised by the crudeness of the diagnoses on the situation of capitalism, from the beginning it was held under the motto "Cooperation in a fragmented world". The 18th FEM 2023 no longer spoke of "reset", or "restart", showed the change of tone in the leaders of the FEM who assumed for the first time the serious crisis that capitalism is experiencing.

Davos recognizes the global collapse of capitalism

The existence of a collapse in capitalism is already unavoidable. As we explained in the article "Why did global inflation skyrocket ? " global gridlock" , the growing inequality and growth of hunger, and poverty, bubbles and speculative maneuvers, the "crack" of cryptocurrencies, the development of pandemics, wars, climate change, the bankruptcy of large companies and corporations, the outbreak of global inflation, and now global depression, symptoms that, together with all the above, are an expression of the collapse that is currently living the capitalist mode of production.

The document "Global Risks Report 2023" offers a devastating portrait of the capitalist system hurtling towards disaster in the next 10 years. According to the report:"...the world faces a set of risks that seem both entirely new and eerily familiar. We have seen the return of "older risks" - inflation, the cost of living crisis, trade wars, capital flight from emerging markets, widespread social unrest... These risks have been compounded by relatively new developments... unsustainable debt levels, a new era of low growth, low levels of global investment and... a decline in development after decades of progress... the impacts of climate change... Taken together, they come together to shape a unique, uncertain and turbulent decade ahead" (Global Risks Report 2023")

The report argues that capitalist governments can't fix anything about the global crisis of capitalism: "...Governments will continue to face the dangerous trade-off of protecting a broad swath of their citizens from a protracted, unsecured cost-of-living crisis." inflation, and to meet debt and debt service costs as revenues come under pressure from the economic downturn..." ( Global Risks Report 2023").

Davos warns about the revolutions to come

The WEF report warns about the revolutionary outbreaks that are taking place around the world against capitalist governments, as the document says: " The growing citizen frustration at the loss of human development and the decrease in social mobility, together with a gap values ​​and equality are posing existential challenges to political systems around the world" ( Global Risks Report 2023"). The WEF talks about capitalist governments and capitalist regimes, that is, " the political systems around the world", can cease to exist, that is, they face " existential challenges".

The FEM 2023 report of the "global elite" considers that of the ten risks considered most important, 3 are social, such as inflation; and what they call "social erosion due to polarization", a euphemism for not mentioning the word "Revolution". The other risks are 5 climatic risks, another technological scientist due to cybercrime, and another of geoeconomic confrontation, the only geopolitical risk that was included among the most important. The words "war", "militarization", "geopolitical tensions" or "nuclear escalation" are never mentioned among the top ten risks ,for global hegemony.

Davos does not predict any "Imminent Third World War" in the future, as is often predicted by charlatans of the world left, and opinologists who adhere to the "Decoupling Theory". The entire Davos report perplexed, and snubbed, the world's "dummies" and "geopolitical chatterboxes." The WEF proposes to act in coordination between Corporations, capitalist governments, and capitalist officials to face the crisis and revolutions as expressed in the Davos document: "In a complex risk landscape, there must be a better balance between national preparedness and global cooperation. We need to act together to find a way out of the cascading crises and collectively prepare for the next global crisis, whatever its form" (Global Risks Report 2023")

Davos makes it clear that world imperialism has no strategy

Davos raises the non-existence of a strategy to stop the crisis on the part of world imperialism, its governments, and officials, as its document says: " If the need for an effective response is not minimized, the excessive priority of current challenges can lead to quickly into a vicious cycle of ongoing global crises, where resources are sucked into crisis management instead of preparing for future risks Complex challenges cannot be solved by short-term decisions, and yet long-term thinking is not enough to deal with current crises" (Global Risks Report 2023")

The WEF argues that we are headed for a "vicious circle of continuous world crises" if an "effective response" does not appear . That this response does not exist in the short or long term, and that what the capitalist-imperialist governments do is improvise all the time in the face of revolutionary outbreaks since "resources are absorbed by crisis management instead of to be used to prepare for future risks. For example, in the face of climate change, Davos recognizes that capitalism cannot provide any solution:"The lack of deep and concerted progress on climate goals has exposed the divergence between what is scientifically necessary to reach net zero and what is politically feasible" (Global Risks Report 2023" )

In other words, Global Corporations will continue polluting and destroying nature, because it is not "politically feasible" for them to sacrifice their profits to care for the environment. And this is in divergence with "what is scientifically necessary", that is, what scientists have been claiming for decades that it is necessary to do to solve the issue of climate change. On the other hand, regarding diseases and pandemics, the FEM report. " Health problems will also continue to increase due to the effects of climate change and the breakdown of ecosystems, leading to a higher incidence of zoonotic diseases, those that, like SARS and COVID, (Global Risks Report 2023")

Davos makes it clear that we are on the way to capitalist disaster: The "Polycrisis"

In addition to defining that capitalism is heading towards a disaster in the next 10 years, the WEF searched for a concept to define the crisis, and they formulated the unique concept of " polycrisis": "... they interact with each other to form a "polycrisis" , that is, a set of global risks related to each other with aggravating effects, such that the global impact exceeds the sum of each part..." ( Global Risks Report 2023") An objective measure of human progress is the increase of life expectancy, and for the first time since World War II, is beginning to decline.According to the report "People are living longer in poor health, and we may soon face a more sustained reversal in life expectancy gains beyond the influence of the pandemic" (Global Risks Report 2023" )

The concept of "polycrisis"is the conceptual novelty in this report. It consists of how the risks of the different economic, social, geopolitical, technological and environmental spheres are enhanced and interact. The crisis is so serious that the presence of the representatives of the Communist Party of China was dedicated to proposing how to sustain capitalism working together with the imperialist governments: "...The slogan of this Summit "Cooperation in a fragmented world" It could not be more topical "mutual understanding" is a fundamental prerequisite for cooperation..." Chinese Vice Premier Liu He said in his speech at the WEF

Capitalism is in collapse, for 14 years capitalism has existed thanks to an artificial respirator that is the Salvatajes, which allows it to survive while it goes through a stage of complete decadence and decomposition. In fact, the serious social, economic, environmental, and political crisis, and the current global Coronavirus pandemic, are the expression of the current collapse that capitalism is experiencing. The bailouts are a massive injection of money that the central banks of the main countries of the world give to the owners of the Corporations that dominate and control the world economy. Some of these Corporations are JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse, Wells Fargo, etc, among others.

The Bailouts are the greatest expression of the collapse of capitalism. It is a phenomenon completely unknown by the overwhelming majority of the population: 99% of the world population knows about the Coronavirus, but does not know about the Salvage. And the Salvages are a thousand times more dangerous than the Coronavirus, they kill more people than the pandemic. This is hidden from the people by the capitalist governments, their political parties, social and union leaders, because the people should not know that while adjustments, hunger and misery plans are being demanded of them, the capitalist governments give millions of dollars to the aristocracy the 1% that dominates the world. In addition, they are hidden because the people should not know the real dimension of the depth of the crisis that capitalism is going through.

Capitalism must be abolished

Capitalism could not survive for a minute if the Bailouts were suspended. Enough of delivering free money in the pockets of the capitalist Corporations! The disastrous panorama that Davos shows is the expression that the time has come to end once and for all with this monstrous system, and with the parasites of the richest 1% in the world. The time has come to expropriate the Corporations and put those immense wealth at the service of ending hunger, poverty, unemployment, the environmental crisis, and pandemics. From La Marx International we call to end capitalism to impose Global Socialism.