López Obrador's Zionism


By Jesús Valdez. La Marx Mexico/La Marx International

On November 7, a month after the start of the war of the third Palestinian intifada against the Zionist State of Israel, the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced that Mexico will not break relations with the Nazi-fascist state of Israel, Although the Zionist army has launched a counteroffensive, taking the civilian population as prey through air attacks, which have claimed more than 11 thousand lives, for those dates, the figure stood at 10 thousand fatalities and thousands of wounded. , 3 of 4 women and children.

The indolence of the Mexican president does not rest in a vacuum, because hiding behind the "Estrada Doctrine" of "non-intervention", he refused to break relations with a genocidal State despite the fact that large protests have been taking place in our country for several weeks. under the central demand of breaking political, diplomatic and commercial relations with the incarnation of Nazi-fascism of the 21st century, which has attacked innocent victims under civil war methods for more than seven decades.

The 4T becomes an accomplice in this atrocity because it invests millions of dollars in the purchase of weapons, training and technology from Israeli companies that are participants in the oppression against the Palestinian people. AMLO, hiding behind the "Estrada Doctrine", waves the flag of peace while being one of the main clients of Israeli "services" for the militarization of Mexico through the National Guard and the armed forces in their different modalities.

Some of these companies are: [1]

Elbit Systems. Dedicated to the manufacture and sale of weapons, it operates aerospace, land and naval systems, command, control, communication, computing, "intelligence" and surveillance.

International Security and Defense Systems (ISDS). Founded by a former Mossad agent, one of Israel's intelligence agencies, dedicated to intelligence gathering, covert action, espionage and counterinsurgency around the world. ISDS specializes in "anti-terrorist" training (counterinsurgency to liquidate social movements, infiltrate them and bust them), death squads, electronic espionage, information gathering and arms sales. During the time of the Latin American dictatorships, this company was involved in torture practices, illegal detention and most likely in extrajudicial executions, a widespread practice during the time.We mention these companies as two examples (of many) where the State of Israel has participated in the persecution of activists, espionage, extrajudicial detentions and counterinsurgency.

The Mexican State has always been complicit in this series of barbarities and atrocities; It is impossible to omit the counterinsurgency operations that Israel has operated in Mexican and Latin American territory, training everything from drug cartels [2] to paramilitary groups, generating fratricidal wars and dividing entire communities, one of the Pentagon's specialties; that has the Israeli State as a hitman at the service of North American imperialism and the multinationals that dominate the world economy.

On the other hand, the Mexican multinational Cementos de México (CEMEX) [3]:

- It has production plants in illegal Israeli colonies located in Palestinian territory, from the West Bank to the Golan Heights.

- Provides concrete for the construction of Palestinian apartheid, through the construction of the illegal Israeli wall on the Gilo Bridge, in the occupied West Bank.

- Has supplied concrete for the construction of military checkpoints in the West Bank, including those at Hawara and Azun-Atma.

- Until June 2015, Cemex co-owned 50% of the Yatir quarry, a mine located south of the Palestinian city of Dhahiriya in the West Bank.

These are just some of the links that the Mexican State and Mexican multinationals have with a genocidal State. For what we consider genuine and central, the demands for "BREAKING RELATIONS" demanded by the Common Platform for Palestine, despite the fact that some members of it insist that the Mexican State not be criticized for these links of complicity.

From La Marx México and La Marx Internacional, we have joined the formation of the Committee for the Liberation of Palestine, based in Mexico, an organizational reference that is not subject to the policy of the Mexican State, its parties and institutions. We join the actions called from this reference and we put at your disposal our websites and our modest forces until the fall of the genocidal, Nazi-fascist state of Israel, at the same time that we position ourselves in favor of the military victory of the Palestinian resistance , which has maintained an anti-fascist offensive since last October 7.


[1] Israel and the militarization of Mexico


[2] Yair Klein, the military instructor of Pablo Escobar's hitmen and the paramilitaries


[3] Cementando el apartheid