Globalize the Intifada - International Conference


On November 26, 2023, the online International Conference "Globalizing the Intifada" is convened with the objective of supporting the 3rd Palestinian Intifada and supporting the struggle of the Palestinian people who are leading a War of National Liberation against the Nazi state of Israel, and his occupation army. The activists of Asia Commune and Marx International around the world are carrying out this joint task from Mexico, Canada and the United States, through Colombia, Ecuador, Panama to Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, and China, passing through Europe, and the United States in the midst of massive mobilizations that throughout the world are globalizing the Intifada, and confronting Israeli and imperialist troops.

Thousands of activists have taken up the fight and mobilization for Palestine around the world, confronting capitalist governments. The bourgeois and reformist left guided by the Progressive International makes false calls for "Peace" and a ceasefire, taking the policy of the UN. We need to promote what thousands of activists around the world are really demanding: The military triumph of the Palestinian militias, the destruction of the State of Israel, and the definitive liberation of the Palestinian people, which will make a great contribution to the fight for their national liberation. the peoples of the whole world.

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