The teacher conflict impacts in Venezuela


The flag says: "Minimal wages to Maduro, to he known what it's hard"

By Gilberto Pérez and Gladis Romero - Social Movement Fight for a New Path- Valencia -Venezuela

The Venezuelan teachers, after long decades of silence thanks to the conciliation of classes, with the different governments, by the union leaders who had emasculated their fighting spirit, has awakened, taking to the streets.

Faced with the unbearable salary situation (modern slavery $6 per month), this act of rebellion by the salaried teachers worries both the government and the union sector, the first because it has achieved the sympathy of the rest of the public employees, who also suffer the attacks of low wages, and those of the union sector because they have passed over the bureaucratic leadership of the unions.

But it is necessary to organize and direct this conflict, under a direction that educates, there is a risk that the fatigue of what the government is playing ends in frustration, the State has tried all means to end this situation, since the police repression, how collective shock brigades tried to get militiamen and UBCH, semi-literate sectors sympathetic to the government, to replace the teachers, but the same community of representatives opposed it, evicting them from the school grounds.

Long live the struggle of the workers of the teaching workers of Venezuela!