An International Conference at the service of the World Revolution

Flyer announcing the International Online Conference
Flyer announcing the International Online Conference

By La Marx International 5/5/23

The International Online Conference of La Marx International convened on April 30 was a step forward in supporting revolutions, mobilizations, insurrections, and struggles that are sweeping the world. Today, support for the world revolutionary process is fundamental. Militants and activists from Paris to Montreal, and from Lima to Calcutta, passing through Sao Paulo, Mexico City, New York, or Boston were participating in the deliberations of the International Conference.

The meeting addressed the axes of the world political situation with the objective of supporting the masses of the world who are led by the National Liberation Revolution of the people of Ukraine, and the enormous national mobilization of the people of France against the capitalist-imperialist government of Macron. , confront imperialist capitalism. In this case, the online Conference addressed a report that consisted of 3 fundamental points or axes, around which the debates took place.

The first axis of the report addressed the situation of the crisis of capitalism and the world economy. The situation of collapse of capitalism causes a terrible situation of hunger, unemployment, pandemics and environmental destruction, which millions of people suffer on the five continents, and the report addressed the wave of bank failures that had as its center the fall of the Corporation Global Credit Suisse which deserved a Bailout for the 1% aristocracy that dominates global capitalism. The crisis in Switzerland, once a bastion of security and stability of capitalism, today bankrupt, is the expression of the seriousness of the crisis.

The 1% oligarchs continue to receive billions of dollars in bailouts to support their failing corporations and banks. The Conference ratified that it is time to put an end to this situation, and that the terminal crisis of capitalism shows that it is time to coordinate the world's struggles to impose Global Socialism.

The second axis of the report addressed the analysis of the mass insurrection that is shaking the world, in response to the terrible situation caused by the collapse of capitalism. Led by the masses of Ukraine, who are defeating Putin's fascist invasion, and led by the workers and people of France, who are waging a true insurrection against the Macron government, the masses of the world are waging a 3rd global revolutionary wave. against capitalism.

Asia Commune website reproduced the call in English, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Chinese, Urdi, Shinhala for Asia activism Images of the online activity of the International Conference
Asia Commune website reproduced the call in English, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Chinese, Urdi, Shinhala for Asia activism Images of the online activity of the International Conference

In turn, the wave of mobilizations in France are at the forefront of a powerful strike movement that is shaking all of Europe with the proletariats of Germany, England, Italy, and Spain at the forefront. They show that a powerful union activism is developing in the United States that expresses the rise of the American working class, the most powerful in the world. Together with the mass mobilizations in Israel, the masses defeated the Bonapartist attempt of the government, in Palestine the masses continue to develop the 3rd Intifada, this time, developed by the Palestinians who live inside Israel.

In Venezuela, important workers' strikes have developed, led by teachers, the teachers, while the workers' and popular struggles travel the world from Hong Kong to Chile, from Catalonia to Iraq,"Workers of the world, unite". We must support and join forces to support the mass insurrections that are cornering the capitalist governments.

The 3rd axis of the report addressed the analysis of the serious crisis that the world left is going through. The report raised the situation that in the midst of this global revolutionthe panorama of the world left is one of disintegration and deep crisis. The explanation is that the left groups have adopted the reformist strategy of the Progressive International (IP) headed by Bernie Sanders in the United States, Podemos in Spain, Syriza in Greece or PSOL in Brazil, or experiences of the Popular Front government the betrayal of the Chilean left in the Boric government, the Popular Revolutionary Alternative (APR) of Venezuela or the experience of the FITU in Argentina, experiences that demonstrate the disaster into which the world left that has broken with Marxism is sinking, and betrays the struggles of the working class throughout the world.

We cite as examples these groups and organizations that prioritize electoralism, adaptation to the norms of the bourgeois regime and the unions governed by the capitalist state. This is what we observe in all the currents of the world left that, faced with the open situation in France, refuse to state that the struggle for a workers' and popular government is necessary. The dictatorships of Maduro in Venezuela, Díaz Canel in Cuba or Xi-Jinping in China who disguise themselves as "socialists" have abandoned Marxism and become corrupt in favor of multinationals.

Images of the online activity of the International Conference
Images of the online activity of the International Conference

By joining the strategy of the Progressive International, the process of social democratization developed by these groups has led them to become reformist organizations, which has caused thousands of honest militants to leave these organizations. That is why it becomes fundamental, and necessary, to move forward in resolving the crisis that the world left is going through, a crisis that can be overcome by returning to Marxism.

It is a fight for the world regroupment of the revolutionaries that advances with each initiative that we develop in all the countries every day. As part of this battle, let us recover the revolutionary strategy and the classic Marxist tradition of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, James Cannon and Nahuel Moreno. In the first place, the fight is to recover internationalism, which today involves supporting the workers and the people of Ukraine in their fight against Putin's fascist invasion. We need to resume the internationalist tradition of the Simón Bolívar Brigade, promoted by Nahuel Moreno in the 1970s for the Nicaraguan Revolution, to lead the world revolution to victory, and defeat the policies of capitalist governments around the world.

Special guests of the International Online Conference were the comrades of the Independent Left from Ireland, as well as comrades from Venezuela, teachers from the state of Carabobo who have led important strikes against Maduro, as well as workers from Mexico who are activists of the combative Section 22 of the CNTE in the Magisterium. Leaders of the International Platform count the Feminicides and Disappearances of Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, as well as the presence of comrades from France who are active in the CGT of the Sorbonne was very important. Also present were representatives from Sri Lanka, leaders such as Wilfred Silva and Don Samantha who coordinate the important website Asia Commune, which has correspondents in India, Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and other Asian countries.

This is how militants from The Marx International of Montreal, in Canada, also intervened, who located the situation of the workers in the imperialist countries. Comrade Vladimir Cosios from Ecuador raised the fight against Machismo, and for Justice for Valentina Cosios. From Chile, the comrades denounced the betrayal of the Boric government and the Chilean left to the people.

Comrades from New York who were present as sympathizers of The Marx International expressed the situation of the workers and the American people in the United States. The presence of numerous activists who were able to express their points of view and different positions in different languages ​​are the demonstration of the progress of the International Regroupment of the revolutionaries that we are carrying out from La Marx International.

The International Online Conference of La Marx International convened on April 30 was a step forward, which with a lot of effort, sacrifice and work we were able to achieve thanks to the work of the militants of La Marx International in the countries where we are working intensively. in supporting revolutions, mobilizations, insurrections, and struggles that are sweeping the world. An experience that will be repeated in a few months, one of the resolutions of the meeting, the permanent call to work together in favor of the International Regrouping, which in the next online Conferences that we will be leading will continue to mark the path of the advancement of the construction of a Revolutionary International organization, on the path of the struggle for Global Socialism.

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