The Castillo government fell! For the mobilization of the people to impose a workers' and popular government!


By La Marx Peru and La Marx International 12/7/22

The revolution of our Peruvian people has claimed another capitalist government. Hated, isolated, and repudiated by the broad masses of the people, President Pedro Castillo Casterrones fell. He attempted to close Congress and impose a state of siege, but had to flee because the people turned their backs on his last desperate attempt to continue governing.

Our people turned their backs fed up with hunger, the dire measures against the COVID pandemic, misery, unemployment, femicides and murders of women victims of the machismo of the Peruvian capitalist state. We need a change! And we will impose that with our mobilization and struggle, which is why we do not place an ounce of confidence in the new government of Dina Boluarte.

The fall of the Peruvian government is part of the worldwide revolutionary wave against capitalism that is sweeping the world . The capitalist governments fail to sustain the struggle of the working class in Europe, the people's revolution in Ukraine that is defeating Putin's invasion, the people's revolution in Iran that has been going on for more than 75 days against the dictatorship of the Ayatollahs, and the mobilizations in China and Mongolia against dictatorships and government repression.

End of the "Free Peru" hoax

Thus ended the deceit of the Free Peru Coalition that wanted to present itself as "communist" to divert and contain the rise of the masses and the radicalization of fringes of activism and youth that is leading a revolutionary process in Peru. In November 2020, millions of Peruvians took to the streets and overthrew two capitalist governments in one week.

First, the capitalist government of Martín Vizcarra and Peruanos por el Kambio (PPK) fell, and five days later, the mobilization overthrew the capitalist government of Manuel. Merino and the Popular Action (AP) party. Two governments fell in seven days, a power crisis in the country that expresses the rottenness of the political regime of capitalist Peru, with its political parties and Parliament dedicated solely to doing business with multinationals, bankers and big capitalist businessmen.

The people exploded and the massive mobilizations opened a power vacuum that forced the call for elections. During the election, the hatred of the masses towards all the capitalist parties and leaders of the country was expressed. There was a massive abstention of more than 40% and the most voted candidates obtained only 18% Castillo, 13% Fujimori and 13% López Aliaga.

This election expressed a colossal crisis in the heights, which added to the economic, social and political crisis, opened a revolutionary situation in the country. All the political and union leaderships betrayed our people by accepting the electoral exit of the bourgeoisie. The CGTP had the possibility of calling a National Strike and imposing a worker and popular solution to the crisis. But he refused to do so and negotiated with the ruling classes for an electoral exit to support capitalist Peru.

Fight to impose a workers and popular government

The deception did not last long. Our people have turned their backs on this capitalist government that plunged us into hunger and poverty. Now it is about uniting in the mobilization to impose our exit: We must fight to end hunger and poverty, with femicides, and the oppression of our native peoples, Enough of capitalism in Peru! Long live the struggle of the workers and the people! For a Socialist Peru!