Long live the 3rd Palestinian Intifada! Long live the Palestinian Revolution!

                                             Palestinian youth in East Jerusalem

Statement of La Marx International 5/15/21

The threat of the Israeli army to evict a group of Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem has sparked an uprising and a mobilization organized by Palestinian youth, which spread to all Palestinian-populated cities within Israel. Cornered by the 3rd Intifada, the Israeli government has launched a brutal repression, but the revolutionary process is already taking place in the bowels of the Nazi Zionist s

The Jerusalem district court ruled earlier this year in favor of Jewish families claiming ownership of the land in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem. This triggered the uprising of the Palestinian youth in the neighborhood, and the demonstrations organized by Palestinian youth that began to confront the plans for the expulsion of Palestinian families.

Demonstrations organized by Palestinian youth began to unfold every day at nightfall in the East Jerusalem neighborhood. When the police of the Israeli government extended to the Damascus Gate, it was responded with the throwing of stones, bottles and fireworks by the Palestinians. The clashes left more than 200 Palestinians, and 17 police officers injured.

The Israeli riot police arrived with the repression at the Esplanade of the Mosques, the third Arab holy site, which they entered during the prayer of the holy month of Ramadan, "to disperse rioters", but immediately caused clashes with the Palestinians and riots in the interior of the Old City and surroundings. Palestinian activists erected a field hospital to care for dozens of wounded, many from rubber bullets and rocket grenades.

In total, 208 Palestinians were hospitalized, 88 were transferred to the field hospital and the rest were treated at the scene, and new rallies began to be organized called by the High Committee of Follow-up of the Arabs of Israel, an organizing group of Palestinian activists and other Arab nationalities who called for demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinians in Jerusalem. Cornered, Israel postponed a hearing on the expulsions in Sheikh Jarrah to 30 days. The force of the resistance of the Palestinians caused a chain effect not only in the neighborhood but throughout Palestine, for example the uprisings began in similar places such as Silwan, another neighborhood in Jerusalem, and in Lod, a neighborhood south of Tel Aviv. 

The specter of the 3rd Intifada looms in Israel 

The possibility of the uprising of millions of Palestinians living within Israel, causes terror in imperialism. That is why all the governments of the imperialist countries and the UN have begun with their hypocritical "calls for peace", or "to lower tensions". The deputy spokeswoman for the US State Department Jalina Porter, has stated "We are deeply concerned" as well as the European Union called to act "urgently" to reduce tensions in East Jerusalem. The UN, for its part, called on Israel on Friday to end the forced expulsions of Palestinians in East Jerusalem.

               The 3rd Intifada is being carried out by the Palestinian youth of the cities 

All these expressions of the imperialist governments and the UN are false and hypocritical. They remain silent in the face of the killings, persecutions, and systematic and brutal repression that the state of Israel exercises on millions of Palestinians. But when the Palestinians advance with their struggle, the "calls for peace" begin, and to "end the tensions." Thus they try to protect the State of Israel.

What all the media tries to hide is that a 3rd Intifada (in Arabic "uprising") of the Palestinians has started. The difference between this 3rd Intifada and the previous 1st and 2nd is that it is happening in the cities of Israel, an urban uprising whose epicenter is Jerusalem, the Old City, and in the so-called "mixed cities" where Israelis and Palestinians coexist.

It is an uprising with large-scale disturbances and daily, urban confrontations, with self-organization that has the youth as the protagonist. An example of this 3rd Intifada is what is happening in the city of Lod, south of Tel Aviv, where after the shooting death of a young Arab, the confrontation between Palestinians and Israelis broke out inside the city. "We have completely lost control of the situation," acknowledged the mayor of that town, Yair Revivo.

                                  Images of the 1st Intifada between 1987 and 1993

A Nazi state, which exercises racist apartheid on the Arab masses

Israel is an artificial state created by imperialism in 1948, on the territory of what was Palestine. It is a state that accepts only one nationality, the Israeli, and does not admit any other race than the Israeli. With its founding, millions of Palestinians were left without a country. About a million and a half Palestinians remained inside Israel, the so-called "Palestinians of Israel", while millions were left as outcasts without land or nation.

For centuries, all nationalities and races coexisted peacefully in Palestinians, Turks, Palestinians, Christians, Lebanese, Sephardic, Jews, etc. With the founding of Israel, a state arose that permanently attacks the Arab nations in the Middle East, and applies methods of civil war to repress all that is Arab. From the creation of Israel, the coexistence of centuries of races and nationalities ended.

Based on Zionist ideology, Israel was founded with massacres and genocides on the Palestinian population, and always practiced racial segregation, a policy of racist apartheid. Israel is a Nazi state designed to massacre the Arab peoples in order to defend the interests of the imperialist oil multinationals in the region.

The Arabs call the foundation of the State of Israel "the Nabka" (in Arabic, the "catastrophe" or "disaster"). After its foundation, all Arab states in the Middle East refused to recognize the State of Israel, and so did all the social, political, and democratic organizations in the region. From its foundation, Israel acted as a land carrier financed by the US and imperialism that permanently attacked the Arab peoples. In 1953 they perpetrated the Qibya massacre, in 1955 Operation Kinneret, and later they signed an alliance with the United Kingdom and France to attack Egypt, which had nationalized the Suez Canal.

                          Images of the 6-day war and the triumphs of Israel in 1967

In 1956 Israel, France and the United Kingdom invaded Egypt. In 1964 the Palestinians founded the PLO (Organization for the Liberation of Palestine), but in 1967 Israel launched and succeeded in the Six Day War against Egypt, Syria and Iraq which caused a second wave of between 300,000 and 400,000 Palestinian refugees. Between 1967 and 1970 Israel launched the War of Attrition in which it promoted the settlements of Jews in the occupied territories, and subjected the native population to martial law.

Israel annexed the remaining part of the city of Jerulasen and began the demolition of Palestinian neighborhoods and the construction of Jewish neighborhoods in the area. In 1973 Israel launched the Yom Kippur War against Egypt and Syria. In 1978, the Egyptian government under Anwar el-Sadat betrayed all the Arab peoples and recognized the State of Israel in the Camp David Accords, promoted by US imperialism.

The ghost of the Intifada looms in Israel

From its foundation and throughout the postwar period, Israel maintained the offensive on the Arab masses in the Middle East. But this situation changed first after the outbreak of the Revolution in Iran in 1979, and then after the defeat that imperialism and Israel suffered in the 1982 Lebanon war. The Pentagon and Israel had to withdraw troops from Lebanon, while it expanded throughout the region a political current, Islamic fundamentalism, which refused to recognize Israel. Islamic fundamentalism organized in Lebanon during the war against Hezbollah (in Arabic the "Party of God").

              Images of the 1982 Lebanon War, the first defeats of Imperialism and Israel 

In this framework the First Intifada broke out between 1987 and 1993. After 20 years of Israeli military occupation, the Palestinians began to challenge the Israeli troops, spontaneously and unexpectedly, men, women, children, began to stone and harass permanently to the Israeli occupation troops. Thus was born one of the longest and most exciting insurrections in history, the "Intifada" (in Arabic "The Uprising"). For years the Palestinian population began to organize increasingly strong acts of civil disobedience, strikes, demonstrations and insurrections, bringing together all Palestinian sectors. 

The State of Israel responded to the insurrection with mass arrests, deportations, curfews and detentions, but was unable to defeat it. The Intifada could only be stopped by the betrayal of the PLO leaders. In 1993, Yasser Arafat signed the Oslo Accords through which Israel recognized the Palestinian leadership, and the PLO recognized the State of Israel. The "Theory of the Two States" was established, the peaceful coexistence of the Israeli state, along with a strip of land that was granted to the Palestinians with areas under Israeli military and administrative control, called the "Palestinian State". 

Gaza and Jericho were the first cities to be controlled by the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), an administrative body for areas and cities of the new state. Israel needed the agreement, because the Intifada had highlighted that it was a state liable to be defeated and destroyed. While the PLO and Arafat betrayed the Intifada and carried out the agreement, because they needed to stop the Intifada, since it was an independent mass movement, which threatened the control that Arafat and the PLO had until that moment over the Palestinian movement. 

Images of the Iranian Revolution of 1979 that ended the dictatorship of the Shah of Persia and gave rise to the rise of Islamic fundamentalism 

However, the Palestinian masses were not going to endure this situation for long. The Second Intifada broke out between 2000-2005, when hundreds of Palestinian youths stoned Ariel Sharon from the Esplanade of the Mosques. In addition to acts of civil disobedience, strikes, demonstrations and insurrections, Palestinians began using suicide bombs in shopping malls, restaurants and public transport networks in the 2nd Intifada. The outbreak of the 2nd Intifada bogged down the Oslo accords 

The Arab Spring and the "Third Intifada" 

The 2nd Intifada was defeated when imperialism launched the "World War on Terrorism" in 2001, after the attack that caused the fall of the Twin Towers in New York. The George Bush administration accused Iraq of possessing weapons of "mass destruction" and launched an offensive against the Middle East, accusing Iraq, Iran and Syria of being part of the "Axis of Evil." NATO invaded Afghanistan, defeated the Taliban, and in Palestine dissolved the PNA, voided the Oslo accords, and completely isolated Arafat and the PLO. After which, the invasion of Iraq occurred in 2003.

Images of the 1993 Oslo Accord, signed between the United States, Israel and the PLO. These agreements enshrined the "Two States" theory and were a great betrayal of the leadership of Arafat and the PLO to the Palestinian revolution 

Israel supported NATO, but the invasion unleashed the War of National Liberation for the Iraqi masses and the entire Middle East region who enlisted to defeat the invaders. The invasion of Iraq unleashed a global mobilization against the war that crossed the 5 continents, greater than that which had happened 30 years before in Vietnam, which added to the heroic resistance of the peoples, in Iraq ended up being a triumphant revolution that produced the defeat of NATO and Israel in 2006. 

That same year Hamas took control of Gaza. Between 2007-2008 the world crisis of capitalism broke out, and the general bankruptcy of the Global Corporations that control the world capitalist economy. With the inauguration of Obama in 2009, the withdrawal of NATO troops from the Middle East began in 2010, leaving a huge political vacuum in the region. 

The defeat of imperialism, the US and NATO in the Middle East, combined with the outbreak of the world crisis of capitalism, opened a world revolutionary situation. The following year, in 2011, the "Arab Spring" broke out in the Middle East, a complex of revolutions that encompassed more than 30 nations, and overthrew dictatorships that had been in power for 30 years.

Images of the Iraq War in 2006. The military defeat of NATO, and Israel opened the world crisis of capitalism and a world revolutionary situation that we are experiencing today

The "Arab Spring" was part of the first world revolutionary wave against capitalism that embraced the years 2011 and 2016, and included revolutionary processes such as the 11 general strikes in Greece, the Indignados mobilizations in Spain, Occupy Wall Street in the USA. , the "Lost Generation" in Portugal, the umbrella revolution in Hong Kong, and the mobilizations that ended with the fall of the Dilma Roussef government in Brazil, among others. 

In the Syrian revolution, the Kurds formed Rojava as an independent nation, a multiethnic and multiracial state, in which women lead the fight alongside men and achieved rights that they do not have in any Middle Eastern country. The fascist ISIS guerrilla, armed by NATO with the complicity of the dictatorships, occupied part of Iraq and Syria. 

But while trying to enter Rojava, ISIS was defeated in Kobane, and was liquidated. After that, the crisis of Islamic fundamentalism began, a right-wing reactionary political-religious current, which had exercised relative control over a sector of the Arab masses during the last decades. In 2018, the Palestinians launched an insurrection called "The March of Great Return," when more than 17,000 Palestinian youths rushed to Israel's borders.

Images of the Arab Spring in 2011, a complex of revolutions that encompassed more than 30 nations and was part of the 1st world revolutionary wave against capitalism 

In 2019, a second world revolutionary wave against capitalism began with the irruption of the "Yellow Vests" movement in France, and as part of it, the "Second Arab Spring" began in the Middle East, an uprising with massive mobilizations against the dictatorships of Iran, from Iraq, and a mass struggle that brought down the capitalist government of Lebanon, also made up of Hezbollah. 

As part of this revolutionary wave, the youth in the uprisings in Iraq, Iran and Lebanon, began a process of struggle for secularism. Most young people are fed up with Islamic fundamentalism, and the brutal repression to which they are subjected by theocratic states like Iran. This process leads them to break with the Islamic fundamentalism of currents such as Hamas, and Hezbollah, which are religious and fundamentalists.

                     Images of the Second Intifada of the years 2000 and 2003 

As part of this second world revolutionary wave, the "Third Intifada" has begun, a revolutionary process that is not outside Israel, in the occupied territories, but is developing within Israel, and led by a new generation of young people who do not they agree with the Islamic fundamentalism of currents like Hamas and Hezbollah. 

The 3rd Intifada, carried out by this generation of young people within Israel, is a movement more independent from the old Palestinian currents such as the PLO, and Hamas, and puts on the order of the day the possibility of the emergence of a new leadership of the Palestinian movement. that it does not capitulate to imperialism, and that it is not bourgeois to advance in the destruction of the Nazi, racist state. 

The "Third Intifada" of the young "Palestinians of Israel" 

Hamas began a series of attacks from Gaza against the Israeli armed forces, a movement that the world's media, imperialism and Israel place as the central issue. Although we defend Hamas from any military attack by Israel or imperialism, it is necessary to emphasize that it is a counterrevolutionary leadership, whose movements are not always in favor of the revolutionary process. 

Even, in many respects, Hamas moves with its own interests, and generally pursues an opportunistic policy: While leading a reactionary capitalist government in Lebanon, it carries out terrorist attacks or military actions on its own without their necessarily agreeing. with the actions of the activists or the peoples it claims to defend. 

Hamas policy tries to control the movement of the Palestinians. But its terrorist, bureaucratic methods, and its Islamic program run counter to the process led by the new activists who carry out the most important struggles in the Middle East. Many times, these methods, far from helping to develop the revolutionary process, end up serving as an excuse for repression. 

The 3rd Intifada is an urban mobilization within Israel, which is part of the 2nd world revolutionary wave characterized by developing urban mobilizations with youth at the forefront, and great prominence of social networks 

To read the Marx International Document on the 2nd world revolutionary wave click on the "Read" button 

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu relies on Hamas airstrikes to justify a military offensive on Gaza. The same hypocritical imperialist governments of Merkel, Macron, or Boris Johnson as well as reactionary governments like Putin in Russia or Erdogan in Turkey call for "an end to hostilities." But despite Hamas' attempts to control the movement, the Palestinian "Third Intifada" is the product of profound social and political changes. 

The protests are led by urban movements, of a proletarian and plebeian composition, led by the youth, as in all the most important revolutionary processes that the world is experiencing, such as that of Chile, Colombia, or what was last year the mobilizations in The US These "Palestinians of Israel" continue to be considered second-class citizens, a discrimination that has worsened since the approval, promoted by Netanyahu, of the so-called Law of the Jewish Nation State, which recognized in 2018 the right of national self-determination only for Jews, and relegated Arabic to Hebrew, which was no longer considered a co-official language.

The current 2nd world revolutionary wave travels the world with the examples of the yellow vests, black lives matter in the USA, the revolution in Lebanon, and the new mobilizations in Iraq 

A central element of this uprising of the Palestinians is precisely that the Palestinian population within Israel is growing demographically faster than the Israeli population, and becoming the majority in many neighborhoods and cities. On the other hand, the old Israeli political currents, and the Zionist right in Israel observe with horror the growth of the Palestinian population that develops with new generations that reflect the new revolutionary tendencies. 

The population growth of the Palestinians inside Israel is explosive. In 1967 in the Six Day War, the Palestinians were 25% of East Jerusalem, today they are 90%. A whole new generation is emerging and these young people no longer believe in the policy of the "Two States" that caused so many deaths in all these years among the Palestinians due to the betrayal of leaders such as Arafat and the PLO. 

The development of this urban movement of Palestinian youth is developed under the influence of the movements that are developing in the world, the shift to the left of mass sectors, the growing sympathy with socialism and Marxism, the World Revolution of the Women, the fight against racism like Black Lives Matter, or the new union movements that are developing like the Yellow Vests of France or the tendencies for the unionization of the proletariat in the USA. 

This is how analysts from imperialist media such as the British BBC put it: "Regarding urban unrest, this had not been seen since the second intifada ... However, the city has changed a lot demographically and this has had an impact on conflict ... currently 40% of the population of Jerusalem is Palestinian, there are 300,000 Palestinians within the borders of the Jerusalem municipality. The percentage of Palestinians in Jerusalem was barely 25% after the Six Day War (in 1967) So we see a rising demographic curve in East Jerusalem from the Palestinian side ... 90% of the Old City is Palestinian " (Norberto Paredes, BBC news 5/14/21) 

The same analysts in the imperialist media acknowledge that East Jerusalem is already 90% Palestinian. And he also analyzes the new political trends that are developing in Israel: "For years, I believe that the third intifada is already underway. It has been underway since at least 2016-2017, especially in Jerusalem ... The two-state solution died a long time ago ... But above all, he died in the spirit of young Palestinians. It is not on their agenda and they don't think about it. They fight for their rights, for their public spaces, their living conditions ... " Paredes, BBC news 5/14/21) 

Meanwhile, uprisings continue in Um el Fahm and Tamra, where the riots have taken place, in the downtown Mahane Yehuda market. And it extends to large cities like Nazareth, in the Galilee, or Jaffa, on the southern outskirts of Tel Aviv. Also in Lod and Acre. International solidarity extends to the Palestinian people, as their struggle grows and develops, threatening the racist, Nazi state of Israel, deep down. 

Marxists place ourselves unconditionally in support of the Palestinian people. We are for the destruction of the State of Israel, for a secular, democratic and non-racist Palestine. The 3rd Intifada is part of the world revolution against capitalism, and the fight for socialism. We stand for the self-organization of Palestinian activists, for the full support of their struggle. Long live the 3rd Palestinian Intifada!

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