Israel, a Nazi state


Nahuel Moreno, 1985

I want to touch Israel in passing. First to make a self-criticism: Israel is not a fascist state, but in the sense that we define it, it is Nazist. Nazism provides methods of civil war, not only against the proletariat but also against races, especially the Jewish and Slavic races. It is one of the greatest monstrosities of imperialism.

I do not want to dedicate myself to the historical problem, that Nazism has potentially given everything that is the future of humanity if capitalism triumphs. From the point of view of monstrosity, the Nazi dynamic is brilliant, because it is the attempt to transform the exploited into different species, into different races. The monstrosity of capitalism, in that sense, was perfectly right. There can be no more to human monstrosity: the attempt to divide humanity into sectors that will end up in different species; some working and others living at the expense of the others. That is why there are methods of civil war against races, not only against the working class […]

We know perfectly well that the working class of Israel – especially Azkenazi (that is, Jews of European origin) – are not persecuted; We know that they have Histradrut (the union center), that they have everything, […] What we denounce is that there is a systematic racial genocide. That is typical of Nazism more than fascism. That's why I criticize myself.

We did not fish the depth of this that we have now learned. Also one of the greatest Israeli jurists, a member – if I remember correctly – of the Supreme Court, said that Israel was Nazi. We changed and said it was fascist, without (capturing) how deep it was. He understood more than we did, and he knew that even as a member of the Supreme Court he had the luxury of saying that Israel was Nazi, he was free to say so.

He was right, he was a Nazi in that sense: the methods of civil war against a race. Where a race is persecuted with civil war methods, there are Nazi methods, because they are civil war methods.

Well, friends, nothing more.