The danger for American people are the Democrats and the Biden Administration

We present two articles on the political crisis in the United States, "The danger to the American and world people is the Biden Administration" by comrade Alfonso Ramírez from La Marx United States, and the article "The world left joins the policy of the Democratic Party " by Daniel Campos. We make our contribution to the intense debate unleashed after the latest political events in the United States. 

The symbol of the bizarre Trump demonstration
The symbol of the bizarre Trump demonstration

The bizarre "antics" of Trump supporters, unleashes a wave of capitulation on the global left 

The danger to the American and world people is the Biden Administration 

By Alfonso Ramirez. La Marx USA 13/1/21

On January 6, a joint session of the United States Congress was scheduled to certify the Electoral College vote, and give the victory to the Democrats and Biden. The defeated outgoing president Donald Trump called a "March to Save America" ​​with the slogan "Stop the Steal" to reject the electoral result of the elections of last November. Trump and his team expected millions to heed their call, and they organized the aforementioned "March" with a lot of money, even setting up a stage for Trump to speak "to the masses" in Washington. 

But the "March to Save America" ​​was a real failure. The American people did not attend Trump's summons. Not in Washington, not in any city in the country. It was attended by only a pathetic handful of a few thousand lúmpenes, drunkards, outcasts, former members of the military, late-night Ku Kux Klan, fringe groups, and a pathetic group of Confederates, supremacists, who were brought in on chartered transports from towns in the inside. 

All a decomposed and bizarre scum, was what Trump managed to gather despite the money, and the means he has. The failure of his act is the expression of the brutal crisis and weakness in which the right and the extreme right find themselves in the United States.

A antics of fringe elements 

The demonstration of the "Proud Boys", as Trump called them, failed so miserably, that it ended up being a true bizarre antics. The groups of lumpenes and marginals fell into disarray, emboldened by alcohol. They entered the Capitol offices on their own to loot, break glass, sit in offices, steal souvenirs, showing scenes that border on a bizarre movie, which unleashed a worldwide wave of Memes. 

This final action by the group of marginals in which the "March to Save America" ​​ended demonstrates the increasing degree of social and political decomposition in the US political regime, the crisis of the Trump government and the Republican Party, and social isolation. and political in which the right and the extreme right meet in the United States. 

After the "March to Save America" ​​Mike Pence, the US Vice President and the other top Republican leaders broke with Trump. Several members of the Trump administration's cabinet resigned. And a very important Trump voter base not only did not support the "March", they rejected it. The "March to Save America", far from strengthening the right wing and the American extreme right, wounded and weakened it more deeply. 

Trump militants vandalized the Capitol
Trump militants vandalized the Capitol

Even social media companies like Twitter and Facebook suspended Donald Trump's accounts in response to the events of January 6, a few days after the end of his term. We are against censorship against Trump. Freedom of expression must always be a permanent battle, even when it comes to a racist, macho, reactionary like Trump. But endorsing that social networks curtail freedom of expression is a double-edged sword, if we accept it for Trump, then those companies can decide to censor the revolutionaries. 

Twitter's attitude is completely hypocritical, if Twitter wants to portray itself as a "rights defender" company, it is totally false, since they never did anything in the previous 4 years that Trump dedicated himself to attacking minorities, encouraging and rekindling racism already existing in the country and expressing a string of barbarities that are only acceptable or forgivable in a mentally retarded person. 

The politics of the Democratic Party and Social Democracy 

The New York Times, the Democratic Party of the United States, the Democratic Socialists of America of Ocasio Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Democracy Now, a whole sector of imperialism, and of the world left say that what happened with the pathetic march of 6 January was a "coup". And that therefore what now has to be done is "defend democracy" from the "fascist gangs and mobs." 

They propose an impeachment against Donald Trump. Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leader who presides over the House of Representatives, went so far as to say that there was "danger of Trump acceding to the nuclear access codes." A real nonsense, a pack of lies that aims to confuse and mislead the American people. 

All the capitalist governments of the world came out to support this policy of imperialism. All sent a message of "repudiation of the coup", some with more emphasis, others with less, and supported the militarization measures that the Democrats promote due to the "risk of far-right gangs." But Washington's military deployment is not to confront the "extreme right." These deployed military forces are the same ones that have repressed all this year the massive mass mobilizations against the police and the forces of the capitalist state that crossed the country after the death of George Floyd.

The Front for "Social Peace and Democracy" 

Taking advantage of the pathetic and overflowing concentration of lúmpenes in which the "March" of Trump was constituted, the Democrats and capitalist governments of the world intensify and consolidate the policy of calling the "Front for Peace and Democracy". 

They lie to the masses of the world, telling them that the big problem is not capitalism, nor their governments, nor the multinationals. 

According to the "Front for Social Peace and Democracy", despite the fact that capitalism plunges millions into hunger, poverty, pandemics, and destruction of the environment, that is not the great problem of the world. They say that the world's problem is the "advent of fascism" and that then what must be done is "Defend Democracy." 

That they respect human rights, that they are going to build a "more humane capitalism", that they defend the rights of blacks, women, and the most oppressed. All a speech of lies, and falsehoods, because the Democrats are the direct representatives of Wall Street and the oligarchy of the 1% that dominates capitalism globally. 

What does the "Front for Peace and Democracy" propose? Unite in a front of "all against the right". Betting on "dialogues", "agreements", "social agreements". And to bet on the elections of bourgeois democracy, electoral mechanisms, elect deputies, senators, focus the entire strategy on these objectives. 

They argue that in this way it is possible to achieve minimal improvements, subsidies, establish cooperatives, increases in the minimum wage, improvements in the rights of blacks, women, indigenous peoples, who achieve "a more humane capitalism." All a false and lying speech, because you cannot "humanize" Wall Street, multinationals and Corporations. Capitalism is in a serious crisis that does not give the possibility of minimal increases, or cooperatives, or improvements of any kind. 

Why are Democrats calling Trump's pathetic and bizarre demonstration a coup? Don't you know what a coup is? The Democrats know this perfectly well. In fact, Democratic leaders, parliamentarians, and leaders have perpetrated and supported every coup, massacre, torture, and kidnapping in the United States in the last 70 years. 

They supported the Bush Administration's invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, and supported the fascist Patriot Act and the constitution of the sinister Ministry of Homeland Security. Because of their direct ties to the Pentagon and Wall Street, any group of Democratic imperialist leaders are a thousand times more dangerous than the band of drunken bizarre that Trump assembled in Washington on January 6. 

So, why does the "Front for Peace and Democracy" propose to meet in a front of "all against the right"? As we have denounced in the SOCIALISMO Magazine, they lie to try to divert, and derail the deep revolutionary rise that is shaking the world, and has its epicenter, precisely in the United States. There is a mass insurrection on all continents against capitalism, and its governments, which does not stop even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Democrats want this revolutionary rise not to go against the Biden Administration they lead. At a time when they are about to take office, Trump's antics fit the bill to deepen his campaign to "unite all of us against the right", and thus, hide from the American people and the masses of the world what is the real danger. And this is none other than the Biden Administration itself. 

The true social cancer is the excessive power of governments, which, associated with bourgeois companies, will always have in their hands the economic destiny of the working class, which has always carried the enormous weight of the insatiable greed of those who control the global economy.  

The reality is that we must unquestionably unite, but not with the "Front for Social Peace and Democracy", but with groups that truly seek social equality for all. Uniting is necessary, but not with campaigns and groups made up of government analysts that seek to keep the tottering capitalism alive and in force, but with global campaigns of true justice for those who create the wealth of the peoples. 

The revolution in the United States is already unhideable
The revolution in the United States is already unhideable

The world left joins the politics of the Democratic Party 

By Daniel Campos 13/1/21 

The new US President Joe Biden, and the entire Front for Social Peace and Democracy have launched the policy of "anti-fascist or anti-reactionary unity front" to "combat fascism or the advance of the right." The American left, and the entire world left, is bowing to this policy and this call. 

This is the strategy of the Democratic Party, which has been adopted by the social democratic, Stalinist, ex-guerrilla and Trotskyist groups. To justify this political line, they must lie about what is happening in the United States and the world. 

The analysis of "Polarization" to hide the workers' and popular revolution

In the analysis of what is happening in the United States, the world left says that there is a "polarization" of the class struggle. They acknowledge the existence of great struggles of the American people, a question that is now unanswerable, but they affirm that the forces of the bourgeoisie, the capitalist classes or the "reactionary forces" have the same force as the workers and the American people. This is absolutely false. 

The power of the mobilizations and the working class of the United States is being overwhelmingly more powerful and majority than those of the bourgeoisie and not to mention the forces of any supremacist and confederate group. The American working class is the most powerful in the world, and this year its mobilization buried Trump's re-election project. 

The powerful mobilizations of Black Lives Matter are integrated by massive detachments of sectors of the working class, youth, sectors of feminism, the anti-war movement, LGTBQ, indigenous peoples, etc. And along with this movement, the country is being furrowed by huge strikes by industrial unions, service workers, teachers, health workers, nurses and doctors demanding medicines and supplies to combat COVID-19. 

A single movement of the little finger of the American working class is enough to wipe out the supremacist groups. The United States has been going through an enormous revolutionary process for 14 years, when the invasions in Iraq and Afghanistan were defeated. An enormous and deep revolutionary process has triggered the world crisis of capitalism, of the country's political regime based on its main political parties, Democrat and Republican. The Pentagon crisis has detonated, and from the repressive forces of the country, millions of Americans believe that it is necessary to abolish, or withdraw funds from the police throughout the country.

The North American Revolution of the XXI Century is the fundamental political event of the world situation. The opinionologists "of the left" seek to hide it, speaking of "polarization" of the class struggle, which is a lie to exaggerate the forces of the bourgeoisie, of the extreme right, and make the United States believe that it suffers a serious problem of "advance of the right" or the "advent of fascism. " 

The shift to the left of the masses destroys the capitalist parties 

The American Revolution of the 21st century has also caused a shift to the left in the consciousness of mass sectors in the United States. Millions are drawn to Marxism, and socialism. The social and political organizations linked to socialism and Marxism are growing, while the old capitalist organizations like the old Democratic and Republican parties are plunged into acute crisis. 

The phenomenon has given rise to a number of political and social processes of global impact, such as Black Lives Matters, the "Me Too" movement, the "Wall of Mothers", Occupy Wall Street, the black armed militias NFAC, etc. among others. Speaking of socialism, Bernie Sanders has become the most popular politician in the country. 51% of the country's youth sympathize with socialism. 

The armed lefter grups spread around US. Here the group Redneck Revolt
The armed lefter grups spread around US. Here the group Redneck Revolt

The Democratic Socialist Party has grown spectacularly, from 5,000 to 60,000 members. Black Lives Matters brings together thousands of activists, and has the sympathy of millions across the country. Its founders publicly claim to be "trained Marxists." 

Candidates who claim to be "socialists" in the Democratic Party like Bernie Sanders, Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar, or Rashida Tlaib, are rising stars of national politics. If they withdraw their candidacies from the Democratic Party today, this party would most likely move to a 4th, or 5th place comfortably, as happened with Lula's PT in Brazil. 

The Republican Party is in crisis, with multiple fractures, lost millions of votes, and lost the Senate that I control for decades. The "March to Save America" ​​demonstrates the growing degree of crisis in this party and not to mention the dangerous confederate groups, supremacists, or like the Ku Klux Klan that were once mass. Today the ultra-right groups are sinking more and more into marginality, disintegration and decomposition, as the pathetic "March to Save America" ​​showed. 

To speak of "polarization" of the class struggle is a lie to exaggerate the forces of the bourgeoisie, of the extreme right, which is the propaganda that the democrats do. The same lies have been told by world left groups regarding the Bolivian revolution in which the people kicked out the capitalist government of Evo Morales. Democrats and the world left called it a "coup."

When Bolsonaro won in Brazil, Trump in the US, Piñera in Chile, Boris Johnson in England, they also filled their mouths talking about "advance of the right and fascism." But all the charlatanism of these groups and pseudo-intellectuals were buried by reality. 

When the Chilean people started the revolution that liquidated the old Pinochet constitution, the Brazilian people turned their backs on Bolsonaro, who failed in the last municipal elections, or after the revolution that produced the fall of Evo, the MAS triumphed again. of course there is no "coup" or "advance of the right" or of "fascism", neither in Bolivia, nor in Chile, nor in the United States. 

The world left capitulates to real fascism 

By propagating and agitating about a danger of "advance fascism" that does not exist in reality, the Democratic Party, the "Front for Peace and Democracy" and the world left capitulate to institutions that are really fascist, and a danger for democratic freedoms and the peoples of the world.

The Pentagon, the CIA, the FBI, are Bonapartist institutions, they are elements of fascism that really exist and constitute a real threat to the workers and peoples of the world. The Democratic Party is not just the party of Wall Street. It is also the party of the Pentagon, the CIA and the FBI. These institutions have had the support of the Democratic Party, and have been used by the Democratic Party to attack the American people and the peoples of the world on countless occasions. 

We ask Democrats a simple question: What are more dangerous? The handful of supremacists, Confederates, lúmpenes, drunkards, marginals that Trump summoned in the "March to Save America"? Or the Pentagon, the CIA and the FBI? The answer is obvious. And then it becomes clear that the greatest danger to the masses of America and the world is the Democrats and the Biden government. 

Bernie Sanders y Ocasio Cortez
Bernie Sanders y Ocasio Cortez

To call a "front against the extreme right", to say that this is the real danger is to lie, and to capitulate to the real Bonapartist institutions and the "Deep State" that the Democrats protect and support. But also, if the Democrats want to confront the "Deep State", the CIA, the FBI and the Pentagon, why does not Joe Biden grant the pardon to Julian Assange, the main combatant, and whistleblower of the crimes of the "Deep State" in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? 

Why aren't the Democrats and the DSA campaigning for Julian Assange's release? Why doesn't Biden announce that he is dropping all the United States charges against him? A single decision by the Democratic Party would be enough to end the persecution that Julian has suffered for years. And it could do the same about the cases of Edward Snowden, or Chelsea Manning, persecuted for denouncing the Pentagon and the "deep state." 

None of this is going to be done by the Biden-Harris Administration. On the contrary, they will reinforce with laws and decisions the Pentagon, the CIA and the FBI. It is regrettable that the world left, with few exceptions, does not fight or demand the freedom of Julian Assange. They rush to form "anti-far right" committees, but they don't organize a single committee for the freedom of Julian Assange. The organizations that raise it only make mere statements. Only La Marx and a few organizations in the world have established committees and campaigns for the freedom of Julian Assange.

Silence on existing fascist regimes 

But in addition, the Democratic Party, the "Front for Social Peace and Democracy" and the world left support or are silent on the regimes of China, Venezuela, Putin in Russia, Iran, Bashar Al Assad, Cuba and of North Korea, among others, which are fascist regimes, or violent capitalist dictatorships against the masses. 

These regimes have concentration camps like the case of the CP of China, they repress the masses with methods of civil war like the case of China, Russia, Syria, Iran, and Venezuela, they persecute, prosecute, eliminate all kinds of freedoms to assembly, mobilization, unionization, and imprisoning thousands of activists and opponents as in the case of the CP of Cuba, and North Korea, and all the aforementioned. They are all capitalist countries, and regimes that work for multinationals even if they lie about being "socialist" like the governments of Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, or China do. 

The world left supports or is silent on these regimes. He does not report them. Only La Marx does it, and on honorable occasions some group issues a statement. In pretending to lead the fight against fascism, the world left is seriously capitulating to the elements of fascism that really exist, and that we must truly defeat. 

The democratic imperialists are silent on Saudi Arabia, a horrible dictatorship that brutally represses women and all minorities, as well as the horrible regimes of Sheikhs like Qatar, Oman. Kuwait, or the UAE, because the oil multinationals do business with them. 

They do not break with the dictatorship of China or its concentration camps because multinationals have millions invested in Chinese companies, which guarantee a high rate of exploitation to multinationals. If they really want to defend the world from fascism, the Democrats should break all trade agreements with the Chinese CP. None of this is going to happen 

If there are elements of fascism it is in institutions like the Pentagon, the CIA and the FBI, or in regimes like China, Venezuela, Putin, Iran, Bashar Al Assad, Cuba and North Korea. But since Democrats represent Wall Street, and multinationals need to continue their business with them, Democrats are not going to break with those dictatorships. 

And as the world left follows the Democrats, they will never constitute a single committee to fight against those dictatorships, nor against those institutions and regimes. And when there is a revolution of the masses against them, the world left will not support them with the argument that they are "coups". 

The American left capitulates to Biden accompanied by the entire world left 

Those who dictate the line of the world left are the sectors of the North American left linked to the Democratic Party. These sectors, the "progressive thinks thanks", are what give the line that later all the sectors of the "Front for Peace and Democracy" and of the world left repeat in unison. 

The theorists of "post-capitalism" such as Bhashkar Sunkara and his magazine Jacobim, the British journalist Paul Mason, Noam Chomsky, the New Left Review, the leaders of the United States Socialist Democrats (DSA) or CLACSO (Latin American Institute of Sciences Social) its professors, intellectuals, linked to imperialism and the UN, appear as the "new ideologues" of the world left. 

The DSA is part of the Democratic Party. We ask ourselves: How is it possible that someone who claims to be a "socialist" can join an imperialist party like the Democratic Party? They state the following: "We must replace capitalism with socialism ... We know we cannot trust the corporate Democrats to do so. We must mobilize across the country to force our congressmen to meet and advance the measures proposed by the representatives... " (Statement:" Let's fight the right wing, let's fight for Democracy "of 1/7/21)

That is, for Bhashkar Sunkara, Jacobim magazine, and the DSA, there are "corporate democrats", and "non-corporate". According to them, Socialism can be reached by relying on "non-corporate" democrats, forcing "our congressmen to meet and advance the measures ..." (DSA website) 

Sunkara, Jacobim magazine, and DSA leaders lie and betray the American people, leading thousands of activists to believe that the Biden government is a government "in dispute" between "corporate and non-corporate" sectors. Quite a lie, which goes as far as trying to impose the idea that Socialism can be reached through Parliament and the Democrats. 

Sunkara, Jacobim, and the DSA leaders have not invented anything new, they only copy the old ideas of Karl Kautsky, August Bebel and Eduard Bernstein who more than a century ago elaborated these social democratic proposals to betray the world working class, which led to the tragedy of the First World War. 

Also sectors that call themselves revolutionary or Trotskyist are part of the DSA. The American group Socialist Alternative whose public figure is the Seattle councilor Kshama Sawant raises a "public entry into DSA". This group capitulates to the Democratic Party, making its militancy and activists believe that it is necessary to be inside the DSA, "only some comrades would be inside, others outside." Quite a nonsense of capitulators who sow expectations in the "Front for Peace and Democracy."

The MES and its leader Pedro Fuentes, who has the presidency of the PSOL bloc in the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies, also integrates supporters in the DSA, and the website "Izquierda Diario", a SME run by the PTS group of Argentina also has members in DSA. 

Stalinism in all its variants also capitulates to Biden. The Communist Party of the USA called to vote for the imperialist Democratic Party, while the Communist Party of China affirms that the triumph of Biden represents "a new window of hope", in the mouth of Foreign Minister Wang Yi. (Zero Hedge 1/9/21). The Communist Party of Cuba in the mouth of its president Diaz Canel "salute the triumph of Biden", and together with the government of Venezuela, they say that now with the imperialist government they can have a "constructive relationship and respectful of differences." (ABC International 11/8/20). 

All these Stalinists are traitors who lie to the people saying that a "constructive relationship" can be established with the democratic imperialists. The US Stalinist group PSL (Socialism and Freedom Party) also supports the capitalist dictatorships of Venezuela and Cuba that salute Biden, as well as the American group Socialist Action, which supports the dictatorship of Bashar Al Assad in Syria. 

The Freedom Socialist Party (Partido Socialista por la Libertad), a group from Trotskyism, carried out a bizarre capitulation by taking photos of 4 or 5 militants alone, saying that "they were fighting against the actions of the extreme right." This group also follows the line of the Democratic Party and proposes to form committees "against the extreme right." 

In short, the entire North American left repeats the same script: What is happening in the US and the world is a "polarization" of the class struggle, the danger is the "extreme right", and therefore, they refuse to raise the fight against the imperialist government of the Democratic Party and Joe Biden. For them, what must be done today in the US is "fight against the extreme right." 

This is also stated by the "WSWS" website that raises the nonsense that Trump "is a fascist", Alan Woods' IMC, or Peter Taafe's CIT. The line of making electoral agreements with capitalist sectors to confront "the right" is being implemented in Brazil, or Peru by Latin American groups such as the UIT, the Socialist Left of Argentina, the LIT of Brazil, the MST of Argentina, New MAS of Argentina , or Socialist Struggle of Brazil. All of these groups have bowed to the Democratic Party line of "facing the right." 

All the leaderships of these groups are traitors who advance in the strategy of social democracy. We also know that the Democratic Party and its many communicating vessels move a lot of money to convince groups to join their politics. 

From Marx International we call on the honest militants of these groups to abandon them. We must build a revolutionary alternative, and for Marxists there is only one thing that must be said to the American people and the world: The real danger for all of us is the Biden Administration and the Democratic Party. It must be said before he assumes. And the most important task is to defeat the policy of the imperialist government of Biden-Harris. There is no more important task for the American people and all the peoples of the world. We invite you to join La Marx Internacional to advance with this alternative

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