Free "19" ! Free the "First Line" Leadership !



To President Gustavo Petro and the National Authorities of Colombia

We, the undersigned, demand the immediate release of Sergio Andrés Pastor González, popularly known as "19", and of all the leaders of the First Line who are political prisoners imprisoned for defending the rights and freedoms of the people of Colombia

In the early days of August 2023, the Argentine journalist Greta Roquero interviewed "19" for the program "Enfoque Cooperativo" on CANAL 4 TV COOPERATIVA BIGAND in Santa Fe. Read the report below and learn about the experience of "19".


Image of Sergio Andrés Pastor González
Image of Sergio Andrés Pastor González

Report to Sergio Andrés Pastor González, leader of the 1st Line of Colombia

Greta: Welcome, we begin this edition of "Cooperative Approach" in a very special situation that we want to bring international information about the situation that Sergio Andrés Pastor González is experiencing in Colombia. We want him to tell us, he is being held in the Combita prison, in the department of Bayacá. Before first greet you and ask you how you are, what situation you are in and introduce yourself to those who do not know you, tell us who you are as an activist

Sergio: First, thank you very much for this great opportunity. I really want you to know what happened beyond the framework of the social outbreak that was not in 2021 but began in 2019, because this process began with the death of the young Dylan Cruz a 17-year-old young man who suffered the impact of a grenade that went directly to the head made by the ESMAD.

My name is Sergio Andrés Pastor González, they tell me 19, not because I belong to any armed group, or linked to the M-19, but because it is because of my town, the city of Bolívar, Zone 19, Bogotá is divided into zones, the fourth, there is the eighth and Well, mine is zone 19, it's one of the most vulnerable neighborhoods, it's like the ass of Bogotá where everyone can "dispose of the excrement", as they say. Being here in this place has been a totally gigantic challenge. Many have asked me. Do you think it was worth it? Of something that everyone knows because they have condemned us. For a country that gave you what?

But after having left everything, having left my children, my mother, my job, my partner at that time, my life as such, a normal life among many aspects so to speak, realizing that more than 40 years , what the guerrillas could not do, what many groups that were against the ultra-right, the extreme right, so to speak, which is the Uribism we know here could not do. I say that it was worth every moment, every blessed minute.

Leaders of the Colombian First Line
Leaders of the Colombian First Line

And we are a group full of bald people between the ages of 15 and 20, 22 by far, me being one of the oldest, who was 32 years old at that time. Go out into the streets with a clear idea and more than one die for this cause, for this fight, because it was like that and there were more than 400 fatalities, why fool with the figures? They say there were 80, 30 disappeared, 7 women raped and 40 lost eyes, and that's it.

That's what they say. But why don't they really say the figures? More than 400 deceased victims. More than 450 missing and missing. More than 120 girls raped by the police, by the ESMAD. More than 240 lost eyes of many young girls and young people who cannot return to have a normal life, lost their sight. And the more than 347 political prisoners who are here for having taken to the streets, to fight for something so absurd that for many it was, but for us it is very valuable, and it was fighting against Uribismo.

Greta: The young people came out in what was the great call for that national strike. You also belong to a culture, you are also an artist and you have a whole panorama from youth culture in Colombia. How did they live that organization or why did they organize in the first line? This is how you call that front that also led the National Strike.

Sergio: In 2019, after the death of Dylan Cruz, there was a first outbreak, that was the beginning of what happened in 2021 and on April 28, that 2019, on September 11, the police killed 21 young people in cold blood. They had nothing to do with the protest, including one named Laura, from there we began to discuss what was happening and what was not happening and how we were going to defend ourselves, set up a defense group, because if ESMAD has it, why not us. That the national constitution shelters us to defend the right to protest and they do not respect it, they break the laws, because we also implement a defense group for the peaceful demonstration called Primera Línea, Colombia.

Constitution that even Petro signed among as many bureaucrat talks as all the presidents, because we know that the parties of both the left, right, and center are reformists, not socialists and I am not involved in political contexts as such, but I am here for a reason . So when we see that there are direct attacks by the public forces in which we already know that their duty is to kill young people, now that to say so, that is where we rise up against a dictatorship that really brings poverty, that It makes the poor poorer and the rich richer, and their wealth, because what hurts them is that someone attacks their pockets, that's when the walls of Jericho begin to shake.

The image shows hundreds of First Line activists in Bogotá
The image shows hundreds of First Line activists in Bogotá

And when the people begin to wake up is when they begin to assassinate us, to disappear us, imprison us, exile us, etc., and even play with our families and even take charge of murdering them, harassing them, persecuting them, it is because they are the owners After all, they have the power of Colombia, and being the owners of everything is because they can have the money they need, they can have the power they need, but what they don't know is that they don't have what we have, courage, freedom, and guts.

And from there we began to walk as a defense group for the peaceful demonstration, we didn't even have that name as Primera Línea. In reality we were facing all the repression against the public forces, because of what they were doing with us, in fact because of what we were doing against them. They wanted to cover all this up with the story of COVID, because of the World Cup qualifiers, which for me is also a harmonious fantasy at the international level for global control of the masses, because they already said it, and history has already said it every 100 years. He makes an international purge. The bubonic plague, the black plague, COVID.

Finally, 2021 arrives and the National Strike Committee makes a call to march on April 28, which before May 1, which is two days before, they go out to march on Labor Day, but like the National Strike Committee It's the same jam, the same bullshit from the government, because low-key they receive money, so that march was called for the 28th. But I left, I lived in La Calera, that day I was going to work, I had already spoken with some guys from the university where I studied, where they told me I had to leave, because I thought it was May 1, but not May 28. I thought they weren't going to attack us. I'm not ashamed to say it, I was going to work as an urban artist because I am a Hip Hop singer. So I was going to go to work and what I find is the great surprise that everything is blocked, there in the chapel,

Greta: What you are reporting seems very important to me regarding what this mobilization of student workers involved in which you were part of a call and also a discussion. What kind of country? And let's say about the Revolution, you were practically leading these movements and there is a sector that also had another role and you SOS one of those who was detained, imprisoned and another sector had another way out. Ah, but first we are going to have you tell us precisely what happened? During this national strike and after, let's say how are you currently?

Sergio: well, I was telling you there, it was around 9 in the morning on April 28, I was with my ex-partner in the apartment, I was carrying the speaker to go to work, I had boots, camouflage pants, and I remember that I went down At the bus stop, people were standing waiting for public transport to pass, many people waiting, I waited for about an hour and nothing, so we decided to go down to the main point of La Calera, which is the Chapel.

Image of First Line in Pereira City
Image of First Line in Pereira City

So when on that April 28 the road was blocked with a community pot, there were fathers, mothers, children, nephews, brothers, friends, etc. Everything was blocked, several points in Bogotá blocked, I even remember that Héroes was totally blocked, which is part of the 80 of Bogotá. Portal de las Américas was already doing the blockades in Cali, in Boyacá, which is near my town, there were also blockades.

So I see everything as what is happening, I remember that I had the microphone, I had the baffle, and I began to sing harangues, we began to say revolutionary songs like "Uribe paraco, the people are berraco", like "Uribe and Duque the same Shit they are, one is a paraco, and the other is an asshole".

Things like that, harangues. I don't know, I think this is why all my life, the revolutionary life I've led, I feel proud that it was what I was waiting for all my life. Because I have gone against the system I have never been part of it, I have never been part of the left, nor the center, nor the right, I have always been social, to the people, to the people, but seriously, never to the system We are going to destroy it, but we can modify it. And how is it modified? Doing it all together.

I began to speak with various youth groups that were there, there was a collective called "Cancunapa" there were other collectives that work with the social community, and I began to put everything together as a complete group, to organize ourselves, because I knew that the Via La Calera is the main street where magistrates, congressmen, senators, all that group of thieves, bureaucrats, sons of bitches who have their most expensive penthouses, even Duque has his house over there, the Colombian bourgeoisie.

We knew that if we blocked it was something, in short suicidal, if you will. I remember that we blocked, and a captain, the Captain of San Luis, approached me and said: "Young man, what does this blockade refer to ?" To which I replied: "With all due respect, Captain, we are endorsing one of the articles of the national constitution that allows the blockade of peaceful protests that includes blockades, includes banners, includes harangues, includes pots, so if you are a person who abides by the rules and laws as a police officer and a public servant..." (I spoke to him like that because many policemen here think they are policemen and the uniform makes them more than others, and in reality they do not realize that the same word it says they are "public servants",servants of society, they should not have weapons as such, these are military matters as such, but let's be honest the country is a dictator country, whether left, center or right, it doesn't matter where we already know many things that happen)

Report by Greta Roquero at 19
Report by Greta Roquero at 19

So the Captain kind of told me: "If you don't retire, we'll retire you no matter what, that's the order." I just replied, "Well, whatever, we're going to stay here." I had the idea of ​​taking some road signs using them as shields, in fact we had already done it in 2019 and we started to make them like in the movie "Ukraine Under Fire" , the Netflix documentary "Ukraine: Winter on Fire" from outbreak of 2014, what happened there, the young people who were murdered by snipers in cold blood, the same state killing them the same, there was no difference what happened in Maidan the streets there the same happened in Chile in 2019, it also happened in Ecuador yes I'm not bad at the moment.

But I realize that there is a difference that there the parents did leave, the uncles, the brothers, everyone united against the dictatorship of the president at that time, I don't remember the name well, and they didn't give a damn if they were killed or not, what happens here in Colombia that our parents don't give a damn if they kill us or not, it happened in 2019, in 2020, in 2021, and I think it will continue to happen so they don't care if they kill us, If they disappear from us, because we live in a country where there is a double standard, let's be honest, a double standard is handled here where only one watches over, and it is all one.

Then it happened like this: the ESMAD arrived, what we expected, in the onslaught of the night they shoot at us and it is something we did not expect. I was making some flyers for those from Cali because I already had contact with one of the leaders of Puerto Resistencia there, I had contact in Pasto, I had contact with the Deceased 92, contact with many people from many cities, such as Medellín, Barranquilla, Carthage etc We created a national group, both through WhatsApp, which was the first thing created to be in contact as such, but it was an organized group and I gave them the idea that if they attacked us, it would cost them a little more to control us.

The issue and they attack us like this on the 29th, the same round comes back on the 30th, the 1st was worse and he contacted Cali and they have already killed Lucas Villa, they have killed Daniel, they kill a girl Laura Martínez I don't remember the name of She, I was watching the live on Facebook the night Lucas Villa was killed, and I saw Nicolás lying there on the floor with the shots in the chest, Lucas just like Nicolás I saw how they were picking him up, with many crying, that It was what filled me the most with everything I have in my head.

Portal of the Resistance in Bogotá
Portal of the Resistance in Bogotá

So I have a friend who is in the Portal de la Resistencia, my best friend in fact, formerly the Portal of the Americas, I go there after leaving San Luis, I meet a group of young people, many, many more than 300 pelaos , young men and women of all kinds. There was a leader at that time Carlos Coao, I was received by those who were leading the Front Line in the Portal, at that time I was leading the complaint in Ciudad Bolívar, which is my town where 16 young people killed me in helicopters, shot at them in cold blood, the The first time he fell, they pierced his head, his brain exploded, and he was 15 years old, the bald guy, Sebastián.

Because many do not think and many are blind at times, right? That's why my mom told me that one thing is what Little Red Riding Hood says, and another thing is what the Big Bad Wolf says, one thing is what the state says because they have the power of the media, and another thing is the that we say that we do not have the power to see what is really happening. They remove stones and throw them to the bottom of the sea, in short. That's what they do here.

So I meet with those from Portal de la Resistencia, Portal Américas, we began to implement something more political, more pedagogical, more social, although they always wanted to cover us up, they always wanted to silence us, when the Duque censorship law was put in place, they cut off shipments from Facebook, they cut Instagram posts, Twitter retweets, censored the national media, and covered up the blood, the deaths, with soccer, with the playoffs, with COVID, and more diseases that didn't really exist, in a talk of political action that they did.

We met with the Secretary of Government Luis Ernesto implementing our list of requests and demand of 3 points: 1) The first, the dismantling and disarming of ESMAD, the suicide death squad, 2) the second, the non-judicialization of the protesters, neither protesters, nor members of Primeras Líneas, before or after the Strike, and 3) the third, the resignation of Duque's swine. Those were the only 3 points we had. We gave them as a priority that we were a First Line group that was governed by article 103 of the national constitution that allows us to be a group of more than 500 young participants and makes us look like an Open Town Hall. What does that mean? With the people's ideas and not theirs.

Greta: of course they organized with the ones here, we call them assemblies

Sergio: Popular assemblies, popular libraries, groups of teachers who organized themselves to help us and teach the people, there were psychologists, lawyers, criminal lawyers and many people, which we did when we had the camp at the UPK (Kennedy Public University of Bogotá) and not only He also did that when we had the camp in Parque Mundo. The sensationalism of the Colombian media made it appear that we were training to dismember people. Who said that? Who said that pod?

We were doing political acts with the people's policy, the Constitution says so, right? The sovereignty of the people in Colombia governs the people, not the rulers, prosecutors, or public servants, and we had to have things prepared, it was clear why they were persecuting us, we were hooded, and many said: "Why not take off the mask?. Do you know why we don't take off our mask? Because they were profiling us, because they were going to kill us, because they were going to disappear us, because they followed us to our homes, because that's how I lost many young people, that's how I lost many bald ones, that's how I saw Duván, Dylan, Cristhian die. That's how we lost thousands of young people who, because they didn't cover their faces, and go out into the streets without fear, like Duván Barrios, was one of my best peelers, who was killed at the age of 16, they left him next to the Portal pipe. saying that he was " a throwaway" who had gone swimming.

Images of First Line activists
Images of First Line activists

Here in Colombia, for the bourgeoisie, "a disposable" is someone who is useless when they know that they are worth more than the bourgeoisie themselves. When he had disappeared for more than 6 days, they called the family to recognize Duván Barrios. They killed me, they assassinated me.

They say we torture policemen! They say we have killed! That we are the worst terrorists! They say that we have guerrilla ties when first of all we have never belonged to the guerrilla, and secondly our principles and thoughts have never had to do with the guerrilla ties of this state, or of any other.

It is clear that perhaps the guerrillas started it, they had the ideals of the people, but they do not represent the people because they deviated from their path. We do not try to represent the people, we try to change a system with the people, transform it with the people, it has always been like that, we have always done it.

But now I think that no excuse is valid, right? Where are the real terrorists? Where are those who steal? Where are those who murder, disappear, those who dismember? Where are those corrupt politicians? From the left to the right, and the center that say they are doing more and are only doing it for the 1% of Colombia, the one that has ruined 99% of the people who believe that we are a minority when not, they are a minority.

Greta: I also wanted to ask you, Sergio, about the situation that both you and the workers, and the students who were in the streets experienced, the repression was also carried out by parapolice. You have another. How do you say? I don't know how to express the concern that the situation of the regime that you went through is different and that you continue to be punished for having taken the lead in that fight. How is it currently? In other words, why, being the ones who achieved, let's say that regime or the Uribista regime partly fell, the current government has not supported them?, but rather continues to persecute it! Not to a sector like you say, there are many of the young people on the front line dead, and others who have taken other paths. Why have you been punished?

Sergio: Well, we know that when there is an idea, they don't let the idea spread, right? governments like these. A movie that I love very much called "V for Vendetta" I don't know if you've seen it. The film concerns a man with a mask, the mask of "Anonymous" who makes a revolution. Throughout the film there is an agent who is chasing him to kill him, to assassinate him, a German agent, a detective because he is carrying out giant revolutionary acts, something that any revolutionary would like to do.

At the end of the movie "the man" they surround him and a group of agents surround him, and they shoot the man so much... And the man doesn't die! He kills everyone with a knife and goes to where the agent was who tells him: "Why don't you die?" And he replies: "Sir, behind this mask, there is more than flesh and bones, behind this mask there is an idea, and ideas are bulletproof"

They thought that murdering us, disappearing us, throwing the heads of our companions at our feet, because that's what they did! Dismembering, raping women, Girls!! Passing the tanks over many of my bald ones, and bald ones, because that's how they did it!!

They captured me only once in the Portal, they removed 5 teeth from my mouth, they broke my fingers, toes, and ribs, they were going to kill me. I escaped first, by a miracle of God, second, because I managed to break the glass of the Portal where they had me in the back. And so, almost dying, I was able to leave.

So, I sometimes say that whoever gave the order, although many of us know, I think it's a person we already know who he is. That he deserves but the contempt of the whole world, seriously, because that person has made everyone believe that what he says is real, and they believe him. Because it's obvious. If I had power that he has more than one of them, he could manipulate anyone's mind, and it stands to reason that they would. If I had money like them, I could even buy the hearts of many people, and they do, of those who said they weren't allowed to be bought by them. Those who were with me allowed themselves to be bought and manipulated by them.

But you know? When I was in the Portal de la Resistencia, I got a lot of tricks from them from the left, the right, criminal gangs, the guerrillas, the center. And I don't like deals. But they offered me a lot of money. Some things for my family in the country giving me security, trucks, political positions. A proposal of offers that only a stupid would not accept it. I am that stupid. I did not accept them. Because? For giving up my boys? For giving up their freedom, the ideals they have?

How I told more than one of them: I'd rather die on my feet than be a coward all my life on my knees. And I will always be willing, always, to die for an ideal, for my people, for you, and I am not a Messiah, but rather I have in my mind perfectly clear what I want, and what I really want. They told me : "There goes the thief, the tattooed one, the drug addict." Because that's how they see me, like a drug addict, a thief. What else can I expect! Those people don't really realize it because they say so, they're never going to be willing to read beyond the cover of the book, just to see it.

Greta: What you are saying is very important because they have stigmatized you, as they say here they have called you a drug addict, a criminal because of your tattoos and not really because of those who have gone through and lived in this call that was made, which was massive, which was accompanied by the people, right? As a whole, because what you carried out was a strike, a national strike never seen before, experienced in Colombia. And that continues because revolts continue today in many parts of Colombia.

The First Line facing the repression of the paramilitary groups Parapolice forces ("paracos" popularly called in Colombia)
The First Line facing the repression of the paramilitary groups Parapolice forces ("paracos" popularly called in Colombia)

Despite the fact that you have imprisoned them and many have been assassinated, you can name or quote again so that it is understood who has been assassinated by the Colombian forces and what you expect or expect from the international solidarity that we seek to grant within our possibilities. Of course, a call for the freedom of you and all your comrades. That they are illegally imprisoned because if you can tell how the trial process was.

Your lawyer is also being persecuted in the sense that they don't take care of her , (by Andrea Torres, Sergio's defense lawyer) not even during Uribismo they didn't take care of the prisoners. That is why we are very happy to finally be able to do this interview with you because we were waiting and we were also afraid that it would not happen, so we are telling you all this through our "Cooperative Approach" program here from Argentina.

Sergio: Fine. This all makes sense, right? The sense has a reason. And the motive has a right. The right that they have is simply like toilet paper, it goes straight to shit because they don't know how to use it. I left my family, my children, my mother, my job, my life, for this cause, for the people. I am willing to do it. Here many come saying "They do not represent us" It is that we are not representing anyone. We went out to fight for something to change, no matter what, there are those who believe that they take 5 minutes 10 minutes of work for this cause, but I'd rather lose 5 minutes, 10 minutes of my work than not live a lifetime dragging myself to the salary of The bourgeoisie.

I tell you that the working class that has spent years waiting, waiting for some genuine legislation, a pension, or something to remunerate everything, because they fought for their rights, and they have. Then see! And they went out to fight. Because of them, that is, thousands of girls and boys came out to fight for the rights of their own parents, grandparents, and ancestors. Even for their children, because nowadays there are very young parents, right? And they went out to fight, for themselves and their own parents.

And those same parents said: "My son is a gamer, my son is a vandal" Those things that come out of the minds of our parents! What is the double standard of this country? Here there is no left, right, or center that changes anything because those parties are reformist. They will always go with the capitalist bourgeoisie. To keep everything. And when a party is reformist, it simply covers little holes, with those little holes and our bones they can do charitable works in a certain place, they can carry out certain measures in certain parts. But in the end we are going to be 100 percent enemies of the state. But I'm not afraid. Because whoever is up there is already tightening the screws of many. Mandela said, we are a germ that spreads everywhere, and we are those necessary germs for this society.

Parapolice forces ("paracos" popularly called in Colombia) repress first line youth
Parapolice forces ("paracos" popularly called in Colombia) repress first line youth

Look, I'm going to tell you something. Many of my peeled were drug addicts and had a very bad time. I saw women who gave up their body for money. I heard people, peeled, and peeled who were raped, and raped by their fathers, mothers, and uncles. And they got there, to the First Line and they changed their thoughts, their ideals.

Perhaps I felt that even some of them, I won't say the name, were summoned to be one of the leaders of the First Line. So I think that what Colombian activism showed is that it was possible to combat the inequity they sowed.

They were simply wipes of warm water, baths of warm water to give an account that this generation, the generation of "nobodies", could change a country. At least I draw that conclusion. But I feel proud to be at the side of the most rebellious young people in Colombia.

Greta: How is this going, what is the campaign for the dissolution of ESMAD? Can you explain to us that these forces are the character they have?

Sergio: What do we do? We do political acts, but people's politicians, for example, right now after the first 3 or 4 months after the outbreak when I was captured many times the Front Lines visualized themselves, they spread out, others hid, unfortunately I even received calls where I was listening. that they killed one of the bald ones, one of my bald ones, that another disappeared. I heard the call of one of the Pelaos from Cartago telling me: "19 are persecuting me, they are going to make me disappear, they are beating me!" And from one moment to another the call was cut off! What does that make me understand?

We want to make real social change without promises, without saying , "If you vote for me, I'm going to put a soccer field here and I'm going to give away 100 tamales." No. We are not bureaucrats because it is called a bureaucracy and when a person is a bureaucrat for me he is a clown. Well, the truth is, we want to provide real follow-up, we have a foundation from here from prison that for more than 14 months we have been forming and working in a foundation called USP "Una Sonrisa Popular. " It is a national allocation that covers everything, but mainly the most vulnerable children in any part of Colombia. And it is that not only giving them a piece of bread and a coin, everything is solved.

Because unfortunately we, including myself when I was outside as people, we walk down the street, we see a hungry child, we see him asking for a coin, we give him a piece of bread. And we say: "We did a good deed, if the good Samaritan " And it makes a difference. But then what? That boy what? What's the matter with him? We follow up by sponsoring boys and girls to give them that fish, so to speak, but not only always give them the fish, but also give them the rod so they can learn to fish. Because while we are with the fish, they are going to learn to fish and when they fish they are going to be fishermen. So they're going to do the same thing we did.

That is what we want to do without lies, without deceit. We have many projects with Andrés from Philippe Street who is my partner here. Philippe Street is like his brand that works with us supporting me, this movement, my mother, the collective that is with my mother. I have said how "Bodies in prison, minds free" is a fight that became my fight, it became my mother's fight, that's why they don't want her anywhere, I feel guilty about it. They say, the mother of 19 and that hurts me. It hurts me a lot. Because she is the mother of the Colombian weirdo, supposedly "the terrorist, the torturer, the murderer". It hurts a lot.

The First Line in the Resistance Portal
The First Line in the Resistance Portal

But I wonder: They make that stigmatization of my family, of me, of my mother. How many politicians steal daily, like the one that appropriated the 70,000 million pesos? And they take a picture and say no. And the chimba. The chimba Do you know what I can tell you?

They took a photo of me in the portal against the tank, which is the most recognized photo called "Resist" and that photo is on social networks. They took it exactly on May 17, 300 million euros were won in France, for that foto El Tiempo, that journalist. And what do you think they told me, that they gave me, my mom? For the expenses of 19? Because that's worth it, right?

It is assumed, since they are spreading it, what happened to the mother of 19? Who cares. Nobody cares. They don't care, money doesn't change you, it just shows who you are.

Greta: We thank you for everything you have told us and we wanted you to give an opinion on the situation of those who took positions as "peace managers", that is, who made an agreement with the Petro government to be out of the jail. What do you think of that situation? And how is your current situation? What do you think?

Sergio: They first named me "Peace Manager", supposedly, and that was national news, Petro and many of the "left" also said that. When they said that 19 was going to be a "Peace Manager" the media came out to reply and they do not take it well or badly, and the ultra-right to say that as a terrorist, a kidnapper, a torturer could be a "Peace Manager " . I don't want some organizations and national groups of all kinds to take it the wrong way, but if a person who beheaded another, dismembered, or violated, can be a " Peace Manager",Because a person who was detained without compelling evidence in the fully programmed trial, bought, corrupt like this one, Prosecutor Lastra knows what I'm talking about, can he be a "Peace Manager" ? Why not me?

I don't want to be a "Peace Manager" really! Know? I didn't study Political Science, that wasn't my thing, I don't know anything about Political Science because it never interested me, but I was very interested in reading from a very young age, and if I haven't read a little more than 300 books in my life is a little bit. But I am very interested in social treatment, general social treatment because I grew up in a slum where at the age of 8 I had to go out looking for bread, while my mother was a mule in prisons to feed us. My dad was an alcoholic. Unfortunately I made mistakes in my little life experience, I was in jail before for various mistakes I made.

But in this country you can't have opportunities. How is it possible that they ask young people to start a career, which is so difficult to have here in Colombia, and then after they graduate they ask them for 2 years of work experience. What is the logic? What are they doing? Why are they so clowns? Because that is what this government is. Petro? He climbed shitting on the right, left and center because we say they are liars. Because we don't catch one thing in reality, that's it, and we don't see it, they covered all this using soccer, the atrocious homicides of thousands of young people in Colombia they covered them up with the World Cup qualifiers and this COVID.

The youth of the First Line in Cali
The youth of the First Line in Cali

And since these people are so stupid that they prefer to pay attention, distract and concentrate rather on it, while they don't see how their young people are killed there, they kill them outside. But that doesn't matter to them. I had to see many young men, many young women, many who said that they were vandals, that they were drug addicts, that they were bad people and not fit for society. And where are the fathers of these young people? Where are the mothers? Where are the families?

Where are those who said "My son!" and they mourned him in a coffin? But when they were on the Front Line they were just looked at as they look at everyone else, unfit for society. But while I had to call for the boys who were captured, missing or dead, they blamed me! They told me: "It's your fault 19, you're a son of a bitch, it's your fault they killed my son, it's your fault they killed my daughter."

And I told him : "What have you done for your sons, what have you done for your daughters when you should be there supporting them?" They were allowed to die, but they were not satisfied with it, if not in reality they were satisfied dragging their bellies at a few pesos a month for a salary of one million pesos, they exchanged it for that. That is what the life of more than one is worth. A million pesos because they believe the general market more than what they sell. But people live happily like this! People live deceived, they are conformist, they are blind, all of this causes a mental vomit where the big political mafias take over everything. But when will they understand? When can they really understand what they want? When do they bottom out? Because I say that when you hit rock bottom he can really do what he wants.

Greta: Well, we thank you and we also wanted to end by raising the need for an international campaign for the liberation, not only of you but of your comrades who are going through this prison situation. You have a 14-year sentence according to that trial that I don't know if you want to add something more about how it was. There is an observation by the United Nations Organization also regarding this trial. Or is it not?

Sergio: Perhaps there have been responses, or rather voluntary attempts from the United Nations Commission, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the Human Rights Commission here in Colombia. My comrades in Girón, in La Modelo, in La Mantí, in Cali, in several of the national prisons, comrades who are imprisoned in Pasto. They have not yet had that opportunity as such for an answer like me. Even those of us who are here in Combita, I had an interview, more than an interview, a rapprochement with the general director of the prison and I told him: " Look, I think I'm happy that they take all my pelaos out. I don't care if I stay here I already met my goal"

That's the idea. This is the idea. And when the idea is successful and they see that it is good, they will follow it. And what is it that we can ask for? An equality? I don't think so. I do not believe that there is equality in a country where there is inequality, in a country where that homogeneity does not really exist, where it is not an egalitarian country, because we want everything to be equal. But to achieve that they already know what they have to do, everyone knows what they have to do. We all know what we have to do. We have a job, we have a line I am a singer-songwriter, we have singer-songwriters, others are workers, other taxi drivers, others sell sweets on the street, street vendors, some sell clothes, but we are all infiltrators in the system.

Cristhian Sanchez leader of Front Line assassinated by paramilitary forces
Cristhian Sanchez leader of Front Line assassinated by paramilitary forces

That is what they have not wanted to understand, because we are the 99% of the system that manages only 1% of our lives, who believe they manage 1% of our lives. Because that's what they haven't realized, because there are thousands and thousands, and thousands more, and a handful of mayors who are nothing, against a handful of people who are many.

Greta: Thank you very much. Well, a big hug and we'll keep in touch, huh? Thank you very much for. For having given us this space to get to know you, to know the situation. There were some issues that made a bit of noise there in the sound interview, but hey, it also clarifies a lot about the situation of youth and how they have gone through that national strike and everything that implies the violence and precariousness that they live there . Thank you very much Serge.

Sergio: To finish, I just want to say thank you very much, thanks to Argentina, thanks to Chile, thanks to Canada, thanks to you for being part of this. Of this international movement so great that it is to awaken the minds. Thank you because you have your eyes where they should be. Because they know with what sacrifice this is done. Because perhaps they have gone through it, because they have lost a person, a family member, a friend, someone close, because of this fight, a fight that has been going on for thousands of years, thousands of years.

Thank you for the interview. I think that with a little more time we can focus on the internal part of the dialogues that were held with the Government. Because we held dialogues with the government, we filled out papers. We did many things that the State never showed. What's more, I was here in jail, more than one person asked me: "What is that, is it a stone thrower?" And I say: "More than a stone thrower, a Molotov launcher, or a pope-bomb launcher, we are more than that"

"But why? Because they were shooting us to kill. That is, it is a way of defending ourselves but not with the same weapons as theirs, we are not going to match each other, we defended ourselves with metal shields. And thousands of pelaos died heroically thinking that the shield was going to defend them, but for their people. Defending the people, they faced shots that reached their chests, and killed them, in the head. Because we are facing a genocidal state that for more than 40 years, more than 40 Years had oppressed us. Leading a Front Line with thousands of young people, never, was not easy but I fell in love with those young people, I fell in love with this fight. Everything I lost was worth it, and my teeth will always be worth it, yes, one day I will have the opportunity to be with them, and if not I will be with what they are not.

But this fight has led us to do this. And that is where we are going to find the meaning of why we are here. I don't even know why I'm here, yet. And sometimes I get it. And sometimes I know why, I know why, and I know where I am going, I can only say that as I told Caracol, RCN, and various national tabloid channels because everyone realized that we are not terrorists, we are the First Line, and the First Line loves you, the First Line of Colombia with La Marx International, united and here we are.