The partisans and the Ukrainian Resistance launched their website and newspaper


La Marx International 4/25/23

The partisans and the Ukrainian Resistance launched their website and newspaper where they recount the different struggles, ambushes attacks carried out by the Partisans to liberate the Temporarily Occupied Territories (TOT), from the fascist aggression suffered by the Troops of the capitalist olgarchy of Russia headed by Vladimir Putin.

The website of the National Resistance Center states on its Home Page: "Each one of us in his place can resist the enemy and contribute to victory. Together we will turn the lives of the occupiers into hell. Participate!" To enter the website of the Ukrainian National Resistance Center, and the Ukrainian Partisans click on the button

The web has tactics, medicine, Internet security, how to carry out the preparation of homemade weapons and actions. Along with this, the website provides a guide called "Civil Resistance in the Occupied Territories" in the form of a pdf file, which can be downloaded for free. On the same website it says about this guide: " Be careful: delete it immediately after reading it or hide it in a folder with many other files."

The web has an "Underground People's Newspaper" , which is called Gazeta Sprotiv is the first national underground newspaper of the resisting Ukrainian Partisans and guerilla fighters. On this page it is stated: " Every day, millions of Ukrainians oppose the Russian invasion. The soldiers of the Armed Forces are working in positions, the resistance movement in the deep rear of the occupier. The resistance of the civilian population undermines the morale of the enemy Each one in his place can be most useful in our fight.The National Resistance Center launched its own newspaper for residents of the temporarily occupied territories, where we will tell the latest news from the Ukrainian underground" . To read the "Underground People's Newspaper" click on the button below:

If you want to follow the events of the War of National Liberation that the Ukrainian people are carrying out, read the Dossier of articles that we have prepared from La Marx International by clicking on the image below

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