Dossier: The Revolutionary War in Ukraine


Dossier: The Revolutionary War in Ukraine 

This set of works develops the Marxist analysis of the Revolution in Ukraine. The Revolutionary War for National Liberation against the invasion of the capitalist dictatorship of Putin, is a central chapter of the world class struggle. The peoples of the world sympathize with the Ukrainian revolution, and the different works that include this work seek to strengthen the support for the Revolution of the workers and the people of Ukraine for its triumph.

Part 1

For an independent Ukraine! Out with NATO! Down with Putin! statement of La Marx International January 2022

This work analyzes how the Ukrainian revolution began, the EuroMaidan, how the revolution in Ukraine spread to other countries in the region, and the positions of Lenin and Trotsky on the Ukrainian question.

Part 2 

For the triumph of the people of Ukraine! Down with Putin! Out with NATO! statement by La Marx International 2/25/22

As soon as the invasion of the Putin dictatorship in Ukraine began, it explains why we workers and peoples should be in favor of Ukraine's victory, without giving support to the Zelensky capitalist government, and explains the process of class struggle and the wave of existing strikes in Ukraine before the invasion. 

Part 3

Ukraine must be Putin's Vietnam! Statement by La Marx International 3/21/22

It explains why the war of national liberation in Ukraine has an anti-capitalist dynamic, because it confronts the capitalist oligarchy of Russia, and the bourgeoisie. He argues that authentic national independence is only possible with the armed self-organization of the workers and the people, without trusting any leader or capitalist sector. 

Part 4  
Putin's War can be defeated La Marx Mexico 3/21/22

It explains the development of the urban Guerrilla Warfare in the Ukrainian revolution, a type of revolution typical of the 21st century, in which partisans, workers and popular sectors armed against the invading army fighting for National Liberation arise. This feature of the revolution picks up the European anti-Nazi tradition. Also the policy that Trotskyism had towards the partisans in World War II.  (in Spanish)

Part 5
The people of Ukraine won the battle of kyiv! Donbas is from Ukraine! By La Marx International 4/27/22

It explains the triumph of the Ukrainian people in the battle of kyiv, which forced Putin's oligarchy to change its strategy and fight only for the Donbas. We present a first balance of the first two months of the war that began on February 24, 2022, whose first stage culminated in the defeat of the " Special Military Operation" in the main Ukrainian cities, where Kiev has served as the heart of the resistance

Part 6
Ukraine: The Hour of the Partisans By La Marx International 8/20/22

He explains that after the defeats suffered by Putin between March, April and May 2022, a second stage of the war began, characterized by armed resistance against the occupation. This war is no longer about rejecting the irruption and invasion of Putin's troops in the main cities of the country, but about the expulsion of an occupying army that has been usurping and attacking Donbas and the occupied areas of Ukraine for 6 years. The revolution carried out by the Ukrainian people for their national liberation has entered a new phase: The Hour of the Partisans.