The Politics of Imperialism and the Progressive International

On the right Joe Biden president of the United States, leader of world imperialism. On the left Bernie Sanders, leader of the Progressive International 

By La Marx International November 2021

We are living a mass insurrection that is shaking the world. Millions rise up in all countries and regions against capitalism. The masses of the world go out to fight and develop revolutions, mobilizations and uprisings on the 5 continents, in the middle of a second revolutionary wave that began with the uprising of the yellow vests in France in 2019. This global uprising, which goes from the United States to France, from Catalonia to Lebanon, from Palestine to Hong Kong, passing through Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Haiti, Algeria, is what prevents the capitalist governments of the world from taking out capitalism. of the serious crisis in which he finds himself. 

Faced with the powerful global mobilization, governments such as Piñera in Chile, Carrie Lam in Hong Kong, Díaz Canel in Cuba, Min Aung Hlaing in Myanmar, Duque in Colombia, or Ortega in Nicaragua take the troops to the streets and they repress the population to try to stop the revolutionary process. But this policy of the "stick" has proven useless to stop the mobilization. 

The repression not only does not stop the mobilization, but it puts gasoline on the fire of the struggle. While the most basic demands of the people are not resolved, the activists prepare and return with more force, leading successive waves that are supported by the most oppressed layers, women, youth, peasants, the impoverished masses of the city, etc. who suffer hunger, misery, pandemics, poverty, machismo, oppression, destruction of nature, environmental change, and go out to fight against the capitalist disaster. 

A fundamental chapter of this global mobilization against capitalism is occupied by the world revolution of women against femicides, disappearances, machismo, legal abortion, and all rights. The development of this struggle constitutes the permanent mobilization of more than half of humanity, and a fundamental component of the world revolutionary process. 

To stop this mass insurrection, imperialism combines the policy of the "stick" with another policy: that of the "carrot." This consists of a policy of deception and maneuvering, based on "Agreements", "Pacts", "Accords", and a call to trust bourgeois democracy. Imperialism, the Corporations, the capitalists, need the masses to leave the streets, the roads, the pickets, to put aside the barricades, self-organization, and self-defense, and go to vote in the elections of bourgeois democracy, trusting in that deputies, officials, mayors, etc. bring you a better life.

A perfidious policy of deception and maneuvering against the peoples 

In the last century, capitalism was able to circumvent and confront the revolutions that shook the world, as a result of the existence of the postwar Yalta and Postdam agreements signed in 1945. The agreements were concluded by the imperialists of the United States and England by On the one hand, with world Stalinism on the other, which was the political current that controlled the USSR and the leaderships of the mass movement on a global scale. 

Those agreements made it possible to contain, divert, and channel the revolutionary processes that furrowed the 20th century (Korea, China, Cuba, Algeria, Vietnam, etc.), which in addition to saving capitalism, allowed a "boom" of the world capitalist economy. which lasted approximately 30 years. But in the 21st century, those agreements no longer exist. With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 the postwar agreements collapsed, and the world Stalinist apparatus collapsed. This device is among rubble, in an advanced process of decomposition. Nor is there a "boom" in the world capitalist economy today, on the contrary capitalism is in a serious crisis, which has been going on for 20 years. 

This panorama makes it impossible for imperialism to establish a global agreement such as the postwar ones, in the face of the mass uprising, and the revolutions that are sweeping the world in the 21st century. For this reason, world imperialism, since the coming to power of the Biden Administration, has launched the world policy of regional agreements, partial, by country, by zones, between imperialism, the regional capitalist governments, and the leaderships of the movement. of masses. 

This policy is not without its problems. The calls of imperialism and capitalist governments to trust in bourgeois democracy are suffering a slap in the face because the people reject and begin to disbelieve in bourgeois democracy. In the elections in France and Venezuela, 80% of the workers did not go to vote, in Brazil, 50% did not vote for anyone, in Peru 30%, in the US 50%, the same in elections as in Russia and Argentina. The masses no longer believe in the institutions of the bourgeoisie, nor in their parties, and an "abstentionist wave" is sweeping the world, accompanying the revolutionary uprisings. 

The rupture and crisis with the parties and institutions of bourgeois democracy is an advance in the consciousness of the masses that causes political crises in all the defending institutions of capitalism: Among the governments, in the regimes, and in the bourgeois parties. And that also puts all reformist organizations in crisis, which make participation in the institutions of bourgeois democracy the center of their activity 

The policy of the "Front for Peace and Democracy" (1) is a perfidious policy of deception and maneuvering against the world revolutionary rise that requires, for its implementation, the collaboration of all governments and capitalist parties, together with the parties and reformist organizations that are the leadership of the mass movement, or have some relative control of the social, union, and political organizations of the masses in different countries and regions of the world. 

The policy of "Front for Peace and Democracy" does not bring any "peace", nor any "democracy". Although the masses with their mobilization question bourgeois democracy, and the "agreements" promoted by imperialism, this policy has not been defeated. And it is a very dangerous policy because it is designed to divert and demobilize the peoples, while carrying out a violent attack, aggression, and systematic repression against the masses. As Nahuel Moreno puts it: "However, this policy of the" Front for Social Peace and Democracy "has not yet been defeated. It continues to be a mortal danger for workers and peoples because it confuses, demoralizes and demobilizes, allowing imperialism prepare tougher counterattacks" (2) 

Imperialism speaks of "Peace" at the Summits with the Chinese government, while Xi-Jinping and the Communist Party of China murder, torture and imprison millions in concentration camps in Xinkiang province. The Chinese government supports the coup in Myanmmar, and attacks the people of Hong Kong in Southeast Asia. Imperialism negotiates in the Middle East with the murderous fascists of the Taliban. And European imperialism supports the fraudulent elections in Venezuela, while the Maduro dictatorship imprisons and tortures thousands of activists. European imperialism invests in Cuba, while the CP dictatorship imprisons, persecutes, tortures and murders hundreds of Cuban activists who fight against hunger and the lack of freedoms.

The task of Marxists is to denounce, and confront this policy of imperialism, and the counterrevolutionary agreements that seek to defend capitalism, and the ruling classes of different countries. Let's see what those agreements are: The "Peace and Democracy" 

Accords in the Middle East 

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Taliban leader Abdul Ghani Baradar signing the Doha agreements September 2020 

Millions were shocked when they saw the images of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, thousands of desperate Afghans getting on Pentagon planes to flee the country at the Kabul airport, images that shocked the world. Millions automatically sympathize with Afghan women, unaware that the withdrawal of North American troops is due to the agreements signed on February 29, 2020, between the United States government and the Taliban signed in Doha, Qatar. 

The so-called "Agreement to Bring Peace to Afghanistan" between US imperialism and the Taliban group set a timetable for the withdrawal of US troops. In exchange for the return to power and the release of the Taliban's prisoners, the Taliban agrees to defend Afghan capitalism. All capitalist governments, from the European imperialists, to China and Russia joined the Doha accords.

The high representative of the European Union Josep Borrell reported that the European Union is part of the US-Taliban dialogue. During June and July 2021, the Taliban delegation headed by Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar signed agreements with the government of Ali Khamenei in Iran, with Putin in Russia, and with the government of Turkmenistan. In China, the agreements were signed by Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Baradar in Tianjin, in this way the Doha agreements came to be backed by the imperialism of the United States, England, France, Germany, which were joined by China, Russia, and Iran, as regional powers. 

The Doha agreements seek to stop the revolutionary rise of the peoples of the Middle East against imperialism and Israel, whose highest points are the revolutionary processes that are taking place in Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Algeria, etc. Along with the Doha agreements, on August 13, 2020, the Abraham Agreements were signed between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel, after which Israel agreed to suspend plans for the annexation of the Jordan Valley in exchange for the recognition of UAE to the State of Israel. The agreement was ratified at the White House, in Washington, and opens the door to a future agreement with Saudi Arabia, since the UAE is a satellite of the kingdom. 

The Abraham Accords also include the agreement between Bahrain and Israel, announced as "peace and cooperation agreements" signed on September 15, 2020, also ratified in Washington. In this way, Bahrain became the fourth Arab state in recognize Israel and the second in a month, to which was added the agreement between Israel and Sudan, in which both countries agreed "peace" in exchange for which the US removed Sudan from the list of countries sponsors of terrorism. 

On December 10, 2020, the "Agreement for the normalization of relations between Israel and Morocco" was established, also ratified by the United States, by which Morocco became the sixth country of the Arab League to recognize Israel. In four months, more Arab countries recognized the State of Israel than in 40 years. This speaks of the collaboration and betrayal of the different Arab bourgeoisies with imperialism and Israel. These regional bourgeois sectors, desperate for the advancement of revolutionary processes, throw themselves into the arms of imperialism and Israel to put a stop to them. 

The betrayal of the Arab bourgeois sectors has caused a sector of the Arab and Palestinian bourgeoisie to join the ruling coalition in Israel for the first time. In June 2021, the United Arab List (LAU, in Hebrew Ra'am), has become the first Arab political group to form part of the governing coalition in the history of Israel, which ousted Benjamin Netanyahu to power after 12 years. Mansour Abbas, the Palestinian leader who heads LAU, has joined the coalition that won Israel's elections with the aim of sowing expectations in bourgeois democracy, trying to make the Palestinian people believe that through elections they can impose their demands . In this way Abbas and LAU betray the Palestinian people in order to stop the 3rd Intifada. 

Mansour Abbas on the left delivering a speech to the Palestinians, in the center agreeing with Zionist leaders Naftali Bennett, and Yesh Atid, on the right with Zionist leaders in Parliament 

The agreements in Asia 

The control of the political processes and the class struggle in Asia are based on a counterrevolutionary political, economic and military agreement between US imperialism and China. These political agreements are faced with a contradiction: They are made by US imperialism that presents itself as a defender of "democracy" and "human rights", together with China, which is a horrible capitalist dictatorship. 

On November 14, 2021, the US-China Summit was held in which the two leaders Joe Biden and Xi Jinping met to agree. "I am very happy to see my old friend," said Xi Jinping at the start of the Summit. Along the same lines, Beijing stressed that the conversation was "deep", "fruitful" and "fundamental". There they reached agreements on arms control, and Biden expressed concern for "Human Rights" in the context of giving his explicit support to the "One China" policy. 

Talking about "Human Rights" and supporting the "One China" policy is a completely hypocritical policy of imperialism. The "One China" policy means the crushing of minorities. nationalities, and native peoples under the boot of the Chinese people's army, This prevents imperialism from presenting these agreements publicly as "Peace and Democracy". But it does not prevent the United States and China from acting jointly to prevent the development of revolutionary processes such as Hong Kong, minorities such as the Uyghurs, in Myanmar, South Korea, etc. 

Images of the virtual Summit between Joe Biden, president of the United States, and Xi Jinping, president of China 

To stop the revolutionary process in Hong Kong that began in 2014 with the rise of the "Umbrella Revolution", the dictatorship of the Communist Party of China (CCP) launched the "National Security Law" in May 2020. This law eliminates the rights to protest, to assembly, to unionization, to freedom of expression, with the aim of criminalizing organizations and activists from Hong Kong, China, and from around the world who take refuge in Hong Kong to organize the fight against the capitalist dictatorship of Xi-Jinping and the CCP. 

The Law condemns the people of Hong Kong with life imprisonment to all those activists who confront the dictatorship of Xi-Jinping under the crimes of "secession", "subversion", "terrorism" and "collusion with foreign forces". But the dictatorship of Xi-Jinping and the CCP can carry out this counterrevolutionary policy thanks to the support of the United States, the imperialist governments, and the capitalist governments of the region. All these governments are silent on the National Security Law, a silence that extends to all multilateral organizations controlled by imperialism (UN, NATO, World Trade Organization (WTO), etc.), which gives the green light to the dictatorship of Xi Jinping in his plans to crush the democratic rights of the people of China, its minorities and autonomous regions.

In Xinjiang province, the Uyghur ethnic group is being subjected to a brutal process of repression, following the violent uprising of this original people against the CCP dictatorship. With approximately 1,014,883 people in concentration camps, and allegations that multinationals profit from slave labor such as textiles Target, and Dangerfield from the United States, Cotton On, and Jeanswest from Australia, or Ikea and H&M from Sweden, among others, the Uyghur ethnic group is suffering a savage repression by the dictatorship. 

The complicity of world imperialism with the dictatorship of China is part of the economic and political agreement that sustains capitalism in Asia and globally. China's dictatorship represses its people to guarantee the investments of North American, European, and Japanese Multinational Corporations that make fortunes based on the super-exploitation of the Chinese working class. 

The collaboration between the US and China allows China to export its production on a global scale, mainly to the North American market, in exchange for which China buys and hoards North American Treasury bonds. In other words, the US and world imperialism "finance" China, in exchange for which China "finances" the US state. The agreements between the US and China are not without friction, contradictions, and risks, but it is the fundamental agreement on which the situation in Asia, the Middle East and the world rests. China, as a regional power, deals with processes in the Middle East, as we saw in relation to its support for the Doha agreements, and also deals with some processes in Asia such as Myanmar, Hong Kong, and Africa where it outsources investments in very poor and small economies, with the tacit support of North American imperialism. 

Left Photo: In Davos where the oligarchy of the 1% of world capitalism meets, Xi Jinping, the top leader of China, exhibits together with Charles Michel, president of the European Council, Angela Merkel, the top leader of Germany, Emmanuel Macron, the top leader of France, and Úrsula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission. Photo Center: Exhibiting with Klauss Schwab, founder of the Davos Economic Forum. Right Photo: Together with Tedros, head of the World Health Organization (WHO) at the critical moment of the COVID-19 pandemic 

In turn, China advances in economic integration with Japanese imperialism in the Comprehensive Regional Economic Association (RCEP) treaty. South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand are added to the RCEP, along with the countries that make up the ASEAN Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar, Brunei, Laos and Cambodia. For the rest of the Asian countries that are outside the influence of China, the imperialism of the United States has refloated the Quadrilateral Security Agreement (QUAD, in English) that integrates with Japan, Australia and India, at the same time as it refloated the spy alliance "Five Eyes", and ratified the military alliance AUKUS, with Australia, and the United Kingdom, reactionary agreements presented as "collaboration" and "cooperation". 

The "Peace and Democracy" Accords in the G-20, Europe, and Latin America

As part of this policy of promoting the "Peace and Democracy" agreements, the United States returned on October 14, 2021 to rejoin the UN Human Rights Council. On the 31st of that same month, the agreements were reached at the Group of 20 (G20) Summit in which the 7 imperialist countries, the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, England, and the rest of the world meet. the more developed nations like India, China, Brazil, South Africa, etc. At this summit the policies of "cooperation, peace, and democracy" were again ratified with force. 

On November 2, 2021, the same countries met at the Climate Summit, COP26 Conference of the Parties in Glasgow, Scotland. Both the G-20 summit and the COP26 summit addressed the biggest problems that capitalism is facing at a global level, such as multinationals, the external debts of backward countries, pandemics, and climate change. Its agreements and resolutions are a mockery to the peoples of the world. 

All the agreements signed in both the G-20 and the COP26 only seek to defend capitalism and global corporations, therefore they do not mean any solution to the problems of the workers and peoples of the world. In relation to the recovery of the global capitalist economy, the G20 promised to "avoid prematurely withdrawing the support measures", that is, they will continue the millionaire bailouts for the Corporations that dominate the world capitalist economy.

Regarding the debts of developing countries and the IMF, the G20, Imperialism in the G20, ratified the policy of preventing countries from declaring bankruptcy and default, which implied a change in the policy of imperialism in relation to debts. external. If before the IMF squeezed the poor countries to the last drop, now world imperialism encourages defaults on the external debts of countries that cannot pay, and even gives money to the poorest countries, so that they can pay. 

Thus, the G20 in Rome agreed to continue the initiative of "Suspension of the G20 Debt Service" (3)  ... "at least 12,700 million dollars (...) were postponed thanks to this initiative between May 2020 and December 2021, benefiting 50 countries". In turn, the G20 ratified to continue giving money to the poorest countries: "pay the vulnerable countries 100 billion dollars ... in Special Drawing Rights (SDR) issued by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) ... in contributions volunteers for the countries most in need ". (El País Spain, 11/31/21) 

The presidents of the capitalist countries meeting in the G20 approved the policies agreed on August 2, 2021, by the Board of Governors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington. There, a general allocation of special drawing rights (SDR) equivalent to USD 650,000 million was agreed. The IMF is studying the possibility of establishing a "Trust Fund for Resilience and Sustainability" in order to shore up "world liquidity" and assist the poorest and most vulnerable countries (4) 

Is Imperialism concerned about the hunger of the peoples and the poverty of millions? Why does Imperialism now promote moratoriums and suspensions on the payment of foreign debt? Imperialism is concerned about the irruption of uprisings and revolutions, it seeks to alleviate crises to calm those outbreaks. But also, or that the Multinationals, the capitalist Corporations, Wall Street and the bankers seek with the "suspension initiative" of external debt payments is to avoid new sharp peaks of world crisis such as those of Lehman Brothers in 2008, or Greece, Italy or Cyprus in the years 2010. 

The crisis of capitalism is of such magnitude that it does not resist "defaults" of debt either of Corporations or countries, that is why imperialism promotes the agreed payments, establishing moratoriums or suspensions of payments. These moratoriums, and the contributions in special drawing rights (SDR), are "bailouts" towards the countries, which act as an extension of their policy of "bailouts" to the Corporations. 

Meanwhile the politics of imperialism Before the start of the G20 Summit, US President Joe Biden met with the Pope at the Vatican, who gave his "blessing" to these agreements. In relation to the Covid pandemic, the G20 agreed "... to vaccinate at least 40% of the population in all countries by the end of 2021 and 70% by mid-2022". A whole hypocrisy since millions died because of a pandemic that is the product of the policies of all capitalist governments, which developed before it a policy of "capitalist quarantines" that caused millions of deaths around the world. 

The same cynical to hypocritical policy developed by the imperialist governments at the Climate Summit, COP26 meets in Glasgow, Scotland. Conference of the Parties. While speeches abounded with promises of new technologies, or anti-pollution goals for ... 2030! But nothing in particular that threatens the oil industry, or the production of coal. In addition, the world's governments plan to produce more than twice as much in fossil fuels by 2030. The agreements are a mockery as the world suffers the multiplication of hurricanes, droughts and floods.

Left: Joe Biden, US president with the Pope in the Vatican, Right: The presidents of capitalist countries throw coins at the Trevi Fountain in Rome in the framework of the G20 

In Europe, and to stop the struggle of the Catalan people, the Spanish government announced a pardon for Catalan prisoners participating in the independence process, the freedom of political prisoners, and the return of exiles in agreement with the imperialist governments of France and Germany. This agreement has also been supported by the UN and its dependent bodies, such as the Council of Europe, and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg (ECHR).

The pardons of the Pedro Sánchez government are just a concession for some political prisoners and exiles when there are more than 3,000 Catalan activists prosecuted by Spain. Imperialism seeks to deprocess some of the most important Catalan leaders such as Carles Puigdemont. Antoni Comín, Lluís Puig, or Meritxell Serret, to stop the struggle of the Catalan people. 

In Latin America on September 9 2021, in Washington DC, representatives of the imperialist government of the United States headed by Joe Biden, and the capitalist government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, met in the so-called High Level Economic Dialogue (DEAN), to bring agreements for the benefit of the great imperialist corporations, and the capitalist classes of Mexico. The DEAN agreements advanced to consolidate the Mexico-United States Canada Agreement (T-MEC), which is the continuation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). 

These agreements were also signed in Washington. Presented as "constructive and cooperation agreements", they are quite the opposite as stated in its statement La Marx México: "The T-MEC seeks to consolidate the semi-colonial status of Mexico, surrendering our wealth, natural resources, territories, our strength. of work work and our patrimony to the global conglomerates defended by the government of Joe Biden and the aristocracy of 1% of the population ". 

That is why in September the CELAC Summit in Mexico was held in which Lopez Obrador appeared together with the president of Cuba demanding the "End of the blockade", in reality, supporting the Cuban government, after the mobilizations of 11, 12 and July 13 against the dictatorship. Also in Mexico, meetings are being held for an agreement on Venezuela between representatives of the Maduro dictatorship and US imperialism.

Imperialism intends to incorporate the countries of Central America and the Caribbean, such as the case of Cuba, using Mexico as a sub-metropolis, trying to establish policies from the National Palace of Mexico City to stop the revolutionary processes in Central America and Latin America. 

In Chile, the "Agreement for social peace and the New Constitution" of 11/15/19 seek to divert the revolutionary process that began in October of that year towards bourgeois democracy, the elections, and designed a Constituent Convention that practically cannot solve any of the fundamental demands of the Chilean people. 

As La Marx Chile explains: "These Social Peace agreements saved Piñera's neck, and allowed him to remain in power by murdering and mutilating the people. They also conditioned the current constituent so that it did not go beyond the limits of capitalism. The UDI-RN groups were able to impose these conditions due to the betrayal of left-wing deputies and leaders such as Gabriel Boric, who imposed the agreements to save the institutions of the capitalist state at any cost." 

The policy of "Peace and Democracy", and the role of the Progressive International 

On September 20, 2020, the Progressive International (PI) was formally inaugurated. This international, which brings together most of the reformist organizations in the world, is headed by Bernie Sanders, senator of the Democratic Party, and Yanis Varoufakis, the main leader of Syriza from Greece, and is guided by sectors of the Democratic Party of the United States such as the DSA (Socialist Democrats of America). 

Progressive Think-Thanks such as CLACSO (Latin American Council of Social Sciences), and the DSA publication Jacobin Magazine (5), along with renowned intellectuals such as Chomsky, Zizek, or Tony Negri, and Naomi Klein, as well as various professors, scholars, and professors they try to give theoretical support to PI.

The role of this organization is to collaborate with the world policy of the "Front for Peace and Democracy" carried out by the Administration of the Democratic Party and Joe Biden. The Progressive International endorses the policy of "carrot", of "Agreements", "Pacts", "Concertaciones", and the call to trust in bourgeois democracy. 

Along with the intellectuals, and personalities that lead the PI such as Judge Baltasar Garzón of Spain, it is made up of movements and political leaders such as Jeremy Corbyn of the Labor Party of England, France Insoumise of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Tiny Kox of the Socialist Party of Holland, and Gerardo Pisarello from Barcelona en Comú, a Catalan independence group. 

Ertuğrul Kürkçü of the Peoples' Democratic Party of Turkey, Rafael Correa of ​​Ecuador, Alvaro Garcia Linera of the MAS of Bolivia, Fernando Haddad of the PT of Brazil, Giorgio Jackson of the Broad Front of Chile, Gustavo Petro of Colombia Humana, Áurea Carolina of the PSOL of Brazil, Alicia Castro from Kirchenrismo from Argentina, and also linked to Chavismo from Venezuela, as well as MORENA officials in Mexico are also part of the group. 

The field of action of the IP is increasingly wide and is not limited only to the members. His policy has the factual collaboration of the EZLN leadership in Mexico in episodes such as the "popular consultation", where the latter endorsed "extemporaneously" the policy of the Mexican government. (7)

The IP supports in general terms governments such as Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, or China, making silence about their policy of defense of capitalism. This policy gravitates on all the left organizations of the world, the social democratic, Stalinist, ex-guerrilla groups, ex-Trotskyists, who carry, in general terms, the politics of the PI. 

The politics of the PI boils down to a single point: The fight against the "right". For this struggle the leaders of the IP are located as the "left", then for the IP the whole struggle is resolved in a battle between the "right" and the "left". For the IP, the main problem in the world is the advance of a reactionary right led by Trump, Bolsonaro, Duke of Colombia, the Egyptian dictator Al Sisi, the government of Yamina in Israel and Modi in India. The equation of the IP leaders is solved very easily: If you do not join the "left" that they postulate, then you play the game to the "right".

The "Progressive International": Faded Version of the Second International 

The leaders of the PI want to occupy the role that the Second International of 1889 fulfilled, which carried forward the reformism. But the current IP is very weak, and compared to the Second International, it does not measure up. At least the Second International referred to itself as Marxist, and had some leaders who had worked with Marx and Engels in front of it. The leaders of the IP are a mediocre group, incapable of elaborating more than quackery with pretensions of intellectuals. 

Their low political level, and their bourgeois and petty-bourgeois class character barely allow them to propose "A Humanized Capitalism" as a solution to the serious crisis that global capitalism is experiencing. For the PI the problem is not capitalism, nor Imperialism, nor multinationals, nor Wall Street. 

For the IP the problem is the "right", that is, a sector of the bourgeoisie who would be the "bad guys", but for the IP there is another sector of the bourgeois and capitalists who are "good", the self-styled "progressives", who seek a better capitalism. With them we must ally ourselves, in a single front that brings together the entire "left". 

With this approach, the PI does not invent anything, it only repeats the same formula of Stalin and the Stalinism of the "Popular Front" with the progressive bourgeoisie. This new "Popular Front of the XXI Century" is with Biden, with Lula, with López Obrador, with Petros, with Evo Morales, against the "right". This is the political axis of the leaders, intellectuals, artists, who address the thousands of activists who are leading the insurrections and uprisings that are shaking the world, with the call to fight against the "right", and to carry out this fight while respecting the norms of bourgeois democracy. 

However, we must not underestimate the dangerous, counterrevolutionary potential of IP. This group tries to take advantage of the serious crisis that the world left is suffering, it is playing to occupy that space, deceiving, diverting, and betraying the revolutions in progress. Millions of activists around the world come out to fight against capitalism, may fall under the deception of the leaders of PI. There we have the cases of Chile, Colombia, or Mexico where formations such as the Frente Amplio, Colombia Humana, or MORENA of Mexico, confuse many honest comrades in their call to fight against the "right". 

The Board of of IP in Burlington after the creation of the Progressive International was signed. In the photograph, in the center, Ada Colau, with Bernie Sanders, and in the right corner of the image, Yanni Varoufakis

Promote Revolutionary Regrouping 

What is the policy of the Marxists vis-à-vis the policy of the "Front for Peace and Democracy"? and On the other hand, what should be our policy towards the Progressive International? What unites all the members of the Progressive International from Sanders, Chomsky, through Varoufakis, Corbyn, Lula, CLACSO, Jacobin, and 99% of the world "left" is one thing: The terror of currents and revolutionary tendencies of the masses. 

The IP constitution policy is preventive. Seek to absorb every revolutionary trend that arises, and contain it, to lead it to the dead end of reformism. The IP is a tool to sterilize any tendency that aims to abolish capitalism, it is its conscious objective. The IP strategy is not only the patrimony of those who make up the organization. A large number of reformists, Stalinists, ex-guerrillas, and ex-Trotskyists carry out the IP strategy without organically belonging to it, by way of capitulating to the pressure of the apparatuses that comprise it. 

But IP's strategy faces two phenomena: The existence of the world crisis of capitalism, and the development of the world revolutionary process. These two phenomena cause a permanent and constant crisis in all reformist and social democratic currents. There is no reformism without a certain capitalist "bonanza". The global collapse that the capitalist, epochal, and civilizing mode of production is suffering, puts parliamentarians, electoralists, all those who need a certain economic stability to be able to give concessions to the masses, present their bills, lie to the masses that the positions and benches they hold have some use. 

The serious crisis of capitalism puts an obstacle to the reformist strategy, because as soon as the reformists govern a region, country or city, they are forced to unload the worst plans of hunger and destruction on the masses. This makes the masses make quick experience with the reformist leaderships. Syriza lasted a few years, and the working and popular masses that brought it to power in Greece, abandoned them. The same happened with the Party of the Left in Germany, or Podemos in Spain, they were a fleeting phenomenon that is now sinking into a serious crisis. The world crisis of capitalism leaves reformist projects without margins.

But the world crisis of capitalism acts in a double sense: At the same time that it leaves reformist projects without margins, it strengthens revolutionary projects. This leads all the social democratic currents, or those in the process of social democratization, to group together and join the bourgeois democratic regime. What all of them fear is that revolutionary currents will emerge that will make them lose their electoral business, their union business, or their NGO's, as well as thousands of cadres and militants leaving. 

"Criticism of Marxism is not so dangerous. Counterfeiting is something else. I mean theories that claim to be Marxist but in reality abandoned the essence of Marx's teachings. For example, the revisionist Bernstein made the movement the fundamental axis of his theory and set aside the ultimate goal. What resulted from this 'Marxism'? In England, a MacDonald, or a Lord Snowden. You yourself can find some examples. That forgery uses the name of Marxism to deceive the workers. " Leon Trotsky (7) 

The worldwide regrouping of the reformists around the IP is a measure of a defensive nature, which tries to be for the reformist currents a kind of lifeboat insofar as it allows them to sustain themselves and support each other. The use of the weight of the prestige of intellectuals, publications, universities and professors, seeks to hide mediocrity, the lack of arguments, and prevent them from discovering that they are just a group of charlatans who watch in terror as their reformist project sinks without remedy. 

Our policy against the global regrouping of reformists is very clear: First of all, we publicly declare them as our enemies. We relentlessly denounce them. We denounce their politics, their methods, their infamies, and we do not let one of their betrayals of the masses go by. If any Marxist militant has doubts, or does not understand why we denounce reformists all the time, we will try to convince them because it is life or death for our organization. 

Towards the masses, the activists of the world, and the Marxists of the 5 continents there should be no doubt that we have nothing to do with that reformist and treacherous excrescence that is IP. And that we have nothing to do with the reformists, Stalinists, ex-guerrillas, and ex-Trotskyists who carry out the politics of IP, even if they do not integrate it organically. We need to sharply delimit ourselves from them clearly, and precisely all the time. It must be clear to everyone that there are 2 projects: PI, and Marxism.

Second, it is not enough to denounce IP, we must abolish it. To defeat it, we must oppose its strategy of regrouping the reformists, the strategy of the Regrouping of the Revolutionaries. And just as for IP the reformist regrouping is a perfidious conscious strategy, the Revolutionary Regrouping is also a conscious task of strengthening revolutionary tendencies, and the defense of classical, or orthodox, Marxism. 

While IP seeks to "numb", or deny the mobilizations and revolutions, we salute, promote and support them. While IP seeks to get activists to the polls, we to the streets. If we go to the polls, it is to report them. And when there is a mobilization or revolution, it must be supported, disseminated, and coordinated. Those who remain silent or propagandize in the face of revolutions are traitors. 

The regrouping of the Revolutionaries is the fundamental task. No revolutionary in the world is out of our call. We combine the firm defense of the principles with the fight against all the capitulators, and those who give up. And without leaving a minute to confront the reactionaries Bolsonaro, Macri, Piñeira, Modi or Trump, we call on the workers and the people to fight against the Biden, Sanders, Corbyn, Lula, Xi Jinping, Díaz Canel, or Chávez who lie. to the masses of the world calling themselves "communists" or "socialists"

We classify any group that does not denounce the policies of imperialism, that does not denounce its pacts and agreements, that does not denounce bourgeois democracy, or that does not denounce IP as "traitors." This is so because whoever does not denounce publicly is giving their collaboration to the betrayal of the revolution that the IP is carrying out to save capitalism. 

La Marx International is the Platform that we use to advance the Reagrouping of Revolutionaries. We call to defeat the "Peace and Democracy" policy promoted by the Democrats and the Biden Administration. And we denounce the Progressive International and its governments, parties and leaders as allies of imperialism, and defenders of capitalism. We do not believe in the revolution in stages, we do not believe that we should "postpone" today's revolution for another stage. We are supporters of the permanent revolution, the struggle for power as a current task, and the strategy of uniting the mobilizations and revolutions that cross the world, to abolish capitalism, as a present and urgent task. 

Down with the Doha agreements,    T-MEC, G20, Climate Summit, and all the agreements that defend the interests of capitalism! 

Down with the progressive international! 

For a workers', socialist and revolutionary international! 


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