Abstention and null votes are the first force in the European elections


By Jose Miguel Gándara C.- La Marx Spain

Millions of workers, young people, women, peasants, pensioners, intellectuals, artists, most of the popular sectors of all European countries turned their backs on the elections organized by the imperialist European Union (EU), abstaining from going to vote or voting null. More than 180 million people did not turn out to vote in the European elections out of 373 million eligible.

In Germany, abstention and null votes reached 46% of the population, more than 22 million people, doubling the 1st capitalist political force of Christian Democrats. In France, abstention and null votes exceeded 48% with more than 23 million, tripling Le Pen's first capitalist force. In Italy, abstention and null votes exceeded 50%, more than 23 million Italians, which means more than 3 times what the first capitalist force obtained from the current president Meloni.

In Greece, abstention and null votes reached 60% of the votes, almost 6 million Greeks who turned their backs on the EU. In Spain, abstention and null votes exceeded 51% with more than 18 million Spaniards who decided to turn their backs on the EU, tripling what was obtained by the first capitalist force of the PP. In Belgium, almost 40% of the population refused to vote in the fraudulent elections being the host country of the EU. These data are the expression of the crisis of bourgeois democracy, the regime of the capitalists and the ruling classes, a phenomenon that is worldwide and is expressed with an "abstentionist wave" that is sweeping the world.

The lies of the "advance of the far right"

The hundreds of millions who have carried out abstention have dealt a resounding slap in the face to the fraudulent, undemocratic, and deceitful bourgeois elections organized by the institutions that defend the interests of the European ruling classes. They are notfooled by the elites of bankers, big businessmen, corporations and officials of the troika made up of the Union

The European Central Bank (ECB), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). But after the elections, EU political leaders and pro-capitalist officials have launched a campaign in the bourgeois mass media saying that there is an "advance of the far right" in Europe. This campaign is a total lie that aims to show that the peoples of Europe support reactionary capitalist coalitions, which is false. 

The bourgeois media raise the specter of the "advance of the right"

The capitalist coalitions referred to as "right-wing" have obtained barely 30% of the votes of the sector of the population that went to vote, only barely 15% of the total population. In other words, the reality is that more than 85% of the population of Europe did not support any of these coalitions.

But, the anti-democratic mechanisms of bourgeois democracy only count the votes cast and based on these numbers they distribute seats and positions in the bandits' den of the European Parliament. It is on the basis of these anti-democratic mechanisms that the right-wing forces have increased the number of seats they hold in the European Parliament and from there the pro-EU leaders are taking over to launch the campaign of the "advance of the right in Europe".

The call for the European "popular front"

The campaign of the "advance of the right in Europe" aims to get the people to come out to support the capitalist governments of Macron, Sánchez, or Scholtz to prevent the "triumph of the right". The imperialist governments of the bankers, and the multinationals raise the specter of the "advance of the right" so that the people support them "in defense of the republican system".

This explains Macron's manoeuvre to dissolve the National Assembly and bring forward the call for elections in France by calling for the "unity of all democratic forces" to stop the right wing from "taking power in France".

It seeks to make the population believe that there is a possibility of a rise of fascism or Nazism in Europe, and that democratic freedoms are at risk, they are maneuvers that try to raise the popularity of troika governments such as Macron's, which is a government hated by the people in France. 

Le Figaro announces in France that the "Popular Front" is aligned after the dissolution of Parliament in France

Last year, Macron faced a real workers' and people's revolution against his pension reform measures made at the request of the troika and the EU. Macron's government is supported today by only 6% of the people, but he uses the campaign of the "advance of the right" to revive, receive support from other political forces and form a Popular Front government to support it, lying about what the real political situation in France and Europe is.

Workers' and people's struggles make fascism impossible

For there to be an advance of fascism or Nazism, there must be a defeat of the working class in Europe, especially in the most politically important countries. As we explain in the work "Bourgeois democracy, is democracy?": "... the revolutionary process that made possible the regime of workers' democracy in the USSR was defeated in 1923. By that year, the revolution had already been defeated in Germany, the most important country in Europe, and the entire revolutionary wave of the years 1917-22 was defeated... From 1923 onwards, a new stage of the class struggle opened up at the international level: A stage of defeats that lasted almost 20 years, in which the forces of reaction and counter-revolution were strengthened everywhere. In this context, two political forces emerge that, as they come to power, impose brutal totalitarian regimes: Nazism, and Fascism ..."

Is the situation in Europe today the same as it was in the 1930s in Europe? Not by chance. Just as a real workers' and people's wave put the Macron government on the ropes in France, the wave of strikes by transport workers, dockworkers and bus drivers liquidated the conservative government of In Great Britain, workers' and people's struggles spread throughout Germany, Italy, Denmark, and even in countries where "nothing was happening" such as Norway, important workers' and people's struggles have begun.

The Ukrainian National Liberation Revolution forces the regime of war criminals headed by Putin to spend enormous economic and military resources just to manage to retain the territories usurped from Ukraine. But, the regime of the capitalist oligarchy of the Russian Federation is being demolished to the extent that it no longer has any chance of subduing Ukraine, just as it subjugates other small nations in the Russian Federation. Putin has been locked in a war of attrition that has only NATO as an ally, which for more than a year denied any arms deliveries to Ukraine. This does not mean, far from it, that at LaMarx International we support or wish to give any kind of support to a government of the business hierarchs and global capitalism, such as, without a doubt, the government presided over by Volodymir Zelensky, but the Ukrainian people.

Thenational liberation revolution of the people of Ukraine threatens to destabilize all the borders of the Russian Federation, and also questions the European borders to the extent that it feeds all the struggles for national liberation on which the imperialist states are based. In Europe, revolutionary waves are shaking and destroying European imperialism and capitalism, and this is the reason why NATO pretends to support Ukraine, but delivers weapons in dribs and drabs, which leaves the people of Ukraine in a state of complete vulnerability in the face of the aggression of an infinitely superior state and army.

In turn, the Palestinian revolution has bogged down the Israeli army in Gaza and is demolishing the Nazi-Zionist state of Israel, which is now mired in an unprecedented brutal economic, military, and political crisis. The armed resistance of the Palestinian militias is destroying the imperialist political-military apparatus in the Middle East, which is the backyard of European imperialism. This explains why the European capitalist-imperialist governments undoubtedly support the genocidal policy of the Zionist state from NATO.

With the prospect of weakening the sinister regimes of war criminals in Israel, and the Russian Federation, added to the wave of strikes that cross Europe weakening the imperialist governments of the EU, is this situation similar to that of Europe in the 30s with the rise of Francoism or the brownshirts roaming the streets of Germany? Not by a long shot. However, the leaders of the EU are stirring up the campaign of the "advent of the far right" based on the fact that with barely 15% of the votes, the European capitalist coalitions referred to as "right-wing" appear as "winners". And here another element comes into play that no one talks about: Why are millions of the European population not interested in participating in elections? The explanation lies in the spectacular collapse of the European left.

The collapse of the European left

Although the elections of bourgeois democracy, due to their anti-democratic mechanisms, do not represent the reality of what the population thinks, they only express in a distorted way the processes of the class struggle and the existing level of consciousness. However, and despite distorting the reality, the elections to the European Parliament clearly show an undeniable fact: the spectacular collapse of the European left.

The European left bloc collapsed, losing more than 30% of the vote, going from 52 seats in the eighth European Parliament to 36 seats in the ninth European Parliament. This coalition that ran in the European elections under the name of "The Left" is currently made up of Die Linke of Germany, Podemos, Sumar, Catalunya en Comú, Izquierda Unida, the Communist Party and Euskal Herria Bildu of Spain, the Communist Party of France, the NPA of France and France Insoumise, Sinn Féin of Ireland, Syriza of Greece, the Communist Refoundation Party of Italy, the Socialist Party of the Netherlands, the Communist Party of Portugal, the United Democratic Coalition, the Communist Party of Portugal, the Left Bloc of Portugal, as well as other forces from Sweden, the Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, Cyprus, etc.

The collapse of The Left is the result of being a pro-capitalist, pro-imperialist left that has ruled for capitalist coalitions and governments. After having raised the illusion of sectors of the European peoples, the Syriza government in Greece ended in deep disillusionment because it became a government that defended the troika. The same happened with Podemos in Spain, after arousing expectations it ended up allied with the PSOE in a government of the troika, defender of the interests of the bankers and European imperialism.

All these European political forces joined the Progressive International promoted by the DSA (Democratic Socialist of America) of the United States, a reformist force that integrates the Democratic Party of the United States. The Progressive International brings together all the reformist forces of the world trying to occupy the space once occupied by the Second Social Democratic International, which at the time was led by Felipe González and Willy Brandt, but which today collides head-on with the reality of the brutal crisis that capitalism is going through.

The reformist members of the Progressive International lie to the people by claiming that with deputies and seats in parliaments it is possible to obtain conquests for the workers and peoples of the world. They desperately seek to stop the crisis that bourgeois democracy is going through, and they try to get the people to believe again in the institutions of the ruling classes. But to the extent that the crisis of global capitalism plunges into poverty and poverty, misery to millions, and aggravate social inequalities their siren songs enter into crisis.

 The fall of "The Left" is the distorted expression of the "disillusionment" of millions in these reformist political forces, as a product of their betrayals. The crisis of the European left is part of the world process of political revolution that the world is going through, a veritable global political tsunami that is hitting all the old parties and leaderships of the mass movement. 

Podemos and Syriza are sinking into a serious crisis as a result of having joined capitalist governments and coalitions

The peoples and activists of the world turn their backs on the old currents, parties, and leaderships because they no longer believe in them and reject them. Social democracy in all its variants, classical Stalinism and its Maoist, Castroist, Guevarist variants, etc., bourgeois nationalist movements such as the PRI, Peronism, APRA, Nasserism, former guerrillas such as Sandinismo, the Farabundo Martí Front, etc., all directions that were once attractive to millions of activists around the world, today are sinking into a deep crisis as a result of the rejection and repudiation they suffer for their Betrayals.

This world process of political revolution is a very progressive process because it sweeps away all these treacherous directions, this "false progressive left" that is treacherous, and corrupt because it defends capitalism, and the EU. The crisis of this entire left opens the doors to the emergence of a true revolutionary left, from La Marx Spain and La Marx International we are committed to the construction of this revolutionary left, which is why we invite you to join our call for international revolutionary regroupment to end once and for all the troika, European capitalism, on the road to the struggle for Global Socialism.

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