Immediate freedom for Amir Nasr Azadani!


By La Marx International 12/19/22

In recent days, it was revealed that the footballer Amir Nars-Azadani will be executed for participating in the massive protests that have rocked Iran for the past 3 months.

The beginning of these protests that are part of a new edition of the Arab Spring and the revolutionary process that began in the Middle East for just over a decade , is due to the murder of the young Masha Amini in September of this year, after being arrested. and receiving a brutal beating from the "morality police" for badly wearing the veil imposed by the Ayatollah's counterrevolutionary regime.

This day of protests quickly turned into an insurrection that has spread to the main cities, this insurrection has caused strong clashes with the repressive forces, more than thirty protesters have been killed and in turn, they have returned blood for blood, wound for wound, humiliation for humiliation to their executioners.

Popular anger has led to the burning of hundreds of police stations across the country, as well as the mass murder of some Iranian army colonels who have led the repression.

Amir Nars-Azadani is accused of having participated in the assassination of Colonel Esmaeil Cheraghi during the day of protests, however there is no evidence of this other than the oral accusations of the Iranian government.

The International Federation of Associations of Professional Soccer Players (FIFPRO) has spoken out forcefully for the cancellation of the death sentence of which Amir is a victim; recently, other public figures have been executed for supporting the women's revolution and the Iranian people who cross their national borders.

From Marx International and the International Platform against Feminicides and Disappearances, we stand for an end to the repression against the Iranian people, for the cancellation of the death sentence for Amir Nasr-Azadani and in total solidarity with the women's revolution and the Iranian people.

Down with the capitalist dictatorship of the Ayatollahs!

Long live the revolution of the women and the people of Iran!