The fall of Castillo lays bare the crisis of the world left


By Celina Contu and Fabian Naistat 12/7/22

The fall of the government of Pedro Castillo in Peru has once again put the serious crisis of the world left on the table. The groups of the world left called to vote "critically " for Castillo in the 2nd round of the elections in Peru, betraying the Peruvian people and the principles of Marxism.

A little over a year ago, all the groups of the world left made this call. They lied to the Peruvian people and to the peoples of the world about who Castillo was, joining the chorus of media outlets and analysts who described Pedro Castillo as a "left" or "communist" leader , in the runoff for the election of the president of Peru in front of Keiko Fujimori.

But the lies of 99% of the world left fell apart in just over a year. Like Boric from Chile, Petro from Colombia, López Obrador from Mexico, Pedro Castillo is not from the "left." Not much less a Marxist nor a communist, but he headed a coalition with a capitalist and reactionary program that sought to put out the fire of the revolutionary process that Peru is experiencing.

The program of the "Libre Peru" coalition that Castillo headed was a capitalist program called "popular economy with market", which respects private property and private investment. It is a project that the leaders of Peru Libre themselves clarified that it is neither communist nor socialist.

In fact, Peru Libre was already governing the province of Junín, when the founder and leader of that coalition, Vladimir Cerrón, was governor between 2010 and 2014, a period in which he aggravated the conditions of poverty and misery for the people. And when he renewed his term as governor in 2018, he was indicted for corruption. The person who was advising Peru Libre is former World Bank economic adviser Pedro Francke, who calls for "fiscal prudence", inflation targets and opposes the nationalization of companies. The leaders of the world left groups that supported this are complete traitors.

But in addition to Peru Libre being a coalition that publicly defends capitalism, Castillo defended a clearly reactionary program. Castillo declared himself a fervent "Catholic" and defender of the family, spoke out publicly against the rights of minorities, against legal abortion and is against the rights of the homosexual, lesbian, gay and transgender community. Castillo has defined himself against equal marriage, and in general defends a program of defense of sexism and the oppression of women. These proposals are those that supported the groups of the world left that last year called to vote for Castillo.

The Progressive International and Jacobin Magazine in defense of Peruvian capitalism

All the left in unison lied saying that Castillo was "an indigenous", "a teacher" who "represented the poorest of Peru" , in front of the "rich whites of the country". And that since Castillo led the 2017 teachers' strike, he "represents the masses." Lies and lies that are now exposed.

These proposals were the ones that promoted the Jacobin Magazine, edited by the social democrats that are part of the Democratic Party, the current government of the United States. All this was a hoax, Jacobin went so far as to say that Castillo was facing big capital, and his government was going to go through serious turbulence because it affected the interests of the ruling classes . All a lie of the charlatans in the pay of the magazine organized by the imperialism of the United States and the Department of State.

Jacobin Magazine is the spokesperson for the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America), the social democratic group that supports Bernie Sanders and Ocasio Cortez within the imperialist Democratic Party of the United States. In turn, the DSA, together with Syriza of Greece, head the Progressive International, who did not say a word about Castillo's capitalist program, nor about his reactionary proposals against millions of Peruvian women, and lied about Castillo's "progressive" character , painting it as something that is not.

Jacobin's lies sought to deceive thousands of activists around the world into supporting Castillo, making them believe that his victory was a "progressive" event. It is a propaganda similar to what has already been done with capitalist governments such as those of Evo Morales, Maduro or Lula, lying that the "worker", the "indigenous", the "peasant" , Lula in Brazil, Evo Morales in Bolivia, or Maduro in Venezuela.

Jacobin's line to Castillo is repeated over and over again

Castillo's fall has revealed the betrayal of the leaders of the world left who support "progressive governments" against "the right." The world left supports Jacobin's line, copying his statements, the entire world social democracy, the governments that present themselves as "progressive" in the world, such as Morena in Mexico, or groups like Podemos in Spain, La Izquierda in Germany, which have testified in favor of Castillo.

In their abandonment of Marxism, all these groups want to make believe that bourgeois democracy is the "expression of the masses" , when Marxists have always denounced that bourgeois democracy is a fraud against the peoples of the world. This attitude of the world left, from the most important groups linked to US imperialism such as those referenced in Jacobin, to the small and marginal groups in poor countries, is a sample of the serious crisis, setback and decomposition that the reformist left is experiencing world level.

Cornered by the world revolutionary process, and the turn to the left of sectors of the masses, the reformist left turns to the right to support the worst regimes in the world, and embellishes them by giving them "revolutionary" characteristics to support them. The crisis suffered by this sector of the world left is a progressive phenomenon. Their corrupted addresses, handed over to the regime, are knowing traitors working to confuse the masses and must disappear.

The balance of the left in Peru is an example of the need to destroy these reformist left groups that repeat the line from which US imperialism descends from the "Front for Peace and Democracy" , which is indoctrinated by Jacobin Magazine.

They betrayed the Peruvian people, and they betray the people of the world

In this sector are the "campists", the Stalinists, ex-guerrillas, Maoists. "Mariateguistas" and Guevarists have given public support to Castillo, such as the MAS in Bolivia, the APR in Venezuela, Stalinism in Chile. It is a whole policy that does not apply only to the case of the capitalist government of Castillo in Peru. Also all these groups of the world left support Petro, Lula, Boric, and betray the peoples of the world just as they did with Castillo. 99% of the world left is "camper" and refuses to support the Ukrainian people's revolution, thereby in effect supporting Putin. While they betray saying that calling a bourgeois coalition to vote is "tactical"

They lie to their bases because the support of capitalist coalitions is a matter of principle. The leaders of these organizations that call for capitalist coalitions to vote are true traitors, corrupt who raise this line for the money that a miserable parliamentary bench represents for them, some councilors, vereadores, or councilors, cooperatives with money that they receive from the state, the administration of subsidies or social plans, or some union position.

We have the examples of the small groups that are within the DSA, and capitulate to the imperialist Democratic Party of the United States like Socialist Alternative, which has the councilor Kshama Sawant in Seattle, or the "Bread and Roses" fraction of the DSA oriented for Mandelism. Also small groups like Alan Woods who are in Morena de México, or Peter Taafe and the SWP who are in the UK Labor Party.

The small groups that remain in Greece's Syriza or Spain's Podemos, or the small groups that remain in Brazil's PSOL and now become part of the ruling capitalist coalition in Brazil, such as Pedro Fuentes' MES, Socialist Left, or the MST of Argentina. Also on this unfortunate list is Miriam Bregman, the candidate for president of Argentina's FITU, sponsored by Jacobin Magazine, who supports Cristina Kirchner when she is tried for corruption, saying that her trial of her "is an attack on freedoms."

All these small groups lie when calling themselves "Marxist", "revolutionary", "socialist", or "Trotskyist" , to better deceive some unsuspecting activists, because in reality they are social democratic groups that betray the revolutions of the masses all the time.

The honest militants who are in these groups must get out of there immediately, because the corrupt leaders of these groups are going to deepen their course of betrayal and support for the capitalist variants day by day with increasingly bizarre arguments, as they did with the candidacy of Peru castle. We invite these valuable comrades to turn their backs on these traitors, and join the revolutionary Regrouping that we are achieving from La Marx International.

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