Position of the Committee for the Liberation of Palestine, regarding the participation of CEMEX in the genocide and apartheid against the Palestinian people


Position of the Committee for the Liberation of Palestine (Mexico), regarding the participation of CEMEX in the genocide and apartheid against the Palestinian people

From the central offices of Cementos de México (CEMEX), we denounce as the Committee for the Liberation of Palestine, the participation of this company in the genocide and apartheid that the Zionist State of Israel commits against the Palestinian people.

CEMEX is one of the Mexican companies that has benefited the most from the North American Free Trade Agreement that was signed in 1994 and from the signing of the Free Trade Agreement between Mexico and Israel in 2000. Since then, CEMEX has became one of the largest multinationals in our country, consolidating its presence in more than 50 countries, basing its expansion on the systematic exploitation of the working class at a national and international level.

Among the subsidiaries that CEMEX has, there is a particularly criminal one, which operates in Occupied Palestine, which has concrete and concrete plants, and benefited from the construction of the segregation wall that supports Apartheid against the Palestinian people in the West Bank. CEMEX has also benefited from the surveillance and control points that the Zionist army criminals against the Palestinian population. At the same time, it has been a promoter and beneficiary in the construction of illegal outpost settlements by armed civilian Zionists (that is, far-right groups) who have illegally settled in Palestinian territory, whose crimes are protected and covered up by the army Israeli.

The Apartheid that Israel has built in collaboration with CEMEX in the West Bank, limits the mobility and freedom of the Palestinians who inhabit their land and keeps them prisoners in their own land and in their own home, receiving undignified treatment as if they did not belong to them, obeying to a racist and fascist policy that the State of Israel has been carrying out for more than seven decades.

Since then and to this day, Israel has occupied and seized by civil war methods more than 80% of the territory of historic Palestine, committing the most horrendous crimes that anyone can imagine, from riotous sexual abuse, summary executions, hostages, massive caging of civilians and random murders on the Palestinian streets for mere fun. In the middle of 2021, the Zionist State organized raids and evictions of Palestinian families in Jerusalem, as well as the dispossession of their farmlands. This situation has led to the birth of several Palestinian armed groups to exercise the legitimate right to self-defense through the Third Intifada, this last word meaning "uprising" in the Arabic language.

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All this happens under the shelter and approval of the imperialist countries that also exploit us on Mexican soil, which through their multinationals (mainly North American and Canadian) hire armed groups of organized crime, to dispossess our native peoples of their territories using methods very similar to those that Israel implements against the Palestinian people, in fact, the majority of the hitmen and paramilitaries that operate in our country are trained by Israeli companies, which act as the hitman of imperialism and the multinationals that dominate the world economy.

CEMEX as a multinational company of Mexican origin, shares the same insensitivity as any of its counterparts abroad, since the acts of occupation of foreign territories using the most vile methods do not embarrass the cement company to the extent that these crimes against humanity and the death of more than 5 thousand children in the current Zionist offensive, continue to fatten the bank accounts of the Zambrano family.

Like Palestine, Mexico is a country subjected by an Imperialist State that exploits our land and our labor, defines our internal and foreign policy. Not satisfied, it has built a border wall following in the footsteps of the racist experiments of its hitman state in Palestinian territory, in addition to imposing a policy of war for several decades through the "war on drugs", posing to the peoples of the world, that our country's problem is drug trafficking and not capitalism.

The imperialist interests that promote the death of thousands of poor Mexicans every year in the war on drugs, operated by both American and Israeli intelligence institutions such as STRATFORD, lower the line to be followed by the executive branch, the armed forces and drug groups. paramilitaries, who are in charge of displacing entire communities through civil war methods, before a megaproject financed by North American and Canadian multinationals is established.

In our country, both the National Guard and the local police (for example, in Mexico City) receive training from Israeli companies, their methods and policies are the same as those implemented by the fascist Nazi state of Israel against the Palestinian population.

Therefore, as Mexican workers, we tell the Palestinian people that their pain is our pain, that their suffering is our suffering, and that their struggle for liberation against an oppressive State sponsored by white-collar criminals is also our struggle. .

The war of national liberation that the Palestinian resistance maintains is the same war of liberation that our country fought against Spanish colonialism. The resistance against the racist apartheid waged by the Palestinian people is the fight waged by the indigenous peoples of Mexico in the defense of their territories, positioning themselves as guardians of life.

We express from this place, our total solidarity against the oppression that the Palestinian working people experience, against racial, class and gender segregation, because patriarchy is also a form of imperial domination, which imposes the will of a sector of society over another. In the words of the old revolutionaries, "a people that oppresses another people cannot be free."In a society, where a cement company is owned by the workers, production is oriented towards building schools, hospitals and recreational centers for working families, while, under capitalism, this type of company "comes dripping with blood." and mud from every pore since his birth."

From Mexico to Palestine, the border walls will be torn down by the working class!

Down with the segregation regime imposed on lands occupied under the approval of cement companies, whether Mexican or from any country!

Get CEMEX out of Palestinian territory!

Long live the resistance of the Palestinian people against the occupation!

Long live the third intifada!

Long live the international working class!

Sincerely: Committee for the Liberation of Palestine.

November 22, 2023