Abstention and invalid votes in the European elections!


By Jose Miguel Gándara C. - La Marx Spain

In the European elections from 6 to 9 In June, we propose that you reject the candidates who defend the Union Capitalist and imperialist European (EU) with abstention or null votes. We propose to reject NATO's partners who are murderers of the Palestinian people! While the workers and people of the EU countries led by Ursula von der Leyen we suffer from increasing conditions of poverty, falling wages and inflation, the richest, bankers and capitalist corporations in Europe They live every day wrapped in the greatest wealth.

Also We must encourage abstention or null votes in support of workers and peoples fighting for their demands, for national liberation, for the end of capitalism. racism, for women's rights, and immigrants. For the support of the thousands of young people occupying universities and mobilizing every day in support for Palestine. For the support of struggles such as the one given by the people of France against the reforms, the general strike in Belgium, the Amazon in Germany, the general strikes, railroad workers, metalworkers and Longshoremen in Britain, Strikes in Germany by Workers dockers in Hamburg, Bremer, Bremerhaven, Brake, etc. strikes in Italy, Spain, Norway oil and gas workers, and in Denmark the aeronautical workers. In support of all of them, let us reject the candidates of The Troika!!

Also in support of the peoples fighting for their national liberation. In support of the Peoples of Ukraine, Catalonia, Palestine, Ireland, Scotland, Walloons, Flemish, etc. The EU Says It Supports Ukraine, It's False!. As they hug and act out with Zelensky, the president of Ukraine's capitalist government, support the invasion of Ukraine buying gas and hydrocarbons from Putin than with those millions ruthlessly bombards defenseless and vulnerable people in the Ukrainian cities. They claim to give weapons to Ukraine, but it is also false, for all This year they have denied him all kinds of weapons, they deny him weapons strategic, and the one they have sent has been in dribs and drabs, due to pressure from the peoples of Europe who massively support Ukraine. We are unconditionally for the right to national liberation and independence of Ukraine, by the defeat of Putin's criminal invasion!!

No vote for those who support NATO and Israel

The same thing is true of European governments with respect to the people of Palestine. European governments talk about supporting Palestine, but they financially support the NATO that murders every day to the Palestinian people. NATO and the U.S. U.S. Supports Netanyahu's Occupying Government that murders Palestinian families in occupied Palestine. We reject the Candidates in the European elections as a way of supporting the militias Palestinian women fighting for national liberation.

This It is the imperialist capitalism defended by the candidates in the the EU. The European Parliament is a den of bandits that only knows how to abide by the rules of the European Parliament. orders from the troika made up of the EU, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the European Central Bank (ECB). The officials and deputies of the The European Parliament only knows how to obey Christine Lagarde, the president of the European Parliament. ECB. Let us reject all the representatives of the imperialist troika, and the Bandit bankers!! Do not give a single vote to those who day by day subject us to the oppression and poverty!

It rejects the Social Democrats and representatives of the "imperialist" Progressive International, the Sanchez, the Scholtzes, Syriza, Podemos, Melenchon, Corbyn, Starmer, Rebelo de Sousa, Milanovic, Van der Bellen, etc. These political leaders self-described "socialists" or "progressives" are faithful representatives of bankers and wealthy European businessmen. They have supported bank bailouts, which save the wealthy bankers, and plunge the poverty to the people. We must turn our backs on the EU candidates in the coalitions openly defending capitalism such as Le Pen, Meloni, Vox, the PP, Morawiecki, Sunak, or Orban.

These candidacies defend the capitalism with an "anti-progressive" discourse against the rights of women. women, Immigrants. But don't You create the fights between them!! Capitalist candidates from the "right" or "left" came together to vote together for the new European Pact on Immigration and Asylum adopted on 10 April by the European Parliament, which allows even children under the age of six to be detained and searched years. This is not the Europe of the peoples, it is, instead, the Europe of the markets, of the financial oligarchy, of the business lobbies, of private interests, of the arms industry and of continuous and constant war Not a single vote for the EU candidates and the Troika!! From the Marx Spain We call on all those who are willing to turn their backs on these professional scammers to join us in this campaign in rejection of the defenders of capitalism, in support of the struggles of the peoples of Europe, on the road to the of the struggle for Global Socialism.

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