The poems of 19- Making art in capitalist Colombia

Sergio Andrés Pastor González, the leader of the First Line of Colombia known as "19", led along with hundreds of young people a heroic fight for the rights of the Colombian people. The struggle ended with the Uribista regime, the people questioned the 20 years of indiscriminate repression of social leaders, and achieved freedoms and rights never before seen in the country. However, he has been accused of false crimes and imprisoned by the justice system that sought to imprison and criminalize social protest in Colombia.
An International Campaign for Freedom has been launched by La Marx International, which already has the support of thousands of signatures from more than 22 countries around the world.
Also, as in the case of Sergio, it is difficult to be an artist and make art in capitalist Colombia, or in any capitalist country if you do not have the support of multinationals. We publish here the poems of the lyrics of 19's songs, so that you can appreciate his art and join the International Campaign for Freedom

The lyrics of these poems are originally created in Spanish. In English the rhymes are completely different and some meanings may be affected by translation.


Understand envious,

the words that you throw at me,

they make me bigger,

and growing rap never gets tired,

putting more weight and effort

I break the balance,

I already have my way

yours has no hope,

What do you want from me

They try to make me their trophy,

You are wrong

I don't see myself as a collection,

I'm a rapper seen wide

and I don't believe the greatest,

fictitious and envious

I don't fight for crowns,

I do my thing and

Although the path is made of snakes,

confident step

I have defined my destiny

and if it's drunk

the only way I urinate,

not like you urinate

for everything that combined,

they play victims,

They throw the stone and point at me,

locusts destroy everything,

and now they fix me,

God deliver me from those,

that catch me and deceive me

and no matter how much they want to defeat me,

In attempts they fail.


The moment has arrived,

what I haven't told yet,

old, not rusty,

always standing well,

I grew up advised,

dry the we,

I water the sown,

the fruits has borne,

years passed,

many walked away,

They made fun of me,

front and spoke,

they were screwed,

They always noticed it,

and they never erased,

the leaf that they stained,

anger what's in my mind,

the past becomes present to me,

from dark to transparent,

swimming against the current,

Therefore I was never demanding,

The dream was never to be president,

not even a criminal thief,

If the most recent artist now,

being elemental, fundamental fatal,

no vital sign,

because of the current evil,

drugs and metal,

the warm branch goes viral,

so and so, how are you?


I revolution with certainty,

More than one who wants my head,

the idea is inserted,


in the corner of my room,

luckily nothing

The cards are on the table,

This will end here today,

It's not the end, it's where it begins,

and there is noise, their tanks burn,

also his patrol,

there is no left, center, or right,

let this mind destroy,

that your capitalism does not influence,

We know that they are afraid,

and there is no countryman,

let him flee from his country here,

in the castle,

a cold body,

at two meters a cap,

becomes an encore in life,

of a young man put into his pocket,

from the Palace exploding the light bulb,

my flag has been changed

now red, blue, and yellow

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